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AI-powered search, collection filters & merchandising

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AI-powered Smart Search

Upgrade your store with instant AI-powered search and discovery. Boost product visibility to improve relevance and increase revenue.

Instant Synchronization

Price changes and other edits to your catalog are instantly updated, keeping your search and product details in sync.

Dynamic Product Filters

Add filters for ratings, price, popularity, category, brand, color, tag, or any other facets of your products, collections, and catalogs.

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Powering Billions of Searches Every Month

Increase revenue quickly through better on-site search and discovery. Sajari makes it easy to put the right product in front of your customer.

Our AI-powered solution analyzes your product and transaction data to increase conversions from search results and collection pages.

Implement advanced functionality in a few lines of configuration code.

Filters and Facets

  • Dynamic facets: Product facets automatically refresh as customers type, making it easy and fast to filter and narrow down search results.
  • Color matching: Automatically extract color metadata from your product catalogs to offer color filters.

Custom Product Templates

  • Pick from 4 product templates inspired by some of the worlds most popular retailers.
  • Customize the template to create a completely unique search experience, tailored to your brand.
  • Add sales banners, promotion information, or create fear of missing out by showing that only a few items are left in stock.

User Experience

  • Search simplified: Add spell correction, auto-complete, and more with a few simple keystrokes to ensure your customers always find what they are looking for.
  • Synonyms: The built-in synonym manager makes it easy and intuitive to add synonyms for terms such as “sneaker” or “running shoe.”

Catalog Boosting and Merchandising

  • Dynamic boosting: Dynamically promote similar items, run seasonal campaigns, or boost search results by different factors such as brand, availability, ratings, and more.
  • Out-of-stock: Automatically hide items that are out-of-stock to provide a better user experience.


  • Personalized search results: Boost items by users' brand affinity, past purchase history, or any other factor.
  • Connect: Use data from other personalization features via APIs.

AI and Machine Learning

  • Reinforcement Learning: Sajari sees what customers are searching for, adding to their carts and buying, then automatically re-ranks merchandise to promote best sellers.
  • Real data: Connect to real-time store data (sales, ratings, activity, etc.) to train Sajari’s machine learning algorithms to deliver better results.

Search Analytics

  • Dashboard and trends: Get real-time search analytics and trends. Use the built-in dashboards or add your own.
  • Identify areas for improvement: Discover trends, low click-through rates, and popular searches to help identify areas for improvement.

Conversion Rate Optimization

  • A/B testing: Create and A/B test different search configurations to determine which search algorithm works best to improve conversion rates.

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Up to 10,000 products

  • 10,000 search queries / month
  • Collection filters
  • Real-time relevance settings
  • Instant catalog sync
  • Analytics



Up to 100,000 products

  • 100,000 search queries / month
  • Collection filters
  • Real-time relevance settings
  • Instant catalog sync
  • Analytics



Up to 250,000 products - Additional plans available

  • 250,000 search queries / month
  • Everything in Standard
  • Merchandising
  • Dynamic boosts
  • A/B testing
  • Multi-store support



Starting at $1 / 1000 search queries - See our pricing page for details

  • Everything in Business
  • Usage-based pricing
  • 99.95% SLA
  • Security and compliance
  • Account manager
  • Data science on-demand
  • Contact us for a quote

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** Los cargos recurrentes, incluidos los costos mensuales o los cargos basados en el uso, se facturan cada 30 días.

4.6 con 5 estrellas

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Reseñas más recientes

Locomotion Sportswear

Great app! really improved the functionality of my website and above all so responsive with helping/ amending where needed. Highly recommend using this app and their team services.

Shady Lane

The search is amazing! The reports are also really useful... they show what people are searching for and whether they found a relevant product. We already added a few additional keywords and synonyms to improve the relevance as a result of those reports. 6 months free is also a great offer and I’m already sure we will more than make up the $19 it costs once the free period is over.


We couldn't be happier moving from another filter & search app to Sajari. It loads a lot faster and the support has been amazing. As part of the onboarding process, their customer success team showed us how to utilize Sajari to both improve margins and cut excess inventory through weighted search. I didn’t even know you could leverage search and collection pages to do that!