Saksham Product ‑100% Free App

Saksham Product ‑100% Free App

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Add App, Chose Products and Your Dropshipping Store is Ready!

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Over 15000+ Pet theme designs.

Start Selling over 15000+ products in few clicks! High resolution and fluid responsive design with high converting product description.

Targeted to 'Pet Lovers'

All of our products are 'pet breed' targeted. So you can create quick FB ads by simply targeting pet breeds as interest and make ROI.

Proven Training Included

This app is a complete business model. You'll have access to in-app training blog which shared proven strategy to maximise sales and ROI.

Saksham Product ‑100% Free App 정보

How Does Saksham App Works?

All you need to do is, install the app and choose products that you want to add in your Shopify store from over 15,000 designs.

  • Multiple-product types: Offer a variety of product types to your customers. All of the pet designs are printed on products like sneakers, backpack, watches, mobile wallet covers, jewelry, etc.

  • Sell The Hottest Products On The Market!

  • Mobile Wallet Covers (Covering 60+ phone brands)

  • Pet Print Bluetooth Speaker (NEW - Made in USA)

  • Jewellery (rings and charms - Made in USA)

  • Mugs (Made in USA)

  • Sneakers

  • High Tops

  • Low Tops

  • Car Seat Covers (Best Selling)

  • Faux Boots

  • Wrist Watches (Pink, Black and Gold Plated)

  • Coffee Tables (Made in USA - NEW)

  • Umbrellas

  • and many more products.

  • Chinese/USA suppliers: Work with our trusted product suppliers in both China and the USA to ensure that your customers get their products as quickly as possible.

  • Click and add: Simply 'drag' the bar, enter your desired price and click publish, your desired product would be immediately added to your store. Chose and add as many products as you like.

  • Competitive pricing: Competitive product supplier price.

  • Fast turnaround and shipping time: For US Manufactured Products (Mugs & Jewellery) It takes 5-7 days for processing and 7-9 days to deliver in the USA. The product price already includes the shipping cost.

  • For China Manufactured Products: It takes 5-7 days for processing and 15-20 days to deliver worldwide. The product price already includes the shipping cost. We ship all orders by ePacket with the tracking number. You can upgrade to faster shipping by choosing 'express shipping' for your orders.

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Dear Saksham Team and TheBreeedBusiness team, I am not getting any response from your any support Email Id. and getting poor response from your app. how can I trust to do business further with you, No proper platform to discuss about order to solve daily conflict in order or No helpline no. Kindly improve same and assign any team member to discuss about order and share Helpline no. Otherwise I have delete all your products from my store.


who designed these products for your company? They are absolutely terrible Your designer should give you a full refund - these are the worst examples of "niche" designs i have ever seen. are you all BLIND? this is a joke!!!! isnt it? maybe a bet to see how many people you could get to buy these abortions of design


prices are insane, 19 dollars the price for a Mug, guys seriously this price is not competitive at all in the market.

개발자 회신

2020년 8월 18일

You are comparing our prices with blank products. All of our items are pre-designed and we need to pay the royalty to the images with the permission to print for commercial use. We don't have any competition in the market as our products are finished products (in case of mugs, they are made in USA with license of images from shutter website). If you add the cost of product + professionally made design + cost of image for commercial use = The price of product. Hope you understand this.