Sale ‑ All in one

Sale ‑ All in one


Bulk Discounts, Product discount, Countdown Timer, Sales Timer

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Sale Discount app

Apply bulk discounts to products, collections or the entire store in seconds. Making sales unbelievably easy

Countdown Timer bar

Create urgency with a header or button countdown bar or a widget. Add sales Timer for collections, homepage or products.

Perfect for all Themes

Installing our app is easy. Our app works with all Shopify themes. If you fail to install please, contact our support and we will help out.

Sale ‑ All in one 정보

Our Sale - All in one app lets you run sales campaigns with zero hassle. It allows you to apply discounts on bulk products. Display sales and original prices as well as a Countdown Timer Bar or widget to entice your customers to buy.

Main features:

  • Creates Urgency among the visitors with a Countdown Timer bar or widget
  • Add Countdown Timer widget to the product page
  • Create a percentage discount, fixed amount discount or fixed price in bulk
  • Choose exactly what should be on sale - store, collections, all products, or specific products
  • Round your prices up or down for nicer looking prices.

Apply a Countdown Timer Bar to your store

Setting a countdown timer with our app is much easier than you think. You can select a fixed bar at top or bottom or add a timer widget to the product page as you see fit. There is an option to add promotional text.

Catch More Eyes & Get More Sales

You can customize the design of the Countdown timer with our user-friendly editor. You don't have to use any code. It's simple to change the text, fonts, colors, background, and buttons etc. Place the banner any template you want.

Apply sales prices for unlimited products in sec

Our Sales Manager allows you to apply sales prices for unlimited products. You can schedule your sales campaign by setting the starting and ending dates. Making sales unbelievably easy!

Run Multiple sale Campaigns

The Sale Manager lets you run several discount campaigns at once. Gain full control over choosing your products. Select the entire store, collections, all products, or specific products to apply bulk discounts.

Syncs your prices with other channels like FB, Instagram, POS.

Our app syncs your prices with other sales channels like FB, Instagram, POS. The visitors from those media can also see your reduced prices. It's great for boosting your sales.

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Development plan


  • Free for all development stores

Standard Plan


  • For all Shopify plans
  • Comes with unlimited products and all features.

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Word on Fire

I used this app for years, but recently it has been incorrectly affecting product prices...even for products that aren't set up in this app. On the afternoon/evening of the 24th the price for one of our products not set up this app was affected. ****203 was the last correct order at 3:16pm at $67 ****258 at 8:04 incorrect came through $144.85 I reached out to Shopify support and they confirmed from the logs that "At 7:46 PM UTC on the 24th, the "Sale - All in one" app was recorded adjusting this product's price from $67.00 to $144.85" Uninstalling the app now. This is very concerning


I've used this app before with great success but the functionality of it has totally broken. I have to close out of it and re-access from the app menu after every two actions that I do. Edits don't load and I'm manually adjusting half the prices myself with no rhyme or reason. Such a bummer to see it stop working so much!

Rock Gifts & Book Centre

Hi team, is the app down? it was working well for years and since last year, i often get blank screen or error message asking me to check the logs. ??