GrabIt ‑ Sale Banner

GrabIt ‑ Sale Banner

作成: Ecloto Designs

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Want to show a banner on the top of your store?

Sure! We got you covered. Now, show FREE SHIPPING or showcase a sale or literally anything at the top of your store with this app.

Do you provide customisations?

Yeah sure! Just contact us with the required customisations and we'll get this bar completely customised according to your needs.








5.0 5つ星


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The Orient UK

This app is very simple, fuss-free and easy to use. It does exactly what you need it to without any complicated settings. You just choose your font size & type, colour, background colour and then apply it, and it's done. I found the banner to be quite wide so I emailed the developer and they made it slimmer according to my requirements within 24 hours. I am QUITE impressed about that. All in all - 100% recommended.

Danya B.

Very simple and easy to use App! I personally reached out to the dev to ask some questions about customization and he was extremely friendly, helpful, and responsive and we were able to make the app do EXACTLY what I needed. Most of the other apps out there are way too complicated and yet somehow lacking in some basic features. This one was quick and easy and now does everything we want it to. Could not recommend this app and this developer enough!

Innovating Nature

We cannot more highly recommend GrabIt. Had an issue with our banner not working on the mobile format - something that GrabIt quickly fixed within the theme we were using. Had many people use the discount code on the banners we created too! 5 STAR!