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28 novembre 2022

The app from Server Error (500) we can't delete the discounts on the site! it is urgent how can we do?

Valentina Rio
5 mois d’utilisation de l’application
HeartCoding a répondu 29 novembre 2022

Dear Valentina Rio,
thank you for taking the time and writing a review. We absolutely understand your anger and disappointment. One of our third-party providers had a technical issue tonight and therefore our app was unavailable for a short period of time which is inexcusable, especially at this time of the year. We made a mistake relying on the performance of this partner who couldn't deliver as promised. Of course we will change this service provider asap to make sure this does not happen again in the future. As customer satisfaction is our key priority we really want to take this chance to deeply apologize for all the trouble - although we know that this helps little in retrospect. If there is something we can do to regain your trust in our product or assist anyhow we would be happy to do anything within our capabilities.
Kind regards, Norbert

25 juillet 2020

When I need to change pricing, it doesn't allow me to filter that out, so that I don't have to go thru all of my products one by one. It doesn't give the option of even changing the pricing that I can find. For instance, I'm running a sale at 20% and some of my previous pricing was at .99 and I changed it to .00, but if old product price is .99 and new is .00, then if my product was 39.99, it sets to 31.00 at 20%, and at new .00 at 40.00 sets to 32.00, so I'm actually gaining $1 less on a product at .99, and I need to filter the ones out that are set at .99 and change them, so I have to do them one by one. If that makes sense.

Purfect Choice Pets Plus
3 mois d’utilisation de l’application
HeartCoding a répondu 29 juillet 2020

Thank you for your feedback. If you run a 20% sale for a product with an origin price of 40.00 that will reduce the price to 32.00 - a product with an origin price of 39.99 will be reduced to 31.99 - this is what our app does. Maybe you also use our override cents feature which allows you to optical enhance product prices? This feature gives you the opportunity to create "more attractive" prices by exchanging odd decimal places by your choice - if you do so you have to decide whether you want to adjust all decimals to .00 or .99 and therefore earn more or less on average. If you have any questions regarding this topic do not hesitate to contact us again anytime.

29 mai 2020

great app, user friendly, and can do a lots of things other similar apps can't, for instance I like the feature where you can set the prices back to exactly they were, instead of most other app that would put the prices back to compare with prices, so if you had set up any other prices with permanent discount against your competitors those would be lost with other but not with this app.

However, for me the breaking point was that this app can't stop your customers from using your store generated discount codes on SALE items. Obviously I don't want my customers to use 20% new visitor discount code on top of my 30% SALE, thus discounting prices by 50%!!
Support is saying they are working on it, so let's see when do they manage to address this loophole.
all the best

Islamic Goods Direct
6 jours d’utilisation de l’application
HeartCoding a répondu 2 juillet 2020

Dear Islamic Goods Direct, thanks again for your kind review. We implemented a feature to exclude sale items from discount codes - a detailed guide how to do this can be found just below the "Delete Product Tag while Sale is running" section within our app. This should solve any related problems. Did you already took a look at this? Thank you so much for your feedback! Kind regards

23 février 2023

All in all, it does the job very well, The only that made me uninstalled it it that everything regarding excluding products/or collections has the worst UI.

Badim TLV
2 jours d’utilisation de l’application
HeartCoding a répondu 1 mars 2023

Dear Badim TLV,

thank you for your review. We tried to reach out to you but did not receive an answer yet - we would be very interested in why our advanced filter section has a suboptimal UI in your opinion.
We designed this after a well thought process and a lot of testing in our own online stores. The feedback from other clients all over the world is very positive so we would be keen in the topics you ran into. If you would be so kind to come back to us, we could probably better understand your issue and possibly optimize our product.

All the best in the meantime and kind regards