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26 april 2023

No que diz respeito ao desempenho, ao compromisso, ao esforço, à dedicação, não existe meio termo. Você faz uma coisa bem feita ou não faz.

App gebruikt gedurende 9 minuten
30 november 2022

very good app i like it
really good app i reccomend it fhyfcgbcvnhcfhjcjhcvjhcvhcvhjcvhjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjxfjjjjjjjjjjjdc

App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer een maand
Amai heeft geantwoord 22 december 2022

Thank you for the review and your recommendation. We are always ready to assist so don't hesitate to reach out ;)

9 november 2022

Molto veloce e semplice da utilizzare. Soprattutto bellissime grafiche disponibili per il countdown!
App gebruikt gedurende 16 minuten
Amai heeft geantwoord 18 november 2022

Thank you for the kind words as well as choosing us!

4 augustus 2022

I will see how this app holds up on my store. Have yet to try it but it looks promising. If it gets sales then yay!
App gebruikt gedurende 4 dagen
Amai heeft geantwoord 11 augustus 2022

Sure, Thank you !
We are always ready to assist so don't hesitate to reach out ;)

28 mei 2022

Excelente! En la version free estaria bueno que se pueda editar el color del texto. Tambien que te dejen agregar una pantalla mas gratis.

brit brand
App gebruikt gedurende 11 maanden
13 januari 2022

The app works well. Usability could be improved though, some settings are not so easy to find but eventually, everything works.

App gebruikt gedurende 14 minuten
4 januari 2022

Great app, but !!! My Shopify store was billed by your app for services I am not using.
I am on the free plan and have had my store on pause and build for the last few months (still do) and have somehow incurred a charge of $8.95/month from your app even though I am not using it at all currently. Please advise me as to how this will be rectified.

Arise Israel Booksellers
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31 december 2021

I like it a lot- easy to use and set up. However, I do wish their were more design templates! Will those be coming soon?

Pittie Clothing Co.
Verenigde Staten
App gebruikt gedurende 2 maanden
Bewerkt 18 november 2021

(Update) It's sketchy and not free. but if you get caught up in its mess, just ask for your money back and i got my money back.

App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer een maand
Amai heeft geantwoord 11 november 2021

Thanks for your feedback.
We would kindly inform you that each user approves charges till installation. Also, the app notifies users that additional fees may be applied.
The app is free to use on one page only. Once it is used on more pages it automatically switches plan.
Anyway, no worries. We've requested a charge reversal from Shopify, it will be processed ASAP. Also, we tried to contact you via email but didn't receive a response yet.

27 oktober 2021

Works great! Really easy to set up and change the design. I would like to have more fonts to personalize the bar, but it works anyway good.

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