Sales Pop Master ‑ Countdown

Sales Pop Master ‑ Countdown


Sales Pop, Sales Pop Up, Notification, Countdown Timer-Stock

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Show Sales Pop Notifications

Automatically display recent sales notifications to boost customer's order decision on your online store as social proof sales pop ups.

Sales Pop Up As Social Proof

Promote customer's trust and urgency by automatic social proof sales pop ups. Thence, capture conversion and build sales strategies.

Get Conversion By Sales Pop Up

Unlimited popups, increase successful transactions and conversion rate between customers and brands with recent sales pop & social proof.

Sales Pop Master ‑ Countdown 정보

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Sales Pop Master ‑ Sales Popup aims to solve the low conversion challenges by increasing add-to-cart and boosting trust for eCommerce websites with Sales Pop ups (Social Proof), Countdown Timers (Urgency) and Coupon Code Wheel.

  • Show your social proof sales notifications of the recent orders
  • Show products that added to cart: This type is suitable for new stores, and NO orders yet
  • Quick view mode: Show the popup when customers click the product name
  • Countdown timer: If any orders or products added to cart are discounted, countdown time will display on the popup
  • Countdown stock: Show the remaining quantity of each item in stock and create a scarcity of products on the sales pop ups
  • Popup of Highlighted Products & Pro sales box
  • Coupon code wheel: When customers enter their email address in the box, they will have a chance to get a coupon code or gift
  • Social Proof - use Sales Pop to turn existing customers into your brand’s ambassadors
  • An effective marketing tool as an instant social proof for your store

1. Sales Pop Ups Notifications As Social Proof

  • Products added to cart: Sales Popups will show recent products that customers added to the cart. This type is suitable for new stores, and NO orders yet. Thence, you can still stimulate customers with motivation sales popups.
  • Show recent orders: Popups will show recent orders that customers have purchased within 60 days ago. This type is suitable for stores that have many orders.


  • Popup of Highlighted Products: Customize popups to highlight sale - off products and encourage customers to buy them instead of displaying only 20 items ordered recently. Choose any 3 products to show on popups that appear first when customers visit your store.

  • Pro sales box: Highlight discounted items, best price, best deal, and best-selling products.

3. BEST FEATURES: Countdown Timer And Countdown Stock On Pop-ups

  • Countdown timer: If any orders or products added to cart are discounted on your store, this function will display the countdown timer on the popup. It will create urgency to promote customer shopping.
  • Countdown stock: Show the remaining quantity of each item in stock and create a scarcity of products to promote the customer's shopping process.
  • Quick View mode for urgency: Show Quick View sales popup when customers click the product name. One of the most outstanding features of Sales Pop Master as social proof.


  • Show a popup of orders or products added to cart in cart page
  • Show a countdown timer and promotion notifications in the cart to stimulate customers to pay quickly to increase sales for your store.


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$3.99 for Highlighted Products, Pro Sales Box, Buy It Now in Quick View, Cart Boost Sales, Countdown Cart within 30 days

  • Show recent orders, products added to cart
  • Countdown timer (1 campaign)
  • Countdown stock
  • Specific chart
  • Yearly charge only $95.9 - OFF 20%



  • Countdown timer (Unlimited)
  • Cart boost sales
  • Quick view
  • Coupon code wheel(1000 views)
  • Countdown cart
  • Yearly charge only $143.9 - OFF 20%



  • Coupon code wheel (Unlimited)
  • Countdown timer (Unlimited)
  • Quick view
  • Countdown cart
  • Yearly charge only $201.5 - OFF 20%

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I used and enjoyed this App but my biggest problem, is figuring out how to cancel it and stop paying for it. I've tried reaching out to their support, two different ways. I don't want to pay for this app anymore. I'll be suspending my online store for the next 3 months.

개발자 회신

2021년 4월 28일

Thanks for reaching us. You should uninstall our app to cancel the subscription. After 3 months, you can reinstall it to continue using it.
Can you please update this review?
We replied to your email. Please check it.
Please contact us if you have any further questions.



So far, it's creating good excitement! I may upgrade to pro at some point in the future. will post another review if I upgrade

개발자 회신

2021년 4월 27일

Thanks for leaving a review. Our app can help your store to improve social proof. It'd be great if you can upgrade your review in the future.
If you have any questions, please email us or chat with us.



Interesting app . Not sure how well it works yet but they make you leave a review to turn off their branding. Will update later

개발자 회신

2021년 4월 25일

Thanks for your review. Hope our app can work well and help your store.
You don't have to leave a review to remove the watermark. You can turn it off as you want.
Please contact us if you have any questions or issues.