Sales Shield

Sales Shield

開發者:Hourth Inc

Protect your sales from being spied.


Sales Number Protection

Our robots update all of your store's products periodically releasing false information to your competitors.

Background Operation

The system does not affect the performance of your store and does not depend on any type of manual operation.


Activate and deactivate protection whenever you want with just one click.

有關 Sales Shield

The number of sales of your products is available on several websites for your competitors to discover your winning products and take advantage of your validation. Don't create more competitors!

Sales Shields will shuffle the data that your competitors use to obtain the sales number of your products.

The app is really simple, just one button page where you can turn on/off the protection whatever you want. When activated, our robots will update all your products periodically to expose untrusted data about your sales number to crawlers and competitors.



  • 隱私政策

定價 14 天免費試用


每月 $15

$5 for each extra 100 products

  • Full sales protection for 100 products.

* 所有費用均以 USD 計價。
** 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

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