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Sales Tab

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Recover Cart Abandon via Browser Tab

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Recapture the Buyers Attention

Recapture buyers who have switched to another browser tab.

Spend Less On Re-targeting

Avoid spending money on re-targeting ads & email marketing.

Flashing Browser Tab

Toggle the browser tab title between "come back message" & cart items count message.

Over Sales Tab

Recover abandoned cart and make sales using flashing browser tab

You have been spending money on cart recover emails & re-target ads without making one last attempt to get the visitors back who haves simply just switched to another browser tab. They are still with you & not gone away completely.

This app helps you make that last one attempt by using animating browser tab title. This app is worth it when compared to the cost of email marketing and re-targeting ads.

Make this app part of your marketing process

Whenever buyers switch the browser tab ==> Grab their attention via flashing browser tab with this app ==> If they come back this is good a conversion could happen ==> Other wise, if they close the browser tab ==> you could start email marketing & re-targeting ads.

Simple and cost-effective solution

Show Reminder For Pending Items In The Cart!

Make the browser tab more lively by showing the number of items in the cart. This act as a kind of trigger for buyers to take action. When the buyer has switched the tab, the browser title toggles between "come back message" & number of items in the cart

Attract Buyers With Different Come Back Message Every Time They Switch The Tab

Other apps make your buyers irritated with the same message every time they switch tabs. With the sales tab app you can increase their interest by showing a different message every time they switch the tab along with a different icon.

Currently the following come back message have been pre-coded in the app with different icons.

  • Don't forget
  • We miss you
    • Please come back
    • Please don't leave
    • You forgot something!
    • Come back to us

Note: This app needs zero configuration plus it can be installed with just one click.Try this app for 2 days at free of cost.

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All In One Plan


  • Come back message when user switch the tab

  • Show the cart item count in Browser title bar

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