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Boost your sales conversion rate with pre-checkout scarcity

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Scarcity & Urgency Pop Up

This app reduces abandoned cart and checkout which increases your store's conversation rate and sales. So, what are you waiting for?

Checkout Abandonment Protector

Consumers place a higher value on goods that are scarce than on goods that are abundant. Make them want your products more!

Conversion Optimization

Be one of the first to use this new and smart fear of missing out tactic to drive up demand, conversion and sales. Try it free, today!

Om Salesqueue

Start free & boost your conversion rate after 30 seconds of setup

Keep your visitors excited with their cart added products and create fear of missing out to get impulse buys right away - no coding required.


How does it work?

Salesqueue is super easy to set up and works in the background by creating a Shopify ScriptTag without touching your theme files to make sure that a full customizable waiting-like banner will be displayed when your visitors want to go to checkout.

Why do you need it?

  1. Create scarcity and urgency
  2. Grow the valuation of your products
  3. Prevent abandoned checkouts
  4. Increase your conversion rate
  5. Boost your revenue

Key Features

  • Customize the random queue number that should be counted down
  • Customize the random time your visitors should wait before they will automatically be redirected to checkout
  • Customize the content and design to match your brand's language, wording, and style
  • Don't show it again for a given time period to prevent thinking of scam

Applies to all browsers on mobile and desktop.

Salesqueue is designed with simplicity and conversion optimization in mind. We'll consistently update it to stay ahead of new sales and scarcity tactics!

In case you're missing something, just send us a feature request and we will add it for you right away for free.

Theme Compatibility

Works with all free and paid Shopify themes for the dynamic checkout buttons 'Buy it now' or 'More payment options' and all checkout buttons, for example, on a cart drawer or cart page. Theme updates or imports are also supported. It doesn't add or change code on your theme files. If you use a custom theme and the app will be somehow not displayed, just contact us and we will fix it for you as soon as possible.

Support & Feedback

Our proactive customer success support team is here to help you deal with any problems that you run into when using our app. If you have suggested improvements that can make this app even better, just contact us. We are open-minded, approachable, and would love to hear from you.


Start boosting your conversion rate today!

Try it out and watch the reduction of your abandoned checkouts.

Optimizing stores, just like yours. Merchants love our app!

Install it now or see the app live in action on the demo store.

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  • For Basic Shopify Merchants or below
  • All Features & Updates
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Theme Compatibility
  • Unlimited Support



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  • All Features & Updates
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Theme Compatibility
  • Unlimited Support



  • For Shopify Plus Merchants
  • All Features & Updates
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Theme Compatibility
  • Unlimited Support

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