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Fecha de modificación: 28 de enero de 2024

Updated review:
The Salestio team has been very responsive to my issues.
They worked personally with me to get issues resolved again. They have also improved some of the issues with synchronization (specifically the pictues. Hopefully things are stable and the issues do not reoccur.
I am impressed with the professionalism and promptness of the service.

TLDR: I do not recommend this app. Reoccurring inventory synchronization issues.

Full Review:
It was difficult to get setup. I had to allow access to Salestio so they could fix the problems. The error messages are not useful for a user to resolve the issues.
A few months went by and I noticed inventory not matching between ebay and shopify. I tried to resolve the issue but again could not make sense of the error messages. Had to contact Salestio again for help. They resolved the inventory mismatch and I was able to correct the errors. It was unpleasant fixing the issues it caused with my customers but things were working again... but not for long.
A few months later I noticed that pictures were not updating and descriptions would not update no matter what I tried. I noticed that my inventory was yet again mismatching between shopify and ebay. This is not acceptable. I am waiting again for assistance from Salestio.
I think it's time to move to another service. I just need the basic features they offer but they need to be consistent.

Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 1 año usando la aplicación
Jetlic respondió 6 de enero de 2024

Dear EntirelyCrimson,

We sincerely apologize for the challenges you've encountered with our app. At Salestio, we strive to ensure seamless synchronization of inventory and prices between your Shopify store and eBay marketplace.

We acknowledge the issues you faced, primarily due to eBay's limitations with variation listings. For instance, when you modify a variation option label, like changing "Style" to "Colour" in Shopify, eBay might not accept these updates, affecting the synchronization of quantities and prices. This limitation is a significant factor in the difficulties you've experienced.

We understand the inconvenience this has caused, and our team is ready to assist you in resolving these issues promptly. You should already receive an email from us with a possible solution to this issue. Please let us know a convenient time to discuss this further.

Thank you for your patience and for bringing this to our attention. We're looking forward to assisting you.

Best regards,
Alex from the Salestio Team

20 de diciembre de 2023

We migrated from another multi-channel selling app to Salestio in early 2022, and we're happy about this decision after nearly one year of experience!

We connected our Amazon stores in multiple countries to Salestio, this worked out normally.
Due to the special conditions and requirements in our store, we faced a few issues during onboarding.
Thanks for the extra work and system fine-tuning by the Salestio team, these issues are fixed accordingly.

The team at Salestio is highly responsive and always available to answer any questions we have.
Special thanks to Oleksandr Krotiuk, who answered 150+ questions patiently and professionally for our successful onboarding!

Salestio interface is user-friendly, with a modern design that is easy to work with.
There's a monthly system update in Salestio that brings dozens of new features and bug fixes regularly.
We're confident that Salestio will become more powerful and support more marketplaces!

Overall, Salestio is a promising tool that we would highly recommend to anyone looking to streamline their online sales from multiple sales channels such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy.

RAE de Hong Kong (China)
12 meses usando la aplicación
Jetlic respondió 6 de enero de 2024

Thank you for the great review! We're thrilled to hear Salestio has been a perfect fit for you.
Please let us know if you will need any additional help.

Alex, Salestio Team

20 de diciembre de 2023

We are really satisfied with the Salestio customer spoort!

We had a problem with the app, which was fixed within a few emails and a few hours. Incidentally, not during normal working hours, but in the evening hours! So very good work and very good support!

10 meses usando la aplicación
Jetlic respondió 6 de enero de 2024

Thanks for your kind words! We're glad we could resolve your issue quickly. Our team is always here to help!

Best Regards,
Alex from the Salestio Team

20 de diciembre de 2023

Gute Integration verschiedener Marketplaces. Die Einrichtung ist etwas kniffelig, aber der Support ist sehr schnell, effizient u. vor allem persönlich!

9 meses usando la aplicación
13 de diciembre de 2023

Once i understood the method of adding products to Ebay from Shopify it was easy to do. Support staff are amazing in their response time if you have any issues. I also had a zoom call with an expert to talk me thru the set up process which was very useful
If you are looking to add products to ebay then i would recommend this app

Underground Skate Shop
Estados Unidos
12 meses usando la aplicación
Jetlic respondió 14 de diciembre de 2023

Thank you sincerely for sharing your experience with Salestio! We're thrilled to hear that our support team was able to provide you with the guidance you needed and that our one-on-one setup assistance proved beneficial for your journey on eBay.

Your feedback is invaluable to us. We're constantly striving to perfect Salestio, and it's insights from users like you that help us enhance our app. Could you kindly share specific aspects or features that you feel could elevate Salestio to a five-star experience? Your detailed input will be instrumental in our efforts to not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Looking forward to your response, and once again, thank you for choosing Salestio!

31 de enero de 2024

Perfect app for amazon marketplace integration - great support included!

Timezone Records
3 meses usando la aplicación
10 de enero de 2024

Great app, works well, and the customer support was excellent. Nadia helped with all our requests. Would definitely recommend Salestio to streamline the multi channel approach.

Reino Unido
4 meses usando la aplicación
Jetlic respondió 11 de enero de 2024

Thank you so much for your kind words and a 5-star rating! It helps us to bring even more awesome features to Salestio. Please contact us anytime. We are happy to help 🙂

20 de enero de 2024

The app extension is not the easiest to use but they do have a lot of written how-to guides to help. It would be nice to have some video help but setting up an appointment with someone for specific help was easy and incredibly helpful! Nadia was the best!

The Festiva Store
Estados Unidos
5 días usando la aplicación
Jetlic respondió 22 de enero de 2024

Thank you for sharing the positive review.
Your suggestion on the videos is very valuable. There are video tutorials on our YouTube channel. We will ensure to add even more. Please contact us if you need any assistance. We will help 😉

21 de agosto de 2023

This app is incredible in many areas! It is flexible enough to adjust to any and all of my shipping requirements that similar apps weren't able to pull off!

Hat's off to their customer support team! They are the best! I couldn't wish for any better support than them. They respond almost immediately at any time of the day and they don't leave you hanging! Best of all, when you request a feature or something, they don't just fall on deaf ears, they actually put in all the effort to actualize your request!

10 stars for this app! Great job Salestio!

P.S. I Love Italy
Estados Unidos
Casi 2 años usando la aplicación
Jetlic respondió 23 de agosto de 2023

We really appreciate your 5-star rating. Thank you 😊 We are happy to help.

25 de agosto de 2023

I tried several Amazon listing apps before I found Salestio and I could not be happier that this is where I ended up. I have a complex, very large inventory with lots of needs when it comes to bulk listing and this app makes a lot of that process easy. Their customer service has been extraordinary. They respond quickly and worked with me in depth to get my listings right.

Darkside Records
Estados Unidos
6 meses usando la aplicación