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15 juin 2023

Unfortunately, have to uninstall it. I have contacted support (Germany) so many times, waiting a day for an answer and they come back with some small question about the issue that they could figure out if they just looked. eBay listings are a trainwreck with unmodified before pictures that you don't want to be shown if the listing gets a picture at all.... or 6 of the same picture. Inventory is hit or misses whether it gets adjusted. It just doesn't have the capabilities they claim it has.

Posh Society Boutique
5 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Jetlic a répondu 15 juin 2023

Dear User,

We're truly sorry to hear about your experience with our app.
Our support team will consider your feedback and make it a priority to improve the areas where we seem to have fallen short.

The issues you issues you've mentioned regarding eBay listing photos and inventory have already been fixed by our development team.

We would love the chance to make things right and regain your trust. If you're open to it, could you please get back in touch with us? Our team is eager to work with you to resolve any remaining concerns and improve your experience with our app.

We deeply regret any inconvenience you've experienced and appreciate your feedback greatly. We hope to have the opportunity to serve you better in the future.

Best regards,
Alex from Salestio Team

27 janvier 2023

If you were looking for a smooth transition from the original ebay app, then this isn't it... First up, as others have said, the interface is very confusing and you have lots of "profiles" to create before you can list anything. Errors get thrown up all the time due to missing information hidden deep in a profile somewhere. The biggest problem for us is it only works on either product types or collections, not individual products. For us, it's impossible to have a collection or type that matches even ebay's minimum required item specifics (e.g. our collections have both new and used items but ebay need to know which) In order to list anything we're having to create a new manual collection, usually with only a handful of items. Then create a profile for that collection, then we can list it. This app would be so much better if it worked like the old ebay app and stored the ebay requirements per product and did away with all the complex profiles. The second problem is the link between this app and the Shopify database seems very slow to update. Changing stock levels or prices by metafields seems to take at least half a day before it shows in this app. (Even forcing Salestio to do a metafield refresh doesn't seem to speed things up)
The support is good though and quick to respond. I'm sure all these companies have seen a huge increase in customers since the demise of the ebay app and hopefully they will invest in the development of their apps and they will continue to get better.

Environ 2 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Jetlic a répondu 31 janvier 2023

Update from 17 Feb: Our team added the possibility to adjust creation data for individual items inside Selling List.
More details in our documentation — https://docs.salest.io/article/294-listing-creation-data-in-the-selling-list-ebay
Such functionality speedup process of exporting products with different configurations.


Dear Customer,

Thank you a lot for your feedback on our application. This means a lot to us.
Our team already starts working on improvements for the listing creation flow.
Please feel free to reach our support if you have any other suggestions.

The stock update should work instantly with shopify webhook handling. We will be happy to check your installation additional for the reason of the stock update delay.

Delay with metafields related to the architecture of this feature in Shopify, we are currently investigating a possible way for improvement on this part.


11 janvier 2023

The app looked so promising. I sell one off items, used on both eBay and Etsy along with my own shopify store. I keep out of stock inventory active for search because I have related products shoppers cross over into in the same categories.

Like many eBay sellers, I am scrambling to find an app worth a lick for listing my shopify inventory on eBay. So, I tried out this app. The app installed the entire shopify inventory, out of stock and archived (items with stock that I am not selling at the moment). Of course, out stock counts toward your available sku's. Importing Archived should be a non-negotiable.... but..ok...I can work with that....

I go to my first profile I created for small 1st class mail products so I can add individual products and the app still does not show inventory available - so I have no idea what is actually available for sale when looking at 3000 plus one off sku's..... I can only think this app was developed around the needs of drop shippers selling 3rd party products.

Fortunately, it didn't cost me a tone of time, but I would recommend you include this little factoid in your app description, because unless you have a handful of sku's to manage or are making product yourself, if you carry any inventory of significance on the shelf, you're gonna have no clue at some point when it is all showing "available" to list.

Support was really prompt in their response to my inquiry about importing and qty issue which I appreciated.

"Salestio does not differentiate if the product is out of stock when sending products to eBay. If you select the whole Selling List and it includes out-of-stock products, Salestio will send them as well.

By default, eBay does not accept products with 0 quantity and might return the Error in listing the out-of-stock products.
However, if you have Out of stock control enabled on eBay, the products will still be listed but they will be hidden from the search results. This way, buyers cannot purchase them."

So I am not sure I want to spend a bunch of time configuring profiles for "0" qty one off items. The sorry part is, they import inventory, they synch inventory, so displaying it in the dropdown for adding items should be a pretty easy code change so that users actually know what they are working with.

This product might be right for some folks, but it is not right for the typical eBay seller.

Just Stuff I Sell
Environ 22 heures d’utilisation de l’application
Jetlic a répondu 12 janvier 2023

We are sorry to hear that our app did not meet your expectations. We truly appreciate your detailed feedback and take all customer comments seriously. We assure you that your input is incredibly valuable to us and we will do our best to implement the necessary changes to better serve the needs of drop shipper merchants.

We have already identified some potential solutions for the issues you've encountered and would be more than happy to assist you with configuring Salestio. Our dedicated support team is available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. You can reach us at support@salest.io.