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2023년 7월 10일

Let me start by saying I am not a techie. I know enough to get myself into trouble, but not enough to get out of it...LOL. I am starting to get the hang of the sequence that things have to be done. But above all, customer service is top notch. They are always there to bail me out of whatever it is I have done or not done. There is a time delay because of them being across the pond, but a message is always there same day or next day. Always ready to help and not putting the blame anywhere...I really appreciate that.

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답글 Jetlic개 2023년 7월 11일

Thank you for sharing your experience with our app and team. We understand the challenges that come with learning new apps and technology, and we're always here to assist you.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support.

Thank you for your feedback. We're glad our customer service has been helpful. Your patience and understanding with the time difference is appreciated. We're here to assist you as you navigate our app.

2023년 3월 10일

The platform is easy to set up, however I had a few difficulties trying to set it up correctly. I'm been speaking to the amazing team to help me set it up, they have been soooo helpful, by sending me videos and even taking over the platform and linking up some products. After communicating with them, i'm finding it easy to set up the rest of the products. The quick to reply, efficient & really make sure they do there best to fix the problem! Thank you team!

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2023년 4월 21일

This app is exactly what I was looking for and what I needed.. I researched for weeks to find the right app and based on my needs and budget this seemed like the best option and it was!

The support staff are honestly second to none, I've had multiple long video calls with Nadia who has done her best to help me get set up and teach me the app, and they are super open to adding needed functionality based on your needs. This app is great now in its early stages, I can only imagine how great it will be as they continue. They are very courteous and helpful and i will be sticking with them as I know they are striving for a stellar product and I'm here for it!

Thank you to Nadia and all at Salestio!!

Paddy's Patches
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답글 Jetlic개 2023년 7월 11일

Thank you for your wonderful feedback. We're delighted to hear that Salestio is exactly what you were looking for and that our support staff, especially Nadia, has been able to assist you effectively. We're committed to continuously improving our app based on user needs, and your endorsement means a lot to us. We look forward to supporting your business as we grow together.

2023년 8월 25일

I tried several Amazon listing apps before I found Salestio and I could not be happier that this is where I ended up. I have a complex, very large inventory with lots of needs when it comes to bulk listing and this app makes a lot of that process easy. Their customer service has been extraordinary. They respond quickly and worked with me in depth to get my listings right.

Darkside Records
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2023년 8월 21일

This app is incredible in many areas! It is flexible enough to adjust to any and all of my shipping requirements that similar apps weren't able to pull off!

Hat's off to their customer support team! They are the best! I couldn't wish for any better support than them. They respond almost immediately at any time of the day and they don't leave you hanging! Best of all, when you request a feature or something, they don't just fall on deaf ears, they actually put in all the effort to actualize your request!

10 stars for this app! Great job Salestio!

P.S. I Love Italy
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답글 Jetlic개 2023년 8월 23일

We really appreciate your 5-star rating. Thank you 😊 We are happy to help.

2023년 6월 16일에 편집됨

Our company is working with Salestio from long time and we can say that it's a great app.
We can work easily our stocks, prices, manage our orders, discounts, sales...
We have two Amazon accounts and two Shopify online shops and we work with Salestio in both.
We high recommend to everyone that want to work easy and fast to integrate Salestio in the shopify shop.

And the best to us is the Customer Support. Wonderful attention with solutions and fast reply.

So try it and you will be right!!

Sendra Boots
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답글 Jetlic개 2023년 7월 11일

Thank you for your kind words and strong recommendation. We're thrilled to hear that Salestio has been instrumental in managing your stocks, prices, orders, and more across multiple platforms. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we're glad our customer support has met your expectations. We look forward to continuing to serve your business needs. If you ever need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out.

2023년 5월 20일

Great App, from a very supportive team that cares about its customers. It's a newer app that is constantly evolving and being improved. The team is very open to feedback and suggestions to constantly improve the app. If something goes wrong, or works unexpectedly, the support team is quick to respond and resolve the issue. Honestly, I'm not sure how I function without this app. I've used several other apps ( I won't name names), but Salestio is my go to solution for integration with the major third party marketplaces.

Kochere Coffee Co.
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답글 Jetlic개 2023년 7월 11일

Thank you for your positive feedback. We're thrilled to hear that Salestio has become your go-to solution and that our support team has been able to assist you promptly. We truly value our customers' input and are committed to continuously enhancing our app based on your needs. Your endorsement is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to continuing to serve your business needs.

2022년 10월 6일에 편집됨

This app is quite complicated to use BUT they have a really good support team that will walk you through everything and answer all your questions. Without the support team, I would never have figured it out, but after they showed me what to do, it's not too hard. If you download it and are confused, just reach out to support and they will get you ready to go.

War's End Shop
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답글 Jetlic개 2022년 10월 4일

Dear War's End Shop,

Thank you a lot for your review. This means a lot to us!

If you have any questions, please contact our support and we will be happy to help.

2022년 11월 20일

We are using Salestio to connect Shopify to our eBay account. The support I have received is amazing with personal assistance when needed including video calling and screen sharing. I now have many products setup and am using the interface. It's working great. Once setup the management is way easier than the old native shopify integration. Well done Sales.io team (many thanks to Nadia also, who provided great support)

Lulu's Stash
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2023년 1월 11일

The app looked so promising. I sell one off items, used on both eBay and Etsy along with my own shopify store. I keep out of stock inventory active for search because I have related products shoppers cross over into in the same categories.

Like many eBay sellers, I am scrambling to find an app worth a lick for listing my shopify inventory on eBay. So, I tried out this app. The app installed the entire shopify inventory, out of stock and archived (items with stock that I am not selling at the moment). Of course, out stock counts toward your available sku's. Importing Archived should be a non-negotiable.... but..ok...I can work with that....

I go to my first profile I created for small 1st class mail products so I can add individual products and the app still does not show inventory available - so I have no idea what is actually available for sale when looking at 3000 plus one off sku's..... I can only think this app was developed around the needs of drop shippers selling 3rd party products.

Fortunately, it didn't cost me a tone of time, but I would recommend you include this little factoid in your app description, because unless you have a handful of sku's to manage or are making product yourself, if you carry any inventory of significance on the shelf, you're gonna have no clue at some point when it is all showing "available" to list.

Support was really prompt in their response to my inquiry about importing and qty issue which I appreciated.

"Salestio does not differentiate if the product is out of stock when sending products to eBay. If you select the whole Selling List and it includes out-of-stock products, Salestio will send them as well.

By default, eBay does not accept products with 0 quantity and might return the Error in listing the out-of-stock products.
However, if you have Out of stock control enabled on eBay, the products will still be listed but they will be hidden from the search results. This way, buyers cannot purchase them."

So I am not sure I want to spend a bunch of time configuring profiles for "0" qty one off items. The sorry part is, they import inventory, they synch inventory, so displaying it in the dropdown for adding items should be a pretty easy code change so that users actually know what they are working with.

This product might be right for some folks, but it is not right for the typical eBay seller.

Just Stuff I Sell
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답글 Jetlic개 2023년 1월 12일

We are sorry to hear that our app did not meet your expectations. We truly appreciate your detailed feedback and take all customer comments seriously. We assure you that your input is incredibly valuable to us and we will do our best to implement the necessary changes to better serve the needs of drop shipper merchants.

We have already identified some potential solutions for the issues you've encountered and would be more than happy to assist you with configuring Salestio. Our dedicated support team is available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. You can reach us at support@salest.io.