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25 maart 2023

Great service for Shopify and it makes it easier for me sell on other platforms Thank you and I couldn't ask for a better app like Salestio.

Solamente Cafe
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App gebruikt gedurende 42 minuten
24 maart 2023

I tried multiple integration apps, and this one was the easiest by far to configure, and works great!

Geek Tech Supply
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App gebruikt gedurende 2 dagen
10 maart 2023

The platform is easy to set up, however I had a few difficulties trying to set it up correctly. I'm been speaking to the amazing team to help me set it up, they have been soooo helpful, by sending me videos and even taking over the platform and linking up some products. After communicating with them, i'm finding it easy to set up the rest of the products. The quick to reply, efficient & really make sure they do there best to fix the problem! Thank you team!

App gebruikt gedurende 15 dagen
25 februari 2023

Efficient E-commerce Management with Salestio

I purchased the e-commerce tool called Salestio and I am really satisfied with it. It allowed me to sell my products on global marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, and made it easier for me to manage all my orders from one platform. It offers many features such as product synchronization, order management, and pricing strategies.

The biggest advantage for me was the time and effort saved thanks to the automated e-commerce operations. Additionally, it was very helpful in synchronizing our stock levels across all marketplaces. It allowed me to provide my customers with a seamless shopping experience and helped me to generate more sales.

I highly recommend it!
App gebruikt gedurende 2 maanden
7 februari 2023

A good application, greatly facilitates the management of orders from Amazon, eBay. Works well, support helps to solve all the necessary issues. Support in Ukrainian was also a pleasant surprise. Definitely recommend

Spring Nahal
App gebruikt gedurende 16 dagen
31 januari 2023

A good platform like this is a great opportunity for far shopping with amazon has been a wonderful experience talking about the customer service and the logistic area they have been making our delivery so easy and fast for our customer to have their product right in front of their house in just by the clap of hand.

Creative mind
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App gebruikt gedurende 2 dagen
21 januari 2023

Ich habe meine gesamte Integration schnell durchgeführt. Alles war sehr einfach für mich. Der Support hat mir schnell Informationen zu einigen Problemen gegeben, die ich nicht lösen konnte.

App gebruikt gedurende 11 dagen
18 januari 2023

Really impressed so far. We have integrated with Amazon and Ebay and those have both been absolutely seamless, orders came in with no in issues at all. We have tried 3rd party shopify integration apps previously with decidely mixed results, the Salestio experience has been a revelation. There is always room for improvement, in our case around notes and note_attributes for channel order_ids, developer is really responsive and has been discussing what is required.
One area for improvement for us would be Amazon Customisation orders, again the developer is engaged on this and hopefully we can collaborate on a solution.

FFS Beauty
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App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 2 maanden
13 januari 2023

Brilliant app, with brilliant support, at an affordable price. I cannot stress how much the team support is quick to answer and always polite even when I am stressed I thank you very much and look forward to the full Etsy integration.

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App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer een maand
13 januari 2023

I really appreciate Salestio support team is professional for helping me connect Shopify products to eBay, they are patient and efficient in dealing with issues.

App gebruikt gedurende 9 dagen