Sanbao FAQ ‑ Support TAB

Sanbao FAQ ‑ Support TAB

od Sanbao Design

Easy to Create FAQ Page, FAQ TAB and Product FAQ for all Theme

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Easy to Create

Easy to Create, Manageable with in your shop theme. SEO friendly.

Responsive FAQ Layout

FAQ Section to Pages or Products let your customers get basic ideas to your store

FAQs for Store Operation

Creative a FAQ section to store process like product, shipping & handling, etc policies. Let your customers shop with confidence.

Podrobnosti o Sanbao FAQ ‑ Support TAB

Sanbao FAQ is a user-friendly customer service App for e-commerce, aimed at making help you build an attractive, user-friendly, responsive, and search engine optimized FAQ page or accordion quickly. This easy-to-use FAQ app can help the Admins create a well-organized FAQ page with proper categories and sections.


  • Responsive and modern customizable with in shopify editor
  • Supports latest app block extensions (section everywhere)
  • Rich text editor for answers
  • Show FAQs on any page
  • Advanced FAQs, Categories, Tab and ordering with in shopify editor
  • Product FAQ
  • Custom CSS
  • Customization and Categorization developer support
  • FAQ color scheme settings at app theme settings
  • FAQ TAB settings and FAQ Tab Theme settings.
  • App block extensions for themes built with Online Store 2.0 (Section Everywhere)
  • For Legacy Shopify theme our developer supports to adding app block liquid file to support theme app extensions.
  • Currently have simple, tab, tab set, triangle and tab set indicator themes for horizontal and vertical FAQ types.
  • The themes are easy to choose.

Upcoming features:

  • Search Bar Component for FAQ and FAQ TABs.
  • More the FAQ themes and FAQ types.
  • Additional question asking form and Emails.


  • If demo store asks you for storefront password. Please enter "shopify".


  • If your theme has specific styling requirements, feel free to reach out via support email and we will make you sites looks great.
  • For legacy shopfiy theme, pls contact us via support email. we will check and add app block liquid(shopify2.0 support file) file into your theme and section as per your FAQ requirements. So that your legacy theme will compatible to latest app version support.

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Essential Gold


  • Unlimited FAQs Every where
  • FAQ TAB navigation managed
  • App Block Within Theme
  • Supports to all theme
  • Custom CSS
  • Premium developer Support

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