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Scalable Press

Scalable Press

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57 reviews
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  • Print t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and phone cases
  • No minimum or maximum quantities: we'll support you as you scale
  • 72 hour turnarounds after receipt of blanks and artwork

Scalable Press handles fulfillment of your t-shirt, mug, phone case, and poster orders from start to finish so you can focus on other parts of your business. Our production facilities in California, Pennsylvania, and Indiana work nonstop to make sure you have higher margins, faster shipping, and happier customers.

How It Works

When your customer places an order, that order is routed to Scalable Press. Upon approval, we will print, pack, and ship the order directly to your customer. You don't need to worry about stock levels with this method. All we need from you is:

  1. The graphics you'd like to print

  2. The garment you'd like to print on

We also offer the ability to place bulk pre-orders for your bestselling products. This gives you a chance to significantly increase your profit margins for that product.

Factory-Direct Pricing

We care about your bottom line! Our pricing structure ensures you are making money regardless of whether you are ordering 1 or 1000 items.

Sample Pricing

  • 100 Shirts - $4 each

  • Single Shirt - $12

  • Phone Case - $12 each

  • 11 oz Mug - $6 each

  • 11x17" Poster - $4 each

If you are a merchant with over $100,000 yearly sales, special pricing options may be available. *Shirt pricing above is for 1-color print on white shirts.

Fast Delivery

We have four company-owned facilities located in California, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. This means that after your products are shipped out, they will arrive to most of the United States in two days or less.

Scalable Press reviews

57 reviews
  1. 5 stars (25 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (6 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (1 review)
  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (24 reviews)

Very first order we had through them was a complete nightmare. Their system was glitching they said, and that they would have to put an engineer on it.

Basically, they have no idea what they are doing. Complete waste of your time, and a joke of a company.


If I could give them zero stars, I would. Yes I read all the terrible reviews, but I thought maybe I'd get lucky and have a good experience with Scalable Press. I was wrong.

I integrated them with a WooCommerce store to fulfill tees I sold during a crowdfunding campaign for a music project and their integration system was sluggish and horrible. BUT it's WooCommerce so I wasn't expecting much.

But then I had to contact their support team when orders weren't syncing properly. This is where the nightmare begins:

Firstly I have a hell of a time getting anyone to even answer my emails. When they finally do, I'm told that they actually don't do DTG printing on two of the colors that they have listed as available for DTF printing on their site. Okay... so I choose a couple colors that are similar.

They still aren't syncing. It's at the this point the rep I was dealing with stopped replying to my emails altogether and I was forced to reach out to someone else, Alexis. Bear in mind at this point I've been calm and collected about the whole thing, I haven't acted rude or irritated even though I wanted to. I should also note that at this point it had been SEVERAL WEEKS since I had first ordered the shirts and NONE had shipped because they wouldn't sync properly.

I REPEATEDLY asked the reps I was dealing with if they could just take a .csv of the orders and fulfill them because the people who ordered them had already waited so long. They insisted I continue to try to use their broken system while simultaneously ignoring me to try and figure it out myself.

So the second rep FINALLY helped me get the shirts synced and I thought everyone would finally get their shirts.... NOPE... another week passes and a dozen shirts still hadn't shipped. I reach out and ask why, only to be told that these shirts are not available either! Then WHY ARE THEY LISTED ON YOUR SITE AND WHY DID YOU HELP ME SYNC THEM????!!!

By the end of this ordeal it had been almost three months before the last of the shirts was shipped and with one style I had to give up and choose a different color entirely because there was nothing similar.

I sent one last email to Alexis voicing my frustrations and asking for an explanation of why they took so long to reply, why they list shirts on their site that are unavailable (all of these shirts are still listed as available as of this moment, by the way), and why they don't seem to care. I never heard back from her.



You know there's something wrong when a company has a "Claims" link in the main navigation bar of their site.

Are they really that common? You betcha.

I tried these guys about two years ago, and my orders took 30+ days to ship each and every time.

I finally gave up.

Recently, we decided to give them another try, since our supplier stopped being able to supply for our demand.


These guys have a hard time shipping even ONE phone case or DTG order in reasonable time.

I could fly to china, walk to a cotton mill, stitch my own t-shirt, burn a screen print screen, print my own t-shirt, fly back to the USA and ship just one shirt quicker than they can. Are they picking their own cotton at Scalable Press?

Stray away from these guys. You get what you pay for.


*Update* September 29, 2017

I placed a test order after emailing with support, the order was placed on September 6, 2017 and has yet to even be printed.

I am unsure if Scalable Press is allowing designs to be uploaded that they cannot print, like sleeve logos, or double sided printing, either way there is some glitch, or error on their part, as orders made via Shopify make it into their system and just don't seem to go anywhere.

I'm waiting for a response from their support team about the latest delay, as they're the only company that drop ships AND does sleeve logos (At least their uploader allows it)

*End Update*

I've contacted scalable press numerous times since February 2017, every order took over six weeks, every order had mistakes, I had to move over 200 designs to another drop shipping company to stay in business.

Every time I contacted customer service about the long turn arounds, scalable press sent me a link to current production times or said it was a temporary glitch in their turn around time due to a unforeseen issue, but it shouldn't have lasted six months.

I've had over 15 different orders through them since February 2017, it's mid July 2017, and again every order took longer than six weeks, and every order was messed up.

I do hope they come around to being able to print and ship within their stated time frame, as they're the only company I've found that does sleeve logos, which never got printed anyways on any of the previous orders.

scalable press, please get your act together as I've been ordering or have had test orders to see your time constraints and it doesn't match what you state or respond to via support emails.

My company has lost major contracts when I tried to use your company.

Feel free to contact my company at:


So I have ordered 4 times from them 3 times about a year ago and the quality really was terrible they don't underbase the design so it comes out patchy and not opaque at all. You can see the t-shirt color more than the design. I almost ordred a 200 shirt order and glad I didn't. So I let them know my concern and waited about a year to give them time to figure it out. I just placed another order and even after talking to the sales rep and he promised that it wouldn't happen again ! It happened again! :( I can't use them or even give them another chance to fix it. I'm trying to get a refund on this last order because I stressed what I wanted. We shall see how that goes. Poor Poor Quality.


I found Scallable Press after almost a year of looking. The quality is top notch. Even better is the customer service however. I had an issue with one rep that was assigned to me and wrote to the head of the company. He was so gracious and wonderful. He connected me with another rep that, hands down, has provided the best customer service I've ever had.

I wanted a partner to help me with my business and I found one.


I was a little bit concerned when I saw the mixed reviews on here but their prices are unbeatable so I decided to give them a try.

I have been using them for around two months and I have not had many problems. Their t-shirts ship to my customers 48 hours after they are ordered which is great. I intentionally abused one of my samples (around 7 washes and dried on high heat) and the quality has held up fine. I am satisfied with that.

I ordered a phone case and it took three weeks to get to me and admittedly I had a difficult time getting ahold of them. However, when I was able to speak with a representative she apologized and gave me the date when the phone cases would ship at a normal rate. (Will follow up on this) But after this, she gave me a $25.00 credit on my account which let me produce several shirts @ $8 a piece and made pure profit because of the apology credit. I will continue to use them and am so far happy.
My only issue with them is they are a little unorganized and hard to contact.

IG: @psykonotapparel


Received my mug today-outstanding printing.Much better than the one I ordered from Cimpress, but it did take a while to get here, I think three weeks. Still waiting for my poster from them.


Stay as far away from this company as possible. Yes, they may be cheaper than other companies, however, they will drive your business to the ground. They state their turnaround is up to 10 business days, yet, all my orders are constantly late of up to 5 weeks! Their printing quality is terrible. To top it all off, after them being late, sending terrible printed products, they constantly send the wrong design to my customers.

Not sure how much longer they will stay in business. All I can say is; if you want to grow your business, stay away!


We needed to make a big print order for an event, and we decided to give it a shot to order from Scalable Press. We use a different dropshipper for our online store, but we have been considering Scalable Press as an alternative recently. We ordered around 300 shirts to be printed.

So far, from the date of order it has taken over 2 weeks and still we are waiting for our order to be shipped. Communication was nearly no response at first - after calling, e-mailing twice, facebook messaging, and messaging the app developer. After about a week we finally got a response about our order.

There have been several delays, and we are still waiting for our order to be shipped. We are beginning to doubt that our order will arrive in time for our first big event, which is a shame after we invested thousands of dollars in them.

So far, we have decided not to continue with Scalable Press in the future. I really wish Shopify would remove them as an app.

Let's hope we actually receive our order before the date we were told we'd receive it. Will edit this review if it does.

Update: Our order was/is being shipped in four shipments. We received 2 out of the 4. We are waiting for one to arrive still, and the other STILL hasn't printed... over 1 month later

As a small company this was a big event for us - to be selling our shirts at the event. Unfortunately Scalable Press let us down and impacted our event BIG TIME. We will not be using them again.


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