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Scalable Press

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Price: Custom More info
  • Print t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and phone cases
  • No minimum or maximum quantities: we'll support you as you scale
  • 72 hour turnarounds after receipt of blanks and artwork

Scalable Press handles fulfillment of your t-shirt, mug, phone case, and poster orders from start to finish so you can focus on other parts of your business. Our production facilities in California, Pennsylvania, and Indiana work nonstop to make sure you have higher margins, faster shipping, and happier customers.

How It Works

When your customer places an order, that order is routed to Scalable Press. Upon approval, we will print, pack, and ship the order directly to your customer. You don't need to worry about stock levels with this method. All we need from you is:

  1. The graphics you'd like to print

  2. The garment you'd like to print on

We also offer the ability to place bulk pre-orders for your bestselling products. This gives you a chance to significantly increase your profit margins for that product.

Factory-Direct Pricing

We care about your bottom line! Our pricing structure ensures you are making money regardless of whether you are ordering 1 or 1000 items.

Sample Pricing

  • 100 Shirts - $4 each

  • Single Shirt - $12

  • Phone Case - $12 each

  • 11 oz Mug - $6 each

  • 11x17" Poster - $4 each

If you are a merchant with over $100,000 yearly sales, special pricing options may be available. *Shirt pricing above is for 1-color print on white shirts.

Fast Delivery

We have four company-owned facilities located in California, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. This means that after your products are shipped out, they will arrive to most of the United States in two days or less.

Scalable Press reviews (37)


Out of all of the services I've tried, Scalable Press was the only one that personally reached out to me to make sure I was comfortable with everything. They even offered free samples of the products I created for PatriotsWanted.com


I have been working with Scalable Press (SP) for about 3 months now. I must admit that they are very professional & will do their absolute best to resolve an issue. We are human so mistakes do happen. The advantage you receive in working with SP is the very low prices they offer to print artwork onto their inventory. I can recall twice I have had to place large orders of over 15+ shirts & the turnaround time was completed & delivered so fast that I was shocked. I highly recommend just trying Scalable Press, you will not be disappointed!

-- LVCP Apparel


Quality of printing - 10 out of 10: For now my customers feedback and my personal opinion - extremely great quality of printing. Quality of goods depends on vendor/brand, you get what you paid.

Design Accuracy - 10 out of 10: No issues for a while, Frankly speaking, I didn't make precise measurement, but once again - no problems or complains.

Prices 10 out of 10: Simply the best, both production and shipping.

Turnover time 8 out of 10: From my personal experience, it's 3-5 days on most cases. If you see that you order didn't shipped in 5 days, just ping your account manager, it really helps.

Integration with Shopify 10 out of 10: Absolutely best in class.

General impression: 9 out of 10. I am with Scalablepress.


I've personally held $450 in product they've printed for me. Numerous shirts (screenprint and direct-to-garment) and probably 10 coffee mugs. Before launching our site, it was SUPER important to choose companies that measured up to my high expectations from a customers POV. I started working with Scalable Press around March (pre-launch research).

Customer service-- I had a rep in the very beginning that was slow to respond (24 hours for email usually). She was still incredibly friendly and SUPER helpful. Since then, I've been working with Rosa. She replies to emails within hours or less. She personally calls me to follow up on questions, concerns etc,, She has taken the initiative to follow up with me by phone many times. Rosa rocks.

Quality-- Our very first sample shirt has been intentionally abused and washed repeatedly to test the integrity of the print and shirt. It has held up great. I ordered about 10 cheap, basic Gildan shirts with DTG for my husband's work crew. The quality of the shirt itself interfered with the print quality. I received credit for the order, no questions asked. The coffee mugs I've ordered were perfect and have held up great.

Integration-- Setting up the integration was easy. Works great.

Comparison-- I'm working with a few other on-demand companies for various products. Scalable Press prices are hands down the best for apparel and mugs. Shipping takes about 5 business days though. I've never had an order ship in 72 hours. Still not bad since some of the other companies I work with take 10 days.


My background:

I am a graphic designer and I've been in the industry for 4 years. I've worked with plenty of printers and understand standards for print. I've also been in the customer service industry for years and have become pretty good at dealing with customers/ customer service reps and understand how important attention to detail can be when printing large amounts of products.

My story:

I found Scalablepress.com through a simple search for t-shirt fulfillment on google. I made an account on their website and within a few weeks, someone was contacting me about ordering some samples. Her name was Alicia and although my experience with her was at first a little rocky, I gave her a shot. I really liked the fact that the company gives you a personal account rep. A lot of other companies will simply have you email them when you need something and then you have to wait a week while they respond.

Alicia seemed to fake her interest in my company only to pull in clientele. Not a problem. I don't expect people to have interest in my business so long as they come through with quality merchandise. However, I noticed after the first day of contacting her that the email response rate was very slow even for thinks that required immediate attention. She gave me her direct extension and I found that the same was true with voicemail responses. I would have to constantly contact the company in order to get a response.

Eventually, I ordered a large order because their price was so low. Immediately after I made the order, I found lots of reviews on google explaining how Scalable Press is not a good company and how a lot of other people were dealing with poor quality garments.

I contacted Alicia to cancel my order (phone and email) and received no response. So I contacted another sales rep named Alexa who ensured me that their prints would be perfect for me. Alicia contacted me two days later ensuring me that the shirts would be okay. TWO guarantees.

The next day, I received an email from Deacon with an attachment stating that they had lost my artwork and would appreciate it if I could send it again. I opened the attachment. It was someone elses artwork entirely. So you lost my artwork and this is your best guess as to which one mine was? I resent my artwork and print specs for the t shirt order. I received no response regarding what happened at this point.....okay.

I looked in my order cue 8 days later and found that the shirts were still not shipped. I contacted Scalable Press regarding this and they said that they ran out of the shirts that I had ordered and were waiting for more to come in. Great, but isn't that something you should contact me about immediately? A day later, the shirts were marked as shipped. It took 10 days for me to receive my shirts. This is a company that boasts a 72 hour shipment on all orders. I understand that 72 hours is pretty fast and I don't expect that to be the case, but 10 days? C 'mon. Just be up front with your clients and you won't have people complain about this sort of thing.

Finally I received my shirts. Both Front and Back Artwork dimensions were incorrect. They also changed my artwork. Never in the printing industry with a printer change your artwork without asking your first to do it yourself. So I have no idea how this came into play. They added black behind what should have been an all white print.

i contacted them about the incorrect print. They offered me a reprint.I first wanted to know who decided to change my artwork and why their print dimensions were a complete failure with every order. I asked Alicia and Elmira (another employee working on my account) to have this question answered before I continued working with this company. Neither of them responded to me before I lost my patience and called demanding an immediate refund for all of my orders.

Overall, I wasted two weeks of order time, plus about 10 hours of working time dealing with this company. I want to assure anyone reading that I have dealt with plenty of printers in my time working in graphic design. This is by far, the worst I have dealt with. Save yourself some time and work with THEPRINTFUL.COM if you are using by-the-order fulfillment, or any number of local printers if you need to do large scale orders.

More similar complaints about this company:



I have loved using Scalable Press! I am able to get custom mugs and posters in no time at all to all of my customers. Custom orders have been a breeze and the communication is always top notch! I have nothing but great things to say about Scalable Press and look forward to continuing to work with them as my company grows!


Scalablepress is a great service to fulfill merchandise with a well built API and shopify app. I have been using them for 3 years and they always make sure my orders are shipped and made right. They are the best place and constantly offering new products.


I have been incredibly happy using Scalable Press for t-shirt printing and fulfillment. Every one of my orders so far has made it to the shipping carrier within 3-4 days.

To be honest, I was really worried about starting to use Scalable Press after reading older reviews, but they have far exceeded my expectations. And they are the only on-demand printer that carries my favorite t-shirt in ALL the colors, so that is a major plus.

The user interface for the Scalable Press app is really easy to use. It integrates VERY well with my Shopify store. I love the bulk assign features. My product listings tend to have 70 variations, so having the ability to assign designs and products in bulk is a huge time saver.

The sales process through the Scalable Press app also integrates very well with Shopify. I placed a test order to verify that emails were being sent appropriately and a customer-facing shipping notification was sent through Shopify with the correct tracking number as soon as the order was shipped. Once you create and link your designs, it's truly hands off! Scalable Press takes care of the rest and everyone wins/profits!

My account representative, Rosa, is really great. I'm not the easiest person to get ahold of, but she kept trying to check in with me periodically to make sure I was happy and that things were going ok. Once we finally spoke, she was very polite and personable and was able to succinctly answer my questions. Rosa was also able to give me tips on how to format my designs and pick product materials for the best quality DTG printing.

I really feel like Scalable Press (and Rosa) have my back and want me to be successful.


Have had great support and experience with Scalable Press! Order fulfillment has been timely and well-communicated.

Their customer service is great and has kept me up-to-date and promptly and thoroughly answered any questions!

Their products are top-quality and the printing has been perfect!

I recommend Scalable Press and their Shopify app for anyone that wants great product and excellent customer service!


While testing for a shirt fulfilment in the market: Printful, PrintAura, and Scalable Press, I ended up choosing Scalable Press out of the three. They have the best prices, easy Shopify integration setup, and great customer support.

My shirt orders takes about 3-4 days for production and majority of my customers receives their shirt in 2-3 business days.

Not much problems with any of my orders, but when I do, my customer support rep, Issac is very responsive and figures out a fast solution to the problem.

I highly recommend Scalable Press for anyone looking for a printing fulfilment service.


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