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Scalable Press

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49 reviews
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  • Print t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and phone cases
  • No minimum or maximum quantities: we'll support you as you scale
  • 72 hour turnarounds after receipt of blanks and artwork

Scalable Press handles fulfillment of your t-shirt, mug, phone case, and poster orders from start to finish so you can focus on other parts of your business. Our production facilities in California, Pennsylvania, and Indiana work nonstop to make sure you have higher margins, faster shipping, and happier customers.

How It Works

When your customer places an order, that order is routed to Scalable Press. Upon approval, we will print, pack, and ship the order directly to your customer. You don't need to worry about stock levels with this method. All we need from you is:

  1. The graphics you'd like to print

  2. The garment you'd like to print on

We also offer the ability to place bulk pre-orders for your bestselling products. This gives you a chance to significantly increase your profit margins for that product.

Factory-Direct Pricing

We care about your bottom line! Our pricing structure ensures you are making money regardless of whether you are ordering 1 or 1000 items.

Sample Pricing

  • 100 Shirts - $4 each

  • Single Shirt - $12

  • Phone Case - $12 each

  • 11 oz Mug - $6 each

  • 11x17" Poster - $4 each

If you are a merchant with over $100,000 yearly sales, special pricing options may be available. *Shirt pricing above is for 1-color print on white shirts.

Fast Delivery

We have four company-owned facilities located in California, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. This means that after your products are shipped out, they will arrive to most of the United States in two days or less.

Scalable Press reviews

49 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (4 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (1 review)
  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (19 reviews)

Stay as far away from this company as possible. Yes, they may be cheaper than other companies, however, they will drive your business to the ground. They state their turnaround is up to 10 business days, yet, all my orders are constantly late of up to 5 weeks! Their printing quality is terrible. To top it all off, after them being late, sending terrible printed products, they constantly send the wrong design to my customers.

Not sure how much longer they will stay in business. All I can say is; if you want to grow your business, stay away!


We needed to make a big print order for an event, and we decided to give it a shot to order from Scalable Press. We use a different dropshipper for our online store, but we have been considering Scalable Press as an alternative recently. We ordered around 300 shirts to be printed.

So far, from the date of order it has taken over 2 weeks and still we are waiting for our order to be shipped. Communication was nearly no response at first - after calling, e-mailing twice, facebook messaging, and messaging the app developer. After about a week we finally got a response about our order.

There have been several delays, and we are still waiting for our order to be shipped. We are beginning to doubt that our order will arrive in time for our first big event, which is a shame after we invested thousands of dollars in them.

So far, we have decided not to continue with Scalable Press in the future. I really wish Shopify would remove them as an app.

Let's hope we actually receive our order before the date we were told we'd receive it. Will edit this review if it does.

Update: Our order was/is being shipped in four shipments. We received 2 out of the 4. We are waiting for one to arrive still, and the other STILL hasn't printed... over 1 month later

As a small company this was a big event for us - to be selling our shirts at the event. Unfortunately Scalable Press let us down and impacted our event BIG TIME. We will not be using them again.


I would not use this service again. I ordered larger order for my business owners that I do business with. It took one owner to get his shirts 4 weeks and it took another owner 10 weeks to get their shirts. I refunded both of my owners and the only thing they did was try to credit my account on their site. Then they only accept EPS for screen print so if you only have jpeg or png you have to figure out how to convert it or pay someone else to do it. The entire process was tedious but I am glad it is over with. I should have paid close attention to the reviews :-( Would NEVER use them again




I'm surprised anybody is able to use this app full time on their website. I've contacted support before for incorrect images in the product builder, well over two months later and they are still not fixed. How can you expect people to sell products with the wrong images!!

Attempted to order a test product and when it got to the app it was charging me $10 more than my retail price!! Nothing but issues during my testing. Don't be fooled by lower prices, it's not worth the hassle.

SP reached out because of this review. Basically, they told me if I don't like their mock-ups I can make my own. OR, I could use a competitor who's product builder works as expected and gives me the correct product each time with minimal effort.


Very SLOW, Great quality when finally arrives. Ordered on Nov 10 today is Dec 1 still not shipped. VERY disappointed.


First off most of these reviews are fake!
Second this has to be the worst company i have ever dealt with in my entire life!

Mistake after mistake, company failing to ship orders out and have had multiple orders that we're never shipped out after one month placing an order on scalable press.

Only thing i can say good about scalable press is that they have good pricing.
But its not worth the hassle of dealing with returns and getting tracking numbers as far as one month later after placing an order.

What do they expect my customers to do, wait months for an order to arrive?


Dont use this app, Service very very bad, i sent 13$ for print shirt and when they not print and refund only 7.06$ for me. Dammn


Our company, www.Contagus.com, serves school and non-profit organizations nationwide. It was important we select a vendor partner who can provide the level of service we need to meet our business model that covers all 50 states and able to print/drop-ship 365 days of items in our client stores. Scalable Press meets those criteria. Scalable Press' integration with Shopify "Collections" is easy to use and allows us to create stores for our various clients. The pricing is very competitive and the catalog offers a variety of SKUs for us to chose from.


This App is a work in progress.


1. best pricing, for DTG and screen printing the quotes are competitive.
2. cheap delivery fees local and international.
3. Uploader allows the choice of up to 20 colours per style, nice if you want to offer your customers a large colour range from the many tones available from different brands, just keep your choices to max 100 variants, ie: you have 6 sizes, x 16 colours is 96 variants...thats more than enough and will leave your customers dizzy from choice.
4. large choice of brands and styles. every major brand and garment is here now.
5. EPS no longer required for screen printing, they`ll run screens off your .PNG files.
6. no CMYK halftone screen printing, just flat block colours for screen, this may be positive for you if you don't know cmyk half toning, but not so good if you do want halftones simulated process photographic techniques from screenprinting.
7. use SKYPE if you are international, your sales rep can communicate quicker with you that way and more candidly than if using the internal email system which takes longer, save that for official requirements and queries. They have offices in mid america and California, so choose a rep in a time zone that is more suited to you to give a larger communication window daily.
8. I found their internal team of pre-check guru`s to be excellent in helping me through checking & giving advice on creating correct .EPS for screens when that was defacto.
9. you have the choice of custom packaging and branding, which may come at a cost or not depending on your monthly volumes with SP. Enquire for the latest on this offer.
10. I believe they will be bringing in a larger range of opportunities, like fabric rolls, that would be awesome. no ETA on that and other things like canvas prints.
11. Their poster sizes are great because they`re the same ratio.. it means you don't have to adjust your artwork composition for offering different sizes to customers. only the 11:17 ratio is a bit out but you can resiz slightly and include white borders. the rest are 2:3 ratio, and good sizes like 24x36 which is huge for a poster. again pricing is cheap.
12. The development team have been quite responsive on the slack.com/ #api channel in dealing with my complaints and are working hard to improve the app. you can have personal conversations with them here to air your grievances and offer improvements. For example when the system timed out from funnelling through too many colour variants to my shop they were able to dig into the code and increase the http time out window from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. This hands on approach shows they are willing to fix things that are immediate and affecting business real time.
13. Once you set up a design and choose the garment, the funnelling and set up over to shopify is quite fast. it appears in your store or collection of choice immediately once the data funnels through. nice.


1.Before you start and spend a lot of time, just be aware the uploader is a new version so at the moment it uses the same default mockup image in each style category, example all hoodies from different brands are the same mockup, same for T-shirts and Tank tops, if this is not important to you then go ahead, for me my customers will want to see what they are buying, particularly ladies, who when looking at different polo`s, tanks will want to see the difference between a spaghetti strap, racerback, triblend, deep v neck, 3/4 baseball tee etc, some are more revealing, other styles more conservative. I believe its important to have photo integrity in terms of the product being purchased.

For this I take off 1 star, as I will definitely only get a 1 star rating myself on google trusted stores and bad press on social media from my customers on this when they receive a garment that doesn't look like what they saw on my website.

2. Moving forward if you intend to run larger ranges and build a bigger offer of brands/styles with Scalable Press you will want to encourage them to implement a more efficient uploader for your use. Otherwise you will spend all your time uploading and no time designing. They could build a system allowing customer templates to:
1. save the design you upload and the pantone choices for that design.
2. save the title, body, tags, collection for that design.
3. so all you have to do after uploading that particular design the first time, is choose the garments to apply it to, adjust the graphics positioning on the garment, choose your garment colours, and update the pricing.
4. Being able to choose which channels the garment will appear on while setting up the garment with the design (not just visible on shopify store) would be a helpful time saver as well. Since at the moment you then have to go back to shopify to search the item and choose if its going to show just on store or also on facebook/twitter/pinterest channels.

3. the quality of the mockup: the rendered graphic looks blurry/fuzzy, and because the actual Tshirt photo is crystal clear, customers will assume that the resulting graphic image on the garment is what your print will look like, its not good when the stars on your graphic end up just looking like rendered dots or circles. customers press "buy now" when they are emotionally moved by your design and its presented quality. An online store only has that image to show itself on.

The above would be uploader heaven.

All good system designs look at avoiding repetition for the end user where ever possible, time is money, the less time working on uploading and finalising the more time can be given to research and design of your products and attending social media. I personally want to use as much of the SP product range and variants as possible, so I encourage them to look at improving this aspect.

Its taken me weeks to do uploads because i`ve been ambitious on my apparel choices, but could have been mountains faster had templates been in place. for this I take off another 1 star. Cruel to be kind to other shopify clients in the long run with strong hopes in this company to bring it through in the end.


I have not ordered DTG or screen printed samples yet, so I can`t comment on print quality.
While there are mixed reviews on SP print quality on google I suggest you order a set of garments to find out the print quality first hand, SP offer up to $25 free products and that will get you at least 2 or 3 tee`s depending on brand. Or you could try a poster, mug and Tee. Because you don`t know the print quality that was uploaded in the first place based on those other reviews.

Make sure you upload at 300 ppi (pixels per inch). Your outputted artwork from photoshop as .png should be at 300 pixels per inch in sizing, this allows the best quality print possible.

DTG printing should be done only on 100% cotton garments, as the adherence is best, other materials produce a less vibrant result. Screen printed items can be on any cotton, poly cotton or mixed material blend.

so choosing the right material and correct file resolution of your .PNG will give you the best odds of a good print result. Avoid .jpg files that just won`t work.

This 3 rating is based on the APP & uploader experience only, the company itself is forward thinking and listening to client wishes.

company positive attitude 5 stars
pricing 5 stars
shopify Scalable press app 2 star.
print quality (not tested).


i`ll update this review at the end of December, and more thoroughly the end of the first quarter of next year once I have more interaction and experience with SP...To give you further insights into the app progress and print quality being the most important aspect behind the shopify app. If the app gains templates, improves the image mockup quality, provides correct garment mockups, and the print quality on final garments is good i`ll give it 6.


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