Scaleup Variant Description

Scaleup Variant Description


Display unique product descriptions for each variant

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Separate variant descriptions

Show unique detail of every product variant. An advanced option to show a description of each variant.

Embed multiple options

Include variant video, Images, and embedded HTML content using smart description editor. User friendly editor experience.

Scaleup with details

Allows you to create unlimited unique variant descriptions. Enhance your variant options and scaleup!

Scaleup Variant Description 정보

Do you have products with unique features on the variant level? But can not “wow” the customers with more details and scale up your sales?

Presenting Scaleup Variant description application!!

This application allows you to show descriptions of every variant, for unlimited products. You can add words, images, videos, and more.

Overcome single product description limit!

Currently, you can add one description for the entire product and that will apply to all product variations. Now with Scaleup Variant Description, you can add a separate description for each product variation.

Full features available, with the smart editor!

Take control of your descriptions with a full-featured rich text editor. Simple and easy to use.

  • Add video
  • Add images
  • Add embedded HTML code
  • Add the font family
  • Add table
  • Add links
  • Resize screen of the editor
  • Ordered and unordered listing
  • Drag and drop GUI for image control
  • Paragraph alignment
  • Use a background color and text color option
  • Unlimited products in a single plan

What will happen if variant information is not available?

If you did not set the description of any variant, it will show the default product description.

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