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I didn't realize when we made the move to Shopify that review apps don't take care of the schema code needed to give Google the info required to display our product review info in the search results. After researching my options, I installed Schema Plus. Within 48 hours, engineers had kindly tweaked my schema code, and stars started appearing again. While we can all dork around and try to do our custom schema coding, I think I'll turn this project over to folks dedicated to the topic. Schema is constantly changing. Thank goodness, I have one less thing to stay awake thinking about at night. I saw no visible effects on our theme. Installation was easy. Customer service was prompt, pleasant, and effective. A quick onboarding call answered the few questions that I had. Highly recommend.

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I recently started using this Google Schema app and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations. The app is incredibly user-friendly and straightforward, making it easy for me to create and implement schema markup on my website.

One of the things I love about this app is the wide variety of schema types available. No matter what type of website or content you have, there's a schema markup that fits. Additionally, the app offers customizable templates that make it easy to create and modify markup without any coding experience.

The app's customer support team is also fantastic. They were quick to respond to my inquiries and helped me resolve any issues I had.

Since implementing schema markup using this app, I've noticed a significant improvement in my website's search engine visibility and click-through rates. The app has also helped me enhance the user experience on my website by providing more context to search engines about my content.

Overall, I highly recommend this Google Schema app to anyone looking to improve their website's search engine optimization and user experience. It's an incredibly powerful tool that's easy to use and provides tangible results.

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A true 5-star app! Yaprak, Didi, and the Schema Plus team have given us world-class service since we installed the app.

Initial setup of the app was quick and so easy, that I thought we did it wrong! However Yaprak assured me during the onboarding call that everything was installed perfectly. She also let us know that we had outdated markup in our theme. I knew it was an issue already, but wasn't sure how to fix it. The team at Schema Plus got to work on removing it for us almost immediately at no additional cost!

I highly recommend booking the free onboarding call, it provided some much needed insight!

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SchemaPlus has been extremely helpful in optimizing our search engine results. Before using their app I noticed that we had less content than some larger companies had in their google rich snippets when you did a Google search. Upon working with the team at SchemaPlus we got the same results as all of these larger companies. The team helped remove all errors in the initial installation, and ones that have come up over time. The only negative is that the team must have a lot of clients because nothing is done "quickly". There's always someone on the other end of the app chat, however, your cases typically take a week or two to be resolved.

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I haven't fully installed yet but so far customer service has been amazing. Live person answered right away and was kind and friendly. She even helped me fix my issue and will be following up. I'll be back to review that app!

Aigera, the rep was AWESOME!

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Did some research which led me to Schema Plus. Had great reviews and I can see why. The customer service is excellent and Ozzy was a pleasure to speak with. He made the process very simple to understand for a beginner like myself. Would highly recommend and looking forward to continuing my relationship with Schema Plus.

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Support staff jumped into my theme and removed all conflicting schema from previous apps and Shopify and provided me with updates and details along the way. So far so good and looking forwad to seeing rich results in Google results. Thanks.
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Amazing app so far, requires practically no work on your end, simple to use. Customer service is also spectacular, my representative Yaprak was there to help me almost instantly. And the service was completed almost just as fast, yaprak concisely explained in layman's terms my issue, included labelled screenshots, and put in a ticket for the engineers in less than 3 minutes.

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Scheduled a set up meeting with their staff and the guy I spoke to was very helpful and patient in answering all my questions. I am very hopeful about the work they would do for my website. This company also does agency work on marketing and ugc content, looking forward to doing more business with them.

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The support i got from Ozzy on live chat was great, fast and timely.
I tested my site using google's Rich result test after installing Schema plus and the results were amazing. All rich text schema data was well installed. Thank you Schema Plus

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