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Since installing the app, we experienced many problems. We believe the app has caused many issues consequent of nominating the incorrect url along with causing much duplicate schema - they told me they had removed this but didn't.
Furthermore, upon learning about schema, it does not mark up much and what is does, it does badly.
I've just been told that support takes 1 week - hardly acceptable.

Anges de Sucre
大约1年 人在使用应用

This app doesn't work. It does not create 'oven-ready' data for social media websites, such as Pinterest, which means that it is NOT organising the data in Schema format, as claimed. This is why, for example, I have to write my own titles on items posted to Pinterest. I contacted this company to complain, explaining that it was failing to present the data in the right format to external apps and websites and they have done NOTHING about it just asked me for more information without FIXING the actual problem which I have already told them about.

Crewel Mistress
17天 人在使用应用

They kept asking me to review them immediately once the app was installed. I told them I would first need to actually see how the app performs. It turns out it doesn't perform well at all. They slowed down my site considerably and put weird grey backgrounds all over my site. When I asked support about it they just told me developers were looking into it. I kept asking for feedback, but they could not provide any answers from their "developers" 3 days went by and nothing was fixed so here I am doing the review they begged me for. Thanks for making my site slow and ugly and wasting my time. Still waiting on their feedback.....

Mothercity Liquor
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I delete the application because i didnt know where to go for delete my subscribe plan, but i continue to pay since 2months, i dont know where to do for delete this. When i download the APP again, they ask me to pay now 14$ ....

Sex Dolls Europe - (Official)
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Uppercase Apps已回复 2021年10月3日

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry that you had a negative experience. Your business matters to us. Our support team is online 24x7 and can do refunds promptly. You did not contact them, you just left us a review. Regardless, we refunded you fully for the mentioned months. And we notified Shopify to follow up on your full refund. We waited to reply on your review as we were hoping you would reflect on all the actions we took!


the app does not do what it claims, It is as simple as that and I have tried it, Support is okay at best but it does not give the results I had hoped for and now I start all over again with a different app

Platinum Leather Emporium
3个月 人在使用应用

Super slow customer service, have been waiting 3+ weeks to activate my account with this APP still no luck. Would not recommend, look elsewhere

Conway Stewart
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Caused traffic to decrease, showed Google Console proof, contacted them no help but sent me a link to better understand Schema which i didnt need.

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Uppercase Apps已回复 2019年10月30日

Thank you for your feedback. For your site, we explained in detail along with links to documents why your traffic is decreasing (which is a general problem to your site). We offered to help you further, as we always do with every single one of customer requests. Without any response to our emails, you deleted our app and leave us a one-star review.


I had a really negative experience with this app that cost us money. They insisted they were compatible with Yotpo and had us delete our Yotpo schema, which was disastrous and hurt our product appearance in Google. Baris, presumably the creator, was rude and arrogant. I really regret installing this app and am paying for it - literally - with the fallout from using their schema to replace my old schema. If you're an established business, RUN!

The Luxe Lens
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Uppercase Apps已回复 2021年4月27日

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry that you had a negative experience. Your business matters to us and both our customer support and technical support teams are diligently working to make sure that every single customer gets full rich snippets on Google. At the time you deleted our app and left this review, your store had full rich snippets with review stars by SchemaPlus schema on every single result.

Please refer to this screenshot:

Should you choose to reinstall and try our app again, we’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to make things right and work toward earning back your business.


Unfortunately I did not have a good experience with this software. It caused our rankings to tank due to Schema Plus code having issues with the old schema code on the site. In hopes of fixing this, we reached out to support (Baris) who said they would fix it and 3 days later it still was not fixed. They kept saying they'll fix it today, tonight, and they never fixed it. It's unfortunate because I had high hopes for this due to the good reviews but I did not have a good experience. Tip to the developer, maybe try offering some documentation so that users are not at the mercy of support and we can fix this ourselves.

Organic CBD Nugs
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Uppercase Apps已回复 2020年4月9日

Thank you for your review. We wish we could have provided you much better support, but unfortunately, COVID-19 forced us to restructure our office and we could not attend our support queue during this time. We hope to see you soon back as a customer.


Poor customer service, when you want a user to stay, there is a method of how you should speak to them. Where is the customer service, communication skill at? Yes, I wanted a update on my ticket 766, I know what your colleague said, I myself work as a service desk analyst so i know what is required within this job field. Tickets are updated on regular basis. With me contacting you on 15/05/21 and the ticket needing to be completed on 16/05/21, then there must have been some progression and information within the ticket that user can know about? Unless you have not even looked....

beau and belle co
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