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  • Allow visitors to shop right from your best social media posts.
  • Increase Conversions up to 5X- Deep Linking sends shoppers directly to Product Pages
  • Easily embed a Gallery on Any Page to display your best Social Media Posts & User Generated Content

Robert Pietsch- Senior Director of Sales @ Twitter- "There is value here as it harnesses word of mouth and peer influence. Any retail site would find value in Scope and I would certainly test this if I were them"

What is Scope.LA?

Scope lets you create shoppable social media galleries, called "Lenses", that you can display on any page in your shop or website.

Rather than using some standard Instagram widget, our shoppable functionality allows you to annotate ("tag") products featured in your photos and videos. This helps your visitors easily identify the amazing products that are in the beautiful pictures. With our powerful annotation feature, you can tag any part of the picture, give it a title (Like the Product Name) and assign it a URL (Like the Product Page). However, since Scope is integrated with Shopify, you can simply click on the image where you would like the tag to appear, and then select the product right from the dropdown box. This will automatically give the tag the correct Product Title and URL.

Never again will your visitors have to search your store for a product they saw in your Social Media feeds - Scope.LA will get them to the point of sale right away.

See a Lens on Styleandpose.com Now

Check Out SugarHouse Supply's Beautiful Instashop Page


  • Keep More People on Your Site Longer

  • Increase Conversions by up to 5X

  • Increases Time on Site

  • Increases Click Through Rates

  • Increases Page Views

  • Higher Engagement metrics means Lower PPC Costs

Can I make customer content from #Hashtags shoppable?

Yes. Pull in as many hashtags as you like to ensure you're able to capture all of the user generated content (UGC) you're looking for. It’s the easiest way to access your customer content, their testimonials and the great pictures they take. Plus, hashtag feeds make it easy to feed in popular posts or trending topics so that your site is always fresh and relevant.

Can I customize my Lens?

Yes. Control your fonts, colors, embed styles and more. You can even pick what layout you like best, Pinterest Style or Instagram Style (grid).

Can I link to my shoppable gallery from Instagram, Facebook, or any other Social Media Account?

YES Please. Each lens you create has a unique URL, and this page can be embedded on your website via iFrame, or any other webpage you own. Additionally, with our responsive design, your shoppable Lens looks beautiful on any display, especially mobile!

Do you have multiple Embed styles?

What you will come to Love about Scope is the flexibility you have with the Lenses, galleries, that you create. You have complete control over the size of your display. Each lens is embeddable as an iFrame, so it can take up a whole page, or just a small window.

Can I curate/moderate my gallery?

Definitely. To protect your brand from damaging content ever showing up in your Lenses, Scope gives you full control over the content you display.

The social content created by you will only show up in your gallery if you allow it to - it's totally up to you. And if you want to hide specific posts, you can. So whether you are using a HashTag Feed or just your Instagram Page, you choose which posts stay and which ones to get rid of.

How can I view analytics?

First off, Scope has an elegant dashboard for a simple view of how many people are interacting with your Lens.

In addition, we’ve cooked in Google Analytics behavioral tracking events right into your Lenses so that you’re able to see exactly what photos are clicked on, what shop links are clicked on, and what photos inspire shop link clicks. From click data to referring traffic data, you’ll be able to gain valuable insight into how your social content performs using the tools you’re already familiar with.

What makes Scope.LA different standard Instagram widgets and other social feed apps?

  1. We keep people on your site when visitors click on any social media post or Insta photos, instead of sending people off your website (you never know when or if they'll ever come back, right?)

  2. Visitors can shop right from your Lens

  3. Scope.LA offers a completely Free Version

How Scope.LA Works

The Scope.LA App will only work in your shop if you are a registered Scope.LA user. Our app will not work in your shop just by you installing it.

  1. Sign up for a Free Account or Paid Account

  2. Connect your networks and customize your gallery

  3. Connect your Scope.LA account to your Shopify store through our Shopify App

  4. Publish gallery directly into your shop, on it's own page or as part of any page.

  5. Moderate and Tag your content as often as you’d like

Can I connect other networks, too?

Yes, a bunch

HashTags / Instagram / Facebook / Pinterest / Twitter / Tumblr

*Once you Get the App and authenticate with your Shopify Store by Registering for an Account with Scope, we automatically create a page in your store called "Our Social Media Feed". You can easily change that and name it anything you want. Then simply add a link to your website to that page. We have taken the liberty of embedding your "Lens" into that page.

Scope.LA reviews

5 reviews
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  5. 1 star (1 review)

App won't even load after installation. I've tried multiple times. No dice.


Amazing that we can get this for free – at least up to what we need for our growing store. We have a lot of visual content on Instagram to promote our jewelry, so this is really useful. Still pretty buggy but their support is responsive. Thanks guys!!


I must give 5 stars for absolutly perfect and fast support from scope.LA team! I had some problems with integration widget into my shopify store but everything was solved and widget was adjusted by Justin in really short time! App looks really cool and I guess my customers will like it! (Y)


I will now rate this app 5 star... I had a small Issue in using the App and I was Contacted Quickly and was Guided in how to use this rather simple App. Give this App a run definitely a Worthy app and works as described


Simple and easy to use. We setup a social community page on Styleandpose.com so that our customers could check out our Instagram, and shop directly through the posts. I think that lifestyle pics from our Instagram and other social media accounts truly help influence new shoppers, and the "Tag" feature that is integrated with our shopify store allows us to direct those shoppers right to the product pages.

1) Fast- once you create a lens, the feeds download really fast
2) It works, we get more clicks to product pages when customers check out our Social Community page and browse our "lens"
3) Free- not just a free trial, with Scope there is a true free account
4) Integrated with Shopify Store- when tagging a post, you can select the product from a dropdown, which automatically adds the Product Name as Title, and the Product Page URL.

More Social Networks- right now you can pull feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. It would also be nice to get some more like Youtube, Vine, SoundCloud

Overall, we love it. The paid plans seem to have some nice additional features, and we will probably upgrade down the road to get more Lenses and Feeds.

Style&Pose Customer Delight Team

From $0.00 / month

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  • Get started with our Free "Long Beach" Plan

  • Upgrade at any time to our "Santa Monica Beach" or "Malibu Beach" Paid Plans for more Feeds, multiple lenses, and more domains.


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