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Accurate Waybills Integrated - Shipping App for South Africa

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Address Cleaning

Addresses are cleaned and validated against SA postal service data - saving time at the depots and improving first time deliveries.

Waybill Creation

Stickers and A4 Waybills are created instantly for easy printing. All waybills at the end of each day are automatically manifested.

Automated Fulfilment

Each order is automatically fulfilled on the ecommerce platform when manifested - No manual processing required & less room for human error.

Sobre ScrubBill

Accurate Waybills Integrated - Shipping Integration App for South African Couriers

Save time with these features

  • Save and pre-fill package information to expedite the label making process.
  • Import orders from your Shopify store.
  • Print labels or A4. Plus setup our autoprint server which automatically prints waybills as they are created on the system.
  • Address cleaning for the South African market. Make sure your clients address is correct to ensure a faster delivery and reduce shipping related support queries.
  • Print simple Pick Pack lists.

How it works:

  1. Get ScrubBill for your Shopify store and import orders.
  2. Create waybills. Print waybills
  3. Manifest waybills and automatically fulfill orders in Shopify
  4. Tracking numbers are synced back to your store and customers are notified.

Connect to your favourite South African Courier:

Platinum Courier Partners

ScrubBill costs are incorporated into your shipping fees

Aramex, CitiSprint, SkyNet, Primetime Express, Globeflight, Tragar, ACT, ITT, First Freight, MDS, XtraSmile, Cloud Logistics, Blue Line Express, JKJ Express and more.

Standard Courier Partners

ScrubBill will bill the store directly

The Courier Guy, FedEx, Dawn Wing / DPD Laser, RTT, Seabourne Express

Great Customer Support

Best-in-class shipping support. With hands on e-commerce experience, trained to help.

Integração com

  • Over 25+,
  • SA based Couriers

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Grátis para instalar

Integration costs are either incorporated into your courier fees or billed per waybill. Depending on courier used.

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