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21. März 2024

was super easy to set up. Hope it helps streamline our membership process

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29. Dezember 2023

Semi easy to navigate. Lots of extra steps though.

The Farm Letters
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16. Januar 2024

je nai pas encore essaye application

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Seal Subscriptions hat geantwortet 18. Januar 2024

Hi, we understand that you are still trying out the application. So if you require any help with the app, simply send us an email to

Best Regards,
Seal Subscriptions team

2. Juni 2021

This would be an awesome app if we could use our third party payment provider ( for subscription orders. We set it up with the understanding that it worked across other payment providers, including Paypal, sadly, the cart shows the customer that the payment function is broken when they have a subscription item in the cart. No way to collect money for the order unless its Shopify processing.

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Seal Subscriptions hat geantwortet 3. Juni 2021

As mentioned, the auto-charging subscriptions can currently only work with Shopify Payments or PayPal Express. This is a limitation that is present on all subscription apps.
However, our Seal Subscriptions app has an option which allows you to use it in recurring invoices mode (where you don't automatically charge your customers). This recurring invoice mode supports all payment methods that you can set up in your shop.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Have a great day,
Seal Subscriptions team

22. November 2022

Great app for our business doing coffee subscriptions!
Just a heads up that some wifi routers may block you from using the app online. We got a new router recently and now have to use the app via cell phone using our data. Customer service was helpful but wish this wasn't a hiccup.

Sunday Silence Coffee Co.
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Seal Subscriptions hat geantwortet 22. Dezember 2022

Hi, I just want to let you know that we have resolved the issue with the router that you have :) This means that you can now access the app through your router again :)

7. Dezember 2020

Works well on the backend, but it doesn't allow for automatic recurring subscriptions which defeats the purpose for us..

Mountain Wild Pet
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24. November 2020

So far so good, but it asked me to review the app upon saving my first subscription which is pretty annoying. Only had about a minute with it, so I can't justify giving it more than 3 stars as of now.

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Bearbeitet am 30. März 2020

The day after I installed the app, my google ads flagged my ads as "malicious or unwanted software". Not sure if it's this app, but I will change my review later if it's incorrect. Nevertheless, I find it very coincidental.

Edit: Google confirmed it was this app. I sent an email to the app support. Support will contact google for clarification as to why it's being flagged as malicious.

I won't be testing it after being unflagged or not because I'm not sure if I'll be selling any subscription product in the future. As per the quick replies by the support, I'm changing the rating to 3 stars. In the future, if I use this app and there are no more problems, I'll change the rating accordingly.

PS: The app seemed to work. But as I need to run ads, I can't use it at the moment, and the downtime of my ads are noticeable on my website traffic.

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Seal Subscriptions hat geantwortet 27. März 2020

Update 2020-04-28:
Thank you for being patient with us. The issue with Google Ads has been resolved. Google has whitelisted our domain and the ads should no longer get disapproved.
We have tested the solution for 2 weeks now and it everything seems to be okay :)
Thank you for bringing up this issue.
I am sorry to hear that. The app is definitely NOT a malicious or unwanted software. It is a genuine application with high data security standards and leaves a very minimal footprint in your store. The code is optimized and served through reliable and highly respected CDN providers.
We are working hard to provide you with a state of the art application for a very low price and a free plan.
I am highly confident that our app isn't the one to blame here and that there was something else which flagged your Google ads as unwanted.
There shouldn't be any connection between our app and google ads, as the app only adds a subscription functionality to your shop.

In case you receive a reply from Google, please let us know by sending us an email to
But once again, I believe that our app was not the issue here.

team Seal

Bearbeitet am 13. Januar 2021

Updated: The application worked fine, but it didn't work for what I wanted to accomplish. I will try the app again when the update occurs in mid-January when I was told they will roll out fixed price discounts. The app is good, I'm just disappointed because it didn't work at this moment. Old: Installed the application and just needed a fixed price discount amount. You can only do percentages. Tried to circumvent by creating a Shopify Discount code for the fixed-rate amount, but received a "discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart" - I'm not sure if this is a Shopify issue or app issue. Will continue working on it to figure it out.
Specific Product Page:
Hope I receive a solution from Seal Subscription - trying to roll this out asap.
Thank you,

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1. Dezember 2023

Last Stop Buyers' Club
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