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2023년 11월 27일

Some of what Seal offers is great; however, there are a few key drawbacks that made me choose to find a new service within a couple months of starting. The biggest one is the inability to modify existing subscriptions in bulk. I wanted to change which date they charged on and I had to go through each one, one by one, to manually adjust this. This was annoying but doable with 50 subscribers, but would become untenable with growth. Secondly, the tax settings don't sync with the product in the Shopify store, so our subscribers have consistently not been charged sales tax, and Subify tells me the only way to fix this is actually to delete every existing subscription and recreate them one by one. The manual work involved to make basic changes of fix issues has made me look elsewhere -- which is too bad, because the UI of Seal is really nice otherwise.

Little Thing
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답글 Seal Subscriptions개 2023년 11월 30일

We are currently working with merchant to resolve these issues, but we wanted to also write a reply about this here :)
1.) We are planning on creating a functionality, which will allow you to edit subscriptions in bulk. This will allow you to easily adjust them even if you have tens of thousands of subscriptions.

2.) As per our email correspondence, the sales tax is something that is automatically calculated by Shopify. Our app (and other subscription apps) have no control over how the sales tax is calculated and charged, as this is entirely controlled by Shopify. Having said that, we have opened a ticket with Shopify Support about your specific case.
We are currently working on finding a workaround for this glitch which is most likely happening with Shopify Checkout :)

If anyone else needs help with our app, it will be best to simply send us an email to as our team is always more than happy to help merchants succeed :)

Seal Subscriptions team

2024년 2월 8일

Not really happy with the rate change

Destiny By Design Store
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답글 Seal Subscriptions개 2024년 2월 10일

We have just sent you an email about this, as we aren't quite sure what kind of rate change you have in mind. We haven't increased our prices at all since we created the app. We even decreased them, so we aren't quite sure what kind of rate change you have in mind.

Looking forward to your response so we can resolve this :)

Best Regards,
Seal Subscriptions team

2024년 3월 9일

Dissapointed again

7 Realms Bliss
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답글 Seal Subscriptions개 2024년 3월 18일

We are always more than happy to help merchants configure the app and maybe even customize it for them.
We have tried to reach out to you through phone and email for almost two weeks now, but we never received a reply. Also, it seems that you never sent us any email about any issues in the app.
So we aren't sure what exactly are you missing in the app.

We will be grateful if you can get back to us on our email of phone as we will be more than happy to help you out :)

Best Regards,
Seal Subscriptions team

2022년 11월 27일

The only reason I didn't give Seal a 1-star review is because they might be the only subscriptions app that doesn't take a percentage or sales nor do they charge more just because we're on a higher-tier Shopify plan. However, this app lacks greatly with analytics. Have to do a lot of digging for super basic, mostly not unusable analytics. There are bugs with their PageFly integration whereas the discount values aren't matching up. Issues with Shipstation integration for prepaid plan: doesn't create subsequent orders and reference them to subsequent Shopify orders. This app hasn't evolved much since we started using it earlier this year. Hardly any customer support, certainly no live support. You really get what you pay for with this app. We're looking into using a competitor now. Needs a lot of UX improvements for us to stick around.

Wildlife Tree
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답글 Seal Subscriptions개 2022년 11월 28일

Hi, We have sent you an email yesterday to help you solve these issues and help you out :) We are still waiting for your reply :)
Can you please check your inbox for an email coming from and send us back an email so we can help you out?
Thanks :)

2021년 6월 28일

The full potential (e.g. auto-charge) of this app only works with Shopify Payments...
It's even worse... Not even setting up subscriptions for product variants is allowed with other payment gateways than Shopify Payment.

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답글 Seal Subscriptions개 2021년 6월 28일

Hi, I am sorry to hear that you decided to write a review before even giving us a change to explain why the limitations are in place.
Our Seal Subscriptions app currently allows you to use the auto-charging feature with Shopify Payments, PayPal Express or You are NOT limited only to Shopify Payments.
All subscription apps have the same limitation (currently) and there is nothing we can do about this.

We allow you to create a subscription rule even if you don't have any of these payment providers set up, as this is the only way to start using PayPal Express for auto-charging. You first have to create set up PayPal Express gateway and create an auto-charging subscription rule in your shop. Shopify then automatically submits your shop to PayPal for approval to use PayPal Express for auto-charging subscriptions.
If we wouldn't allow you to create a subscription rule, then you wouldn't be able to use PayPal Express for auto-charging subscriptions.

We are always happy to help you if you experience any issues with the app. You can always contact us at

I hope that I managed to explain to you why there are such limitations in the app.

Seal Subscriptions team

2021년 3월 7일

So far its been easy to install. Have not used it yet but they want you to leave a review so early. So I cannot do that. I a few months time.

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2023년 2월 18일

Maybe I am the problem. I had high hopes for this app based on reviews and the demo site. However, I uninstalled in under 30 minutes. The app’s interface is crowded and instructions are too wordy and confusing. A video pops up after installation to help, but, honestly, if I have to watch an almost 20 minute video to understand the basics, I’d rather just pass. Some things should just be intuitive.

Sheair Butters
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답글 Seal Subscriptions개 2023년 2월 18일

Hi, We have sent you an email about this to schedule a Zoom call to help you set up the app. We are waiting for your reply :) Can you please check your inbox and send a reply to