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10 januari 2021

Easy set up . Haven't used it publicly yet but I like it so far. I look forward to seeing how it functions once the store opens.

Brew4Two Coffee
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8 november 2021

Support was super helpful and made adjustments as needed. We used this with the bundler app and our developer made some additional code to work the way we wanted. After a customer makes a subscription and edits their subscription order in the portal, they are not able to get the bundler discount, but they said they are working on it! This was a relatively easy app to install.

Som Cordial
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4 november 2020

So far it has been a breeze to set up. I'm hoping it draws more customers to utilize subscription items.

All Sales Are Vinyl
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7 februari 2021

Installation was quick and easy. It is great that they offer the app for free up to 100 customers. If subscriptions go beyond that number, the paid service will more than pay for itself.

Solistic Distribution
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Bewerkt 3 november 2022

Getting nearly perfect. Great support and app but 2 warnings:
1. product text on your subscriptions does not update when you update your store products. If you have a spelling error or clarify a product description, your subscription test does not update. Needs to be a toggle/option to push this to subscriptions.
2. Not yet possible to offer the same product as auto-pay or invoice (featured is planned in future). You must create the product 2x in your store which is confusing to customers and messy for inventory management. Other apps offer the customer to choose between these options, we get many customer complaints about this feature missing.

Rusty Dog Coffee
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26 november 2020

Easy to use, simple setup; the process was fast and without a hassle. Great option for any retail store

Architect Cosmetics
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29 november 2020

Free plan is very limited, as expected. However it does what it says it will and it's easy to setup!

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14 januari 2022

Really useful app for subscriptions! So many options to tailor to our business' needs. A little confusing to set up initially, however, the tutorial videos are very informative and well-paced.

Little Finn
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Seal Subscriptions heeft geantwoord 15 januari 2022

Thank you for your review. We will try to make all the options in the app more neatly organized to make them less confusing :)
I am happy to hear that you like our tutorial videos. We will add more of them to the app in the future :)

8 februari 2021

just installed and so far so good, not sure how sales will go since customers wont be automatically charged so we will see!

Titan Endurance
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7 oktober 2020

Seal Subscriptions is a very user-friendly subscription service. The customer service is always quick, professional and very helpful. Thank you, Henry!

Cowbell Brewing Co.
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