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Seal Subscriptions

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Scale business with subscriptions and subscription discounts!

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Deeply integrated with Shopify

The app uses the Shopify Subscription API, which allows it to charge your customers automatically without bypassing the Shopify Checkout!

Boost your revenue

Use subscriptions to increase your income with recurring revenue from your customers!

Simple yet detailed dashboard

The app has a simple yet detailed user interface, which allows you to easily start your subscription business!

有關 Seal Subscriptions

1.) Classic & PRE-PAID auto-charging subscriptions!

2.) 0% transaction fees on ALL plans!

3.) Advanced discount configurations!

4.) Battle tested by thousands of merchants!

Newest features:

  • Pre-paid gift subscriptions!
  • Change discount automatically after specific number of payments!
  • PRE-PAID auto-charging subscriptions!
  • Klaviyo and Google Analytics integrations
  • Optional minimum required number of payments and maximum allowed payments for auto-charging subscriptions!
  • Migrate subscribers from others apps if you were previously using Stripe to charge your customers!

Seal Subscriptions will help you start your subscription business and increase your revenue with auto-charging subscriptions and recurring orders.

Configuring a subscription has never been easier! Install the app, create your first subscription rule and start generating sweet recurring revenue.

The app can be used in auto-charging mode and in the recurring invoices mode at the same time. The mode can be selected before creating a subscription rule.

Auto-charging mode

Your customers will get charged for their recurring orders automatically and the order will be visible in your Shopify admin automatically.

Recurring invoices mode

When your customers subscribe in recurring invoices mode and the time comes to pay for their next recurring order, the app will send them an automatic email reminder with the checkout link where they can pay for the recurring order. Your customers will have the freedom to complete and pay for the order whenever they want!

Migrating from other platforms

You can migrate your subscribers from other platforms by going into Seal Subscriptions app -> Subscriptions -> Add subscription manually -> select auto-charging subscription -> click on the "Migrate customers from other platforms" button.

Allows mixed subscriptions in the same cart

Your users can start multiple subscriptions with the same order. For example, they can set subscription interval to 1 month for product A and 2 weeks for product B in the same order.

Give customers a discount when they subscribe

You can discount products in subscriptions to reward your customers for having a subscription in your store.

Using Shopify's checkout process

Customers will still use Shopify's checkout process. Every order goes though Shopify's secure checkout.

No customer registration needed

Your customers can easily view or cancel their recurring subscriptions with the secure magic link they receive in the email.

Remove and add products to subscriptions

Customers can remove and add products to their subscriptions directly in the customer portal.

Send email notifications to your customers

You can set up various email notifications to keep customers informed about their active subscriptions.


  • Klaviyo,
  • Google Analytics,
  • Bundler

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Free plan


0% transaction fee

  • 150 subscriptions
  • Classic & PREPAID subscriptions
  • Auto-charge & Recurring invoices
  • Automatic emails
  • Tag orders & customers
  • Billing config


每月 $10

0% transaction fee

  • All features from FREE plan
  • 1000 subscriptions
  • Add/edit subscriptions as admin
  • Send upcoming billing email
  • Send successful charge email


每月 $20

0% transaction fee

  • All features from lower plans plus
  • 10000 subscriptions


每月 $50

0% transaction fee

  • All features from lower plans plus
  • Up to 50000 subscriptions
  • Contact us if you need a bigger plan!

* 所有費用均以美元計收。 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

4.8 5 顆星

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Shine ldn

So far so good,easy set up and it works! (still using the free plan) haven't played with all features yet but all seems good.

Pace Tea

Very easy set up, no issues so far. Can't imagine how instillation could have been easier. Recommended.

Style Standard

Got the app installed and running pretty quickly. One small issue at the start, but support dealt with it quickly and easily (entirely my own fault). It's laid out pretty well and hasn't had implementation issues like we've seen with other apps.