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22. desember 2023

when you filter a size, color or any other variant, the results show all the products even if they are not available or out of stock. This is uncomfortable for our customers, since they will not know for sure if the size in this case is available or not. We hope you find a quick solution to this small problem. thank you.

Roland Colombia
3 måneder bruker appen
Shopify svarte 23. februar 2024

Hi there; you can now control the display of out of stock product variants from the app's settings :) In the Settings screen, there is an "Out of stock products" section where you can choose to not show items in search results, which also applies to filtered views. You can find more information in the Help Center documentation

3. februar 2024

Est ce que l’appli augmente le nombre d’options par produit ?
Si oui, c’est parfait…

Rundt 1 måned bruker appen
7. november 2023

Overall is good experience but new products are automatically added then more good results are expected.
We are a startup and need more attention
If you will do so your clients list can go on high scale because startups numbers are more than who already established in this field
Thank you so much

8 måneder bruker appen
29. desember 2023

Really helped us a lot with stats about what people search and new filters.

1 dag bruker appen
9. november 2023

Veru good app but the Shopify support is not on par with the rest of the apps on from the app store.
App devs are helping with app installation and customization but Shopify help is redirecting to public resources. Well, we won't need support if we could find our answers in public resources.
There is not even a support email where we can answer questions!

My question: how we can make the filters sticky on the default Shopify Dawn theme.

Rundt 1 måned bruker appen
8. oktober 2023

A good app with some highly valuable functionality.
I do have a few recommendations that I would make that I think would make the app perfect.

1. to be able to filter your search using metafields.
2. To be able to accurately search using product sku’s, even for variable products.
3. To utilise some level of AI to make allowance for minor mis-spellings.

Otherwise, great job as usual, Shopify!

Atlas Renlo Industrial Solutions
Rundt 1 år bruker appen
15. desember 2023


Rundt 2 måneder bruker appen
11. januar 2024

Information on there sales and offers and greeting to our page

3 minutter bruker appen
19. juli 2023

Love this app for customising recommending products, the filter section needs a lot more customisation for me to be able to consider using it but being able to customise recommended AND matching products has been great for my customers & helping them find what they need visually. The one big downside is the automated recommendations, they make hardly any sense & I can't turn them all off - I have to do it one by one then replace all of them manually, it's taking me 4-6 minutes to do each product & I am dreading having to go through it again when I release a new collection. Great especially for an app I don't need to pay extra money money for, but time consuming

11 måneder bruker appen
Shopify svarte 21. juli 2023

Thank you for the review. Our team is actively working new features for filters, so we hope those will meet your needs in the near future :) For automated recommendations: You can use the Admin's bulk editor to change the "Related products settings" metafield for your products. This should be a lot more efficient for you; more details here:

21. november 2023

this is a good app thanks

Sebnwa all in one store
2 måneder bruker appen