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13 de novembro de 2023

website not working right after installing this app. not compatible.

Estados Unidos
11 minutos usando o app
Shopify deixou uma resposta 14 de novembro de 2023

Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your site. The Search & Discovery app customizes native features of Shopify's platform, for example, choosing your collection filters or product recommendations. It does not inject any custom elements or scripts into your website to display these though, that is required of the theme. So there wouldn't be a change in behaviour post-install. We recommend contacting your online store theme's developer for support to see if it's having issues working with native Shopify APIs and features. Alternatively, you could contact the developers of any recently installed apps to see if they run custom scripts on your site that may have caused this issue.

24 de agosto de 2023

Customer SUpport was friendly when i ask them following:

"The Problem is thet when my Costumers choose for example the size XL in the Filtersection, it's also showing all the Products wich have the XL as a variant, even if the XL for the specific Product is sold out.... That makes absoluetely no sense to me... Is there any way to solve this? "

The answer:

"So Selina, it is currently expected behaviour that the size option will still show up in filters when the variant is out of stock. This is a current restriction when using the Search and Discovery app.

You are welcome to try other apps for collection filtering, or alternatively, you can try out apps that hide sold out variants from the store."

This App is absolutely useless without this feauture.... why even bothering to put such an app on the marketplace? It seems like Shopify makes their Apps not good enough just to myke us pay for paid Apps.... ???

Sorry, no othe way i can explain this to me. A proper filter function is crucial for allmost every shop.... Shopify still can't even add such a basic function that is working, but prices just went up. i am on Shopify for some years and i was expecting better...

Also the URLs that the app i generating are very ugly:

ONIX Boutique Bern
Aproximadamente 4 horas usando o app
Shopify deixou uma resposta 29 de agosto de 2023

Hi there, apologies for the confusion as you can definitely filter out sold out variants. If you add the Availability filter to your store, which is a standard filter available to all shops, it will allow shoppers to filter out sold out variants when combined with your Size filter. I can see from the URL example you gave, the variant availability filter isn't being applied (filter.v.availability=1)
More information about standard filters:

18 de outubro de 2023

App fails to sync properly. App no longer populates other dropdown(s) in the store. App no longer appears to function as intended...

Estados Unidos
2 dias usando o app
Shopify deixou uma resposta 23 de outubro de 2023

Thanks for reaching out. We took at look at your storefront and saw that there is a custom filtering feature that lets buyers chose a car variant, make and model. It looks like this feature sometimes controls the collection page layout, but not consistently. When the filters do appear, they seem to work as intended. We recommend reaching out to the developer or App that integrated this car part filtering feature to see if they can help ensure filters are always shown.

Update: also, depending on the size of your collections and search results, filters will not be shown. See the Limitations section in the Help Docs: Our team is aware the product count limitation for filters is an issue for merchants, and apologize for the inconvenience while we work a path forward.

4 de maio de 2023

Installed the apps with high hopes seeing how intuitive and integrated within the shopify ecosystem. Enabled filter in my collection to find out the filter do not work at all, using dawn theme which is a 2.0 theme, could not figure out why it wasn't working.

Hong Kong, RAE da China
Aproximadamente 4 horas usando o app
Shopify deixou uma resposta 4 de maio de 2023

Sorry to hear your store is experiencing an issue with product filtering. The app does work with Online Store 2.0 themes built to display filters. If your theme’s codebase has been modified, or an installed third-party app has modified it, then the changes might be preventing product filtering to work as expected. To see if it is theme code changes causing the issue: install a recent copy of the Dawn theme, or any other free theme, from the Theme Store and preview it as an unpublished theme. If filtering works, then we recommend contacting whoever made the codebase changes to the store. If the issue persists, we recommend contact Shopify’s Support agents to help you troubleshoot.

30 de outubro de 2023

cette application est trop limitée et trop statique elle ne permet pas de mettre des collections ou des catégories dans les produits associés. c'est pauvre.

Boutique Equinoxe
7 dias usando o app
12 de julho de 2023

Doesn't work for me. Impossible to create a new filter. I try to modify a old filter but it's doesn't work

2 dias usando o app
Shopify deixou uma resposta 13 de julho de 2023

Hi there, the majority of filter display issues are because the Online Store theme template is improperly coded or modified. We recommend contacting your theme's developer, or with any apps that make changes to your collections or search pages. You can check if it's a theme issue by installing a new version of the Dawn theme (or any free theme) and using the preview/customize feature to see if filters are working as expected. If they do display, that confirms the issue is with the theme code of your published theme, or some app changes. If the issue exists on a new installation of Dawn, feel free to contact Shopify's Support lines. Cheers!

7 de março de 2024

tout est compliqué sur Shopify

MY BOB Retailer
29 de junho de 2023

not able to make the search results page consistent with the rest of the pages so I uninstalled it but the search bar is still there. Can't get rid of it

Estados Unidos
41 minutos usando o app
Shopify deixou uma resposta 30 de junho de 2023

Hi there, the Search & Discovery app does not make any design changes to your store or control the placement of your search bar. The app allows you to change the native behaviour of Shopify's search, but your published theme controls what your shoppers see. We recommend contacting your theme's developer for the issues you're having with your search page. All the best!

10 de outubro de 2023

Les listes de métadonnées ne permettent pas de créer de nouveaux filtres...

Votre Carte Ancienne
11 dias usando o app
5 de outubro de 2023

Nao funciona. Dificil de entender como configurar. Só atrapalha.

Outdoor Life Camping
7 dias usando o app