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17 de agosto de 2022

I got an email from Shopify notifying me that they added this app to my store without my permission. Not cool.

Really Good Ebikes
Estados Unidos
3 dias usando o app
Shopify deixou uma resposta 18 de agosto de 2022

Thank you for your feedback.

Storefront filter settings have moved to the Shopify Search & Discovery app. If you have previously customized your filter settings, we have pre-installed the app for you, so you can continue to make edits. There have been no changes to your previous settings, and your store’s performance will not be impacted by the installation of this app.

You can safely uninstall the app at any point and your filters will keep working as is. If you wish to make changes to the filter settings in the future, you have to reinstall the app.

18 de agosto de 2022

EIne APP einfach so zu installieren ohne Info? ohne zu fragen? Was genau soll das bewirken? Ich würde gerne selbst entscheiden, ob die App Sinn macht, oder nicht.
Vor allem könnte es ja ggf. dazu führen, dass andere Bereiche meiner Webseite nicht mehr wie gewünscht funktionieren. Fragen... hilft immer. Nichtsdesto trotz habe ich die Funktionen mal geprüft ... aber wie das so ist, wenn man nicht fragt oder nicht die Möglichkeit hat das ganze individuell zu integrieren oder an den Shop anzupassen... dann funktionieren die Integrationen, so gut sie auch sein mögen, nicht wirklich. Idee gut... Umsetzung unterirdisch. Bitte anpassen.

Mush & Barftier B2B
3 dias usando o app
Shopify deixou uma resposta 22 de agosto de 2022

Danke für deine Rückmeldung.

Filtereinstellungen sind jetzt in der Shopify Search & Discovery-App zu finden. Wenn Sie Ihre Filtereinstellungen zuvor angepasst haben, haben wir die App für Sie installiert, sodass Sie weiterhin Änderungen vornehmen können. Es wurden keine Änderungen an Ihren vorherigen Einstellungen vorgenommen, und die Leistung Ihres Shops wird durch die Installation dieser App nicht beeinträchtigt.

Sie können die App jederzeit sicher deinstallieren und Ihre Filter funktionieren unverändert weiter. Wenn Sie zukünftig Änderungen an den Filtereinstellungen vornehmen möchten, müssen Sie die App neu installieren.

16 de agosto de 2022

Another failed implementation from Shopify. Search boost simply doesn't work. Well done. Still waiting for support to get back to me.
1 dia usando o app
Shopify deixou uma resposta 17 de agosto de 2022

Thank you for your feedback. If your theme adds search syntax to your storefront search, or if a customer uses search syntax, then the products that should have been boosted won’t be. Examples of search syntax are shown on this page: They include operators such as AND, OR (for example, using "artichoke OR hearts"), and search into specified fields (for example, using "product_type:vegetables").

19 de dezembro de 2022

Filters are not working.
Search is also not working.
No support from team.
After adding this app, my website search functionality NOT working.

Países Baixos
Aproximadamente 19 horas usando o app
Shopify deixou uma resposta 19 de dezembro de 2022

Thank you for the feedback. The issue with products not showing in search results on your store appears to be resolved.

21 de dezembro de 2022

Not even worth one star at all. This app needs way more functions - its totally useless like this. For example you activate filter by "tags". You can not even edit the filter headline and there are ALL tags displayed in the filter you use on all products. That simply makes no sense at all.

40 minutos usando o app
Shopify deixou uma resposta 21 de dezembro de 2022

Thank you for your review. Product tag filters are available to all stores as 'default filters' and can be renamed from the language editor of your online store, you can find more information on renaming default filters here: If you do not want to show all the product tags linked to your products as filter options, we recommend filtering by product metafields which you can customize for your store.

16 de março de 2023

We were excited about this app but it constantly freezes and we cannot do anything when we open it. Uninstalled.

32 minutos usando o app
Shopify deixou uma resposta 16 de junho de 2023

Sorry to hear about this experience. Are you still having any issues? If so, please reach out to Shopify's support channels so they can take a look.

29 de agosto de 2022

This app is absolute garbage. Filtering by tags worked just fine before and now they want to use only metadata fields which don't even work properly. Also the app menu hardly loads. This was an absolutely terrible change.

Gootzy Gaming
Estados Unidos
5 minutos usando o app
Shopify deixou uma resposta 31 de agosto de 2022

Hi, thank you for your feedback. The new filter settings launched prior to this app, with the launch of this app it transitioned to a different location.

There has been no explicit change to filtering by tags. Supporting filtering by tags requires an explicit theme to support it or custom liquid code.