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Redigerat 28 februari 2023

This app will not show the filter options on any search that returns more than 1000 items and will not be displayed on any collection page that has more than 10,000 items. For us this means that most of our big categories can't be searched up by their simple term and get filtering, and our "all products" page will never get filter options because we have categories with several thousand items and we have almost 20,000 item entries in general.

The prospect of this app is great because it finally allows customers to filter by stock status and it may work fine for boutique shops that sell a dozen items or so but the inconsistency for bigger inventory shops sucks and Shopify putting seemingly arbitrary limits on when it will function is obnoxious! The filter needs to be extended to work for all results and for all products. If the page can display it or the search can show the result, the filter menu needs to function too.

UPDATE: Upon further investigation it turns out the limit on the number of products per collection is 5000, not 10,000, so yeah, it's even worse, losing 1 more star Shopify. I contacted them and basically was given the standard "that's how it is, we'll tell someone about your problem and then promptly do nothing about it" response. I got a reply essentially saying it was a hard limit of the app and they weren't going to do anything about it. if you have large inventories, DO NOT use this app, it's garbage.

Chibi Chop Shop
Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen
24 augusti 2023

Customer SUpport was friendly when i ask them following:

"The Problem is thet when my Costumers choose for example the size XL in the Filtersection, it's also showing all the Products wich have the XL as a variant, even if the XL for the specific Product is sold out.... That makes absoluetely no sense to me... Is there any way to solve this? "

The answer:

"So Selina, it is currently expected behaviour that the size option will still show up in filters when the variant is out of stock. This is a current restriction when using the Search and Discovery app.

You are welcome to try other apps for collection filtering, or alternatively, you can try out apps that hide sold out variants from the store."

This App is absolutely useless without this feauture.... why even bothering to put such an app on the marketplace? It seems like Shopify makes their Apps not good enough just to myke us pay for paid Apps.... ???

Sorry, no othe way i can explain this to me. A proper filter function is crucial for allmost every shop.... Shopify still can't even add such a basic function that is working, but prices just went up. i am on Shopify for some years and i was expecting better...

Also the URLs that the app i generating are very ugly:


ONIX Boutique Bern
Ungefär 4 timmar användning av appen
Shopify svarade 29 augusti 2023

Hi there, apologies for the confusion as you can definitely filter out sold out variants. If you add the Availability filter to your store, which is a standard filter available to all shops, it will allow shoppers to filter out sold out variants when combined with your Size filter. I can see from the URL example you gave, the variant availability filter isn't being applied (filter.v.availability=1)
More information about standard filters: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/online-store/search-and-discovery/filters#filter-types

7 november 2022

The idea of using meta-tags instead of actual tags is ridiculous. We’ve been using “tags” this whole time and now you guys changed it and it’s a huge step back for a lot of us And ridiculously time-consuming for a lot of us that have to make our products and we don’t have time to sit here and do the same thing twice. What upsets me the most is that I literally bought a theme years ago specifically for its filtering and now it doesn’t even work anymore due to this update. As someone who makes & sells clothing I have to add a color variant to each item for it to filter out in colors even if I only sell one color of that product. Huge thumbs down, absolute waste of time and it’s frustrating that I can’t even get filters to work in my online store like they used to without spending hours redoing some thing I already did.

Feelin' Peachy
Ungefär en månad användning av appen
14 september 2023

Just shows a bunch of useless analytics with almost zero actual features. Just made a simple function SO complicated. Realized I HAD to use Chrome just to access basic tags on Shopify that I pay over a hundred dollars a month for? And when I finally got SOMEthing to work, it doesn't even function like I need it to. The help documentation is overly confusing and doesn't apply to my business. Get some help videos showing different use cases.

chickpea magazine
Ungefär ett år användning av appen
Shopify svarade 18 september 2023

Thanks for taking the time to write your review. Regarding using Google Chrome for your tag filtering: If this is referring to the experience on your online store, then it's likely an issue with your theme or a third-party app preventing filters. The Search & Discovery app changes which filter types your store can display, but the interactive filters are completely owned by your theme. We've seen a number of cases where the theme is coded fine, but a third-party app causes different behaviour in different browsers. If this issue persists, we recommend contacting Shopify's Support to help you out. You could also try troubleshooting yourself by either disabling apps or changing themes to see which is at fault.

4 maj 2023

Installed the apps with high hopes seeing how intuitive and integrated within the shopify ecosystem. Enabled filter in my collection to find out the filter do not work at all, using dawn theme which is a 2.0 theme, could not figure out why it wasn't working.

Hongkong SAR
Ungefär 4 timmar användning av appen
Shopify svarade 4 maj 2023

Sorry to hear your store is experiencing an issue with product filtering. The app does work with Online Store 2.0 themes built to display filters. If your theme’s codebase has been modified, or an installed third-party app has modified it, then the changes might be preventing product filtering to work as expected. To see if it is theme code changes causing the issue: install a recent copy of the Dawn theme, or any other free theme, from the Theme Store and preview it as an unpublished theme. If filtering works, then we recommend contacting whoever made the codebase changes to the store. If the issue persists, we recommend contact Shopify’s Support agents to help you troubleshoot.

22 augusti 2023

Should not need availability as an extra filter! If you go to a collection page and filter products like clothes by size, ONLY products in stock should show. Adding an extra availability filter just adds confusion and is very bad UX. OK if you want to show out of stock products this could be a backend option, but as standard the app should only filter in stock items.

Lilly and Sid
2 månader användning av appen
20 oktober 2022

I've contacted Shopify support on an issue with using Price Filter where the issue is clearly on the Shopify's Side and the support team is very unprofessional and every time referring to my third party theme as the problem, refusing to acknowledge there is an issue with their app. Please train your support team to do actual support instead of reading some support team manuscript.

10 månader användning av appen
Shopify svarade 16 november 2022

Thank you for your feedback. The problem you encountered now seems to be resolved.

20 april 2023

This app only works on certain Shopify Themes, I worked for over three weeks to add the details for all my products ONLY to find my Shopify Theme does not support adding complementary products :-(

The Holistic Shop
12 dagar användning av appen
Shopify svarade 16 juni 2023

The app is able to change the native search and product recommendations of Shopify, but that does require your Online Store theme to be using these native features. We recommend contacting your theme's developer about these missing features, or checking if they are already available in a more recent version of your theme. All Online Store 2.0 themes from our Theme Store have adopted these features, so you can preview them there.

11 augusti 2023

It doesn't even load any more after the recent updates!! What is wrong? It used to work well. Now I cannot even open the app page! I uninstalled and installed again to no avail.

iCowhide UK
3 månader användning av appen
21 december 2022

Not even worth one star at all. This app needs way more functions - its totally useless like this. For example you activate filter by "tags". You can not even edit the filter headline and there are ALL tags displayed in the filter you use on all products. That simply makes no sense at all.

40 minuter användning av appen
Shopify svarade 21 december 2022

Thank you for your review. Product tag filters are available to all stores as 'default filters' and can be renamed from the language editor of your online store, you can find more information on renaming default filters here: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/online-store/search-and-discovery/filters. If you do not want to show all the product tags linked to your products as filter options, we recommend filtering by product metafields which you can customize for your store.