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May 5, 2023

it gets the job done but we are having a hard time with the recommended products. It recommends the same product style over and over in other colors instead of other items they might like. So we are having to go in to every product and pick what it recommends. Very labor intensive.

United States
Time spent using app: 3 months
April 21, 2023

I could easily filter products by meta field with this app.
It's free and very easy to customize.I think it's a good app.

However, this app has one major drawback. We cannot translate the filters made with this app.

Please Please Please Please make it translatable with translate& adapt.

Time spent using app: 5 months
March 28, 2023

Our store is set to continue selling when out of stock, which I am told means that the availability filter for this app shows EVERYTHING as in stock. i really wish there were more settings so that the availability filter was actually useful.

American Forestry
United States
Time spent using app: 7 months
March 28, 2023

Been useful so far to be able to target specific products or related items. would like to be able to create a list of words and then attached XYZ products to them. rather than having to to into each product and add every search option. that would be helpful

Christmas Perks
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: About 1 month
Shopify replied March 30, 2023

Thanks for your feedback. You can do this by selecting all products with filter/search capabilities and using the bulk editor.

March 18, 2023

J'ai installé cette application et j'aurais tellement aimé quelle fonctionne mais lorsque je l'active sur ma boutique, la page de mes produits sur cellulaire ne s'affiche pas bien, la page se promène sur l'écran comme si elle était zoomer et Google search console me fait le message que ma page n'est pas lisible par les cellulaire. J'ai le thème Impulse alors peut-être que mon thème n'est pas compatible. Très dommage, j'aimais tellement cette application.

Savonnerie Escale Nature
Time spent using app: About 1 month
March 17, 2023

Seems useful but I cant use it. I wish it would allow recommendations by PRODUCT TYPE. I think it would be EXTREMELY useful in MANY different industries.

Elie’s Bows
Time spent using app: 6 months
Shopify replied March 30, 2023

Thank you for your feedback. Shopify has built-in strategies to adjust automatically generated product recommendations based on products that are commonly purchased together, have a similar product description, or products in related collections.

Edited March 5, 2023

- Good but does not meet my needs.
For example: My product is named "d-18", when searching, customers have to type the keyword "d-18" or "d 18" to display the product. If the customer types "d18" the product will not be displayed.
I want when customer type "d18" to display products named "d-18", "d 18", "d_18", "d/18", d.18", "d+18".. special characters will not affect search results.
- Thank you for your feedback, you can use our Synonyms feature to solve this problem.
- My store has over 3000 products and is growing rapidly, using Synonyms is very difficult for me

Việt Music
Time spent using app: 7 months
Shopify replied March 3, 2023

Thank you for your feedback, you can use our Synonyms feature to solve this problem.

February 10, 2023

It's a good app but be careful creating product tags. You can't edit or delete them once made. You can't have 2 tags that are basically the same but one is capitalized and the other isn't. I made the mistake of creating a tag in all lower case letters and now I can't create the same tag but capitalized properly and I can't edit the old one. This really needs to be changed.

Terbet Lane
United States
Time spent using app: 4 months
Shopify replied February 16, 2023

Thank you for your feedback. You can delete a tag by deleting it off every product it is added to.

Edited February 4, 2023

I would like to add colour filter to my collection page and there is not even an instruction how to do it. My store has no variant products. All products are individual what ever it would be easier to my customers to filter by colours and theme. To clarify my subject this is a fabric shop. So add colour filters would be easier to my customers to find specific colours. I have tried to add metafields to the product maybe it show up on the filters menu and somehow I can connect the metafield to colour swatch but that is doesn't work either. Any recommendation how I can use colour filter on your app? basically this doesn't work at all only useful for shop who has variant colours under each products which is not help at all.

Lilly and Mimi Fabric Shop
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: About 16 hours
Shopify replied February 4, 2023

If your products do not have variants, and you need a Color filter for them, you will need to create a product metafield definition labelled “Color”. Head over to your shop settings, and look under “Custom data”, that's where you manage metafield definitions. Add a new product metafield definition and name it “Color”. Select the type “Single line text” for it. You can use the “Limit to preset choices” feature under “Validation” > “Rules” to control the order in which colors will appear in your filter later. Once you have created your product metafield definition, you can bulk edit your products to set a color for each of them in that metafield. Once you have done so, you can add that metafield as a filter in the Search & Discovery app. If your theme supports “color swatches”, then you will need to follow your theme's specific instructions to have the color text replaced by a swatch on your storefront. In doubt, contact your theme creator.

December 3, 2022

L'app non sembra male è interessante, l'unica cosa è che non vedo i prodotti complementari sul tema Dawn, c'è un modo per inserirli o per questo tema non è disponibile. Cosi 3 stelle, se si possono mettere ne metto 5.

Time spent using app: 4 months
Shopify replied December 15, 2022

Thank you for your feedback. The theme block for complementary recommendation is available in the latest Dawn release and has to be added in Theme Editor.