Search By Image

Search By Image

par Alchemative

AI powered smart visual search by image

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Level up your search with AI

Step-up your user experience by instant and accurate search results via image scanning that detect products in uploaded photos by using AI

Boost your Sales

Show a range of products that your customer likes in split seconds to increase your sales and customer satisfaction.

Easy Set Up

Take advantage of AI-search with seamless integration over a few clicks without any coding needed!

À propos de Search By Image

Search by Image allows your customers to upload the images they have captured from somewhere or downloaded from social media or Google in general, and upload it on the website. The smart AI base search then quickly scans the website catalog and gives the same & similar products in result. Search by Image claims to present up to 90% accurate image search results! Website visitors mostly want quick results. Searching by Image is more convenient for them instead of typing hassle.

What does it do?

Search by Image uses a powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) of Google API. Your potential customers will upload images to get similar search results. There is no limitation on its usage. If you integrate your Shopify store with this app, your customers can use it with their mobile phones and on laptop screens.

Benefits of the App

  • 90% Accurate Search by Image ensures 90% accuracy of search results.
  • Easy to Set Up It is easy to set up, i.e. Just integrate into your store and enjoy!
  • SMART AI The Smart AI feature processes your Image and shows the best match(es).
  • Analytics Dashboard Alchemative introduced an Analytics dashboard for customers to see the search frequency of any search. # What Problem Does It Solve? Search by Image revamped the way you explore an eCommerce store or find a specific product to purchase. Accuracy has always been the main point of focus for us. That’s the reason we integrated AI technology.
  • Finding the Right Product The Smart AI feature allows the user to find the exact match of the requested Image. The accuracy rate of Search by Image is 90% which means that it’s highly precise.
  • Quick Search Searching through a conventional text search method is quite hectic and time taking. Sometimes you are unable to write exactly what you want. Therefore, Image search is the quickest way.
  • Efficient Recommendation The recommendations given in your search results are precisely the same or similar to the product you are searching for. AI revamped image search technology.
  • Made for All Search by Image is for everyone, i.e. for sole brand owners or cross sellers. It provides equal opportunities for both retailers and wholesalers.
  • Search Popularity Search by Image introduced an Analytics dashboard, which also shows the popularity of your specific research.
  • Search Priority Online retailers can prioritize the Image search criteria based on brand colour or other physical aspects of the product.

Market Need

  • Visitors on websites can’t always find the right products unless they are provided with guidance. Add a search by image option.
  • Provide your customers easy, fast & accurate search.
  • Made for all Shopify Merchants

Key Benefits

  • AI-Powered Image Detection
  • Filter Images based on Color or Labels
  • Easy Setup Without Coding

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Tarifs Essai gratuit de 5 jours

Standard Plan

$349 par mois

  • Get unlimited search recommendations.
  • All features of the application.
  • Dashboard Module.

* Tous les frais sont facturés en USD.
** Les frais récurrents, y compris les frais mensuels ou les frais d'utilisation, sont facturés tous les 30 jours.

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