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28 novembre 2018

This app is GREAT and exactly what I had been searching for and needed for weeks!!! I was ready to search for and pay a developer to help me hide certain products from the search in my store. I needed these products to be available in my store but not available for individual sale.

I was happy to see that this app is super easy to use and works very well. Within seconds of installing the app, you can easily select products to hide based on several product criteria that you select within the app.

Regarding technical support: I had a few questions regarding the app as well as a caching issue that ended up having nothing to do with the app but was on my end. Joe was super responsive in answering my questions and helping me to resolve the issue... again on my end.

Very pleased and happy that Search Veil became available right when I needed it!!

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Modifié le 1 octobre 2020

A first I was quite disappointed. It seemed to describe exactly what I need however when I tried to use it it didn't work. I left it over night and it is working perfectly! I think it may have needed some time to sync the products. Thank you!

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17 décembre 2020

Spent at least a couple of hours trying to figure out a way to set up a tag filter that hides certain products from search while still active on store. Something i really need as i use bundles and special offers that i don't want showing up on search. Finally stumbled on this app and decided to try it out. Literally as easy as choosing a tag to attach to any product and it'll hide from search, a few clicks and its done. $3 a month isnt too bad if its going to stop even one person stumbling on a $50 discount offer that i don't want to. Wish there was a cheaper way, but at least its easy. Definitely recommend

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7 novembre 2022

Joe goes above and beyond, had some concerns and issues with setup - he is a life saver. We wanted to make sure google still kept our products but hide them from search on store Saved the day

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Modifié le 10 septembre 2020

This is THE BEST APP!!! I never leave reviews but let me tell you my struggle

I was searching for a wholesale option so I can keep track of inventory and revenue in my store without doing extra invoices etc... Then I thought what if I can hide the products. I went through 5 apps before finding this one!!!

So glad this there was an app like this!!! Easily I would pay more for this

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Modifié le 13 février 2019

I have asked 3 separate developers to help me control internal search results. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for, I am exceptionally chuffed.

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20 juin 2021

I am absolutely amazed! After trying literally every lock app on the shopify app store I finally found an app which hides the products also from the quick search! No other app works with the quick search panel but this! Thanks a lot!

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