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Search Reactor

Search Reactor

Developed by InternalFX

12 reviews
Price: Free – $19.95 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Help your customers find exactly what they're looking for, even if they can't spell it.
  • Improve user experience by offering fast, accurate search results.
  • Know your customers better by viewing statistics on popular search terms.

Search Reactor is being retired!

Search Reactor 2 is now available for beta testers

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The original description continues below...

Tired of your customers getting irrelevant search results? Even worse, no search results for a product they know you sell? We are too! With the Search Reactor advanced search application, your customers will get more relevant search results, leading them to the products they are looking for, faster. Misspellings? No problem. Don't know the exact name of a product? Our search app will offer your customer its best guess based on the products in your database.

So how does it all work? Most search engines find results based on what is contained in the search query. For example, if a customer searches for "tshirt" or mistypes "tshrt" but your shop spells the term "t-shirt," no results will be found because the characters don't match precisely.

Conversely, Search Reactor is inherently intuitive. It combines accuracy and relevance into a listing of best matches for your users. Unlike other search engines, typing in more information to Search Reactor actually gives better results. So even if your customer is looking for "t-shirt" but types "tee shirt," both will be displayed. And it's optimized for speed so your customers won't be left waiting.

It is important to note that the goal of Search Reactor is not to exclude products from the results list, rather to list the highest relevances first; it sorts results based on relevance so your customer is highly likely to find exactly what they're searching for, quickly and easily. Even better, it is highly unlikely that the dreaded "no results found" will ever occur with this search appication.

An added benefit of Search Reactor is the ability for shop owners to view real-time reports that show your users' most popular search terms today, this month and forever. Additionally, this application comes with a template editor, which allows you to fully customize the look of your search results, as well as integrate with your existing theme.

Simply stated, Search Reactor will improve your customers' online experience by offering relevant search results quickly and accurately.

Pricing Structure

Our pricing is based on the number of products in your store.

  • 0 - 199 [Free!]

  • 200 - 2499 [$4.95]

  • 2500 - 9999 [$9.95]

  • 10000 - 24999 [$19.95]

  • 25000 and up [contact us]

Search Reactor reviews

12 reviews
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  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

I have invested quite a lot of time to set up everything, but more than once per day the search function is not available for some minutes, sometimes hours. So if someone is searching something on my website it just says "There was an error in the third-party application.". Happened again yesterday and today, but still no reply from the support. This is really not cool, my websites are live online and have thousands of visitors that have no search available at the moment.


Installed the app, it does not work for some reason. Contacted support twice and still no answer after 48rs. Willl be uninstalling and trying another app. I have installed several apps in my theme and have excellet support with them responding and fixing issues within 24hrs. Very dissapointed.


Awesome search app which helps my customers find what they are looking for, thanks from the safety-label team.


Amazing. Something that I was looking for long time ago. Don't let those customers without finding what they want.



What you would want Shopify's normal search to do


A very useful app and easy to integrate on the site


listen to the reviews. it you want to have search functionality, get this. shopify dropped the ball


The way shopify search SHOULD work!

Excellent app, affordable, everyone should have this!

Basically this app creates its own result page (with options to custom format the code for the search results template), and the results

I feel the description of the app is a little long-winded, so to put it in short, if you have products that may be searched multiple ways by customers, even though you are consistent on how your create your titles, this search will allow the customer to find them.

So if you (the seller) use the term "40hp" in your titles without the space and some potential customer searches "40 hp" normal shopify search will not generate any results. This app solves that problem and also is great for partial matches as well, and will even match correct results if the customer puts in too much or too little information (like adding a prefix to a part number or forgetting a suffix)

The results page may have more results than you would expect, but it's ranked in order from most relevant to least relevant. Customers can actually find relevant products now by searching and not be stopped dead in their tracks by shopify's extremely limited default search algorithm.


If you own an e-commerce store , or even if you don't - this app is very good and makes sure your search results are user friendly.


The five stars is for the results it delivers, it's a great app which could benefit from some further improvements, such as customise the results page (to include price, CTA button, number of results shown). The developer is responsive such as recently when something in Shopify fell over (again) blocking the app from working and he pulled the plug so at least some results were showing, very responsive & thanks.

It does also make you wonder why you pay Shopify all this money a month to have to spend extra on functionality that they really should be developing themselves.

Free – $19.95 / month
7 days

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