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This app is in beta – it may be incomplete and still be undergoing final testing. It should be used at your own risk.

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Search Reactor 2

Search Reactor 2

Developed by InternalFX

3 reviews
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  • Improve user experience by offering fast, accurate search results across all site content.
  • Help your customers find exactly what they're looking for, even if they can't spell it.
  • Quick, easy install with seamless design integration. No programming required. Just works!

Tired of your customers getting irrelevant search results? Even worse, no search results for a product they know you sell? We are too!

With the Search Reactor advanced search application, your customers will get more relevant search results, leading them to the products they are looking for – faster.

Misspellings? No problem. Don't know the exact name of a product? Our search app will offer your customer its best guess based on the products in your database.

A Search App that Just Works.

Search Reactor 2 is the search app designed for busy shop owners – it just works. No configuration, no programming, no fine-tuning, no need to contact your designer for simple changes – just fast, relevant search results for your customers without any extra time or hassle.

We know you've got better things to do as a shop owner than play “Web Developer,” which is why our search app is designed to be shop-owner-friendly and turn-key from installation.

Search Reactor 2 Features

  • Easy Install: One click, no programming required, no configuration necessary – just works.

  • Speedy Search: Even faster search results at your customers' fingertips. No thumb-twiddling here!

  • Sitewide Search: Results are now displayed from all website content, including your products, pages and blogs posts.

  • Uncompromised Site Design: Results are seamlessly integrated into the theme or custom design of your site.

  • Detailed Reports: View reports on your customers' most popular search terms.

  • Affordable: Search Reactor 2 offers the best search technology at an affordable price (see below) so every shop owner can have a great search.

  • Smart Search Results: Your customers see relevant results regardless of common typos, partial matches, plurals and compound words.

  • Designed specifically for Shopify: Search Reactor 2 was designed specifically for the Shopify platform so it would integrate seemlessly into your site design and functionality.

It's simple.

Simply stated, Search Reactor 2 will improve your customers' online experience by offering relevant search results, quickly and accurately.

Search Reactor 2. Search Smarter.

Search Reactor 2 will be completely free during testing

Please be aware that Search Reactor 2 cannot be installed alongside other search apps. Other search applications will need to be uninstalled before installing SR2.

Pricing Structure

Our pricing is based on the total number of products, pages and articles in your store.

  • Up to 100 [Free!]

  • Up to 2500 [$4.95]

  • Up to 10000 [$9.95]

  • Up to 25000 [$19.95]

  • Up to 50000 [$39.95]

  • Up to 100000 [$79.95]

  • Up to 200000 [$159.95]

  • 200001 and up [contact us]

Search Reactor 2 reviews (3)


Shopify does not support "fuzzy" searches (i.e. mispelled searches etc.). So, I needed an app that would solve this problem for me in a dependable way. This little app is the only one I found that does the job at a reasonable cost. It's super fast, very efficient and does exactly what I wanted. Imagine that I tested it with a search for Shower Curtains using the term "crtain shoer" and it gave me back all the Shower Curtains on my site (as the most relevant result) and, immediately after that, all Shoes (and rightly so) !!!. In a second testing search for Wayfarer Sunglasses, I used the term "sglnsses aferr" and, sure enough, it returned all my Wayfarer Sunglasses. Oh, and it's probably the simplest app to install ever (and believe me I have installed my fair share of apps on Shopify). I just clicked on "Get" and nothing else. In addition, when I asked them a question, they came back with the answer very quickly. Excellent job coupled with quick and good service. Thank you !


Excellent app! No no-nonsense search app that is much better than the stock app. Pricing is good also. My favorite feature is that you can access the search terms that customers used broken down over time. Bryan is extremely responsive for support and feature requests.


This is a great app. I've been using it while still in Beta, but it keeps improving every day. It's fun to watch it develop...I kind of feel like I'm watching history being made!
I have a feeling this will be the one that everyone uses eventually. There are a number of other search apps that are extremely overpriced and don't even work that well. This one is simple but gets the job done where Shopify was unable to deliver. It's got a unique spin on the way it handles partial matches and customer typos.
Bryan, the engineer I've been dealing with, offers great support and listens to all suggestions...clearly he's very interested in providing a superior product!

From $0.00 / month
14 days

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