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The app overall is quite good, but the recent rate hike is unfortunate & we're looking for a replacement. For us, the monthly price more than doubled. $19/mo minimum for site search is just asking too much.

Pine Creek Essentials
Searchanise 已回覆 2022年12月18日


First of all, we'd like to thank you for appreciating our app as a product. It means a lot to us!

As for the price increase, we totally understand that it can be a very unexpected and unfortunate experience. We are sorry to see it made you consider choosing a different solution!

If you are wondering why we decided to change our pricing, we can assure you that it was a necessity. We kept our prices the same for almost 9 years. However, many new features have been added over the years and our customer service improved. This is not final as our team keeps improving our product and it requires more resources. We hope you understand our situation!

Undoubtedly, we want you to stay with us and if you do or ever decide to come back, we will be glad to work even harder to provide a profitable service.

If any additional questions arise, feel free to ask us via email at

Best wishes,
Searchanise team


I've been using the product for years. Recently they "upgraded" their plans and unless you change to a new plan they'll delete your account. I hate when companies force you into upgrades that you don't need. I mean it's only $77 a year increase but it's a dirty practice that all the app developers seem to be doing now. I'll stay with it for now but might look for other options.

Strobepro Studio Lighting
Searchanise 已回覆 2022年10月25日

Thank you for sharing your experience with our app. We are sorry to see it was such an unpleasant one!

At the same time, your point is certainly understandable. We wish we could arrange the changing of pricing model in a different way. However, we faced a situation when we had to choose a path that let us fully improve our product.

We do hope you consider staying with us as losing our long-term clients is especially sad to experience. Therefore, we contacted you via email with a special offer. It would be great to know if this offer sounds engaging.

Best wishes,
Searchanise team


Previously, I would have given this app 3.5 to 4 stars. However, after putting in months of work installing and configuring it, Searchanise increased the price of our plan by 400%. That's right: 400%. The exorbitant and abrupt price change feels like a bait and switch. Searchanise only gave a week's notice of the price change. Changing search apps (or changing a theme to avoid the need for a search app) is not something that can be accomplished in a week or so. Accordingly, we felt like Searchanise was extorting us with the abrupt price change. They were essentially saying: "Pay 400% more or we'll break your webstore". Moreover, the app has significant problems with its search algorithm, which is the key feature we required from it. The Searchanise algorithm has difficulty identifying variations on the same word. For example, we sell pom poms as a craft item. But the app is not able to recognize variations on that term. If a customer searches for pompom, pom pom, pom-pom, pompoms or pom-poms, the app will not return search results that include items containing the term "pom poms". The app includes a synonym function that purports to allow you to manually define related terms to correct deficiencies in the algorithm. Manual programming should not be required for a search algorithm to treat such similar terms as synonyms. Moreover, the synonym function in the app does not work properly. We have tried at length to use the synonyms function to resolve problems with the app's search algorithm, but the synonym function produces undesirable, inconsistent and unpredictable results. It changes the order and contents of search results in really unpredictable ways. We have read all the literature that Searchanise has provided on the synonym function, so we are aware of all the guidance on its use. Despite this, we have largely had to discontinue using it because it produces such inconsistent and unpredictable results. We have had to resort to using tags and revising our product descriptions to try to capture common variations on search terms to make up for shortcomings in the app's algorithm. That is very time consuming and should not be required. The fact that the app has difficulty recognizing the singular and plural form of words as synonyms is particularly problematic (eg. pompom and pompoms). So, before considering using this app, beware of its functionality shortcomings and the risk of exorbitant price increases instituted on short notice after you have spent days, months or years trying to configure the app.

Midoco Art & Office Supplies
Searchanise 已回覆 2022年8月29日

Thank you for your detailed feedback. We are truly sorry to see you disappointed in our app!

The last thing we wanted is to make an impression of our clients being forced to sign up at the new rate. It truly wasn't our goal at all and we are sorry if we made it look this way.

As you also contacted us via email, we already addressed your points in detail there. Still, we would like to let you know that we made sure our clients received several letters about the price change. If you indeed got only one notification a week before, please let us know via email. We will investigate it.

Regarding the search issues you faced, we'd like to note that we apologize for this whole manual process being necessary. We understand that it can be very frustrating so our development team got your feedback on this matter. If you still experience those issues and they are not fixed manually, please provide us with details via email. We will be glad to help and do all we can to make this process easier for you.

We hope that the offer we made via email will make you consider staying with us because we would really not want to lose you as a client. Yet, we will respect your decision whatever it may be. Let's stay in touch!

Best wishes,
Searchanise team


Thought this app had great functionality. We have been using it for months and their support is always responsive. Unfortunately, they did a plan change and we did not realize so we did not select a new plan before the deadline. It is not like we canceled and forgot to turn the app off, they just changed their plans and left us hanging. Instead of reverting back to our normal collection page, this app just acted like our free trial was up and hid all of our products. Even if it was a trial, this app should revert back as if the app was not installed, and not just display nothing on the website!!! We lost out in $1,000s of dollars in revenue while our website was down. This can not be an acceptable way for this app to work. Updated - App developer contacted me and explained why it stopped working. Until they figure out a way to just "disable" the app when a trial ends instead of rendering collection pages useless, I would be very careful.

Searchanise 已回覆 2022年8月10日


We are very sorry to see you faced this problem! We totally understand how huge it is.

As you contacted us via email as well, we made sure to explain this whole situation to you in detail there. In short, it was all caused by the fact that Filters on collections are set up via HTML files of your theme.

Still, the problem itself was crucial and we understand your frustration. We will consult with our team to find a way to prevent such cases further. Even though it was a negative experience for you, we'd like to thank you for letting us know about it so we can improve our functionality.

If you still have any questions about it or anything else, feel free to contact us via email.

Best wishes,
Searchanise team


I like the app, but we had a significant drop in speed on our shop, from 28 to 19, due to this app. I wrote to you about this to find out if there are any solutions, but I still haven't had an answer. If there is no improvement, I will have to delete the app.

Les Mauvaises Herbes
Searchanise 已回覆 2022年6月17日


Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us! We are sorry to see you had issues with using our app in your store. We totally understand how speed is important in terms of user experience.

As far as we see, we addressed it via email. In case you still need any assistance on this matter, feel free to let us know.

Best regards,
Searchanise team


As a pro member, I don't expect this app to keep breaking and messing with our sales. This app is so inconsistent and would break at the most crucial times.

Searchanise 已回覆 2022年6月17日


We appreciate your willingness to leave a feedback for us. We are also very sorry you had an unpleasant experience with our app!

As far as we see, we looked into this case with our developers and did our best to help you. If any problems appear again, you can always let us know and we will shortly get to the investigation.

All the best,
Searchanise team


It's still a nice alternative to improve the abysmal default search of Shopify at a great price. But how they handle plans are... not good. Not good at all. This is the second time we've been prevented from using the app because we need to change plans. The last time, we had added a few more products and gone over the limit - fair. But we had paid yearly in the past on a lower plan, and had to keep paying yearly and whatnot. This time around, we had to upgrade our plan after getting Plus. And it seems to only be annual options available, which sucks since we are now planning to leave Searchanise in favor of more customizeable and accurate alternatives. Searchanise has started to slow our site a bit, search results can be weird, and the look and feel doesn't feel native to our store at all, even with CSS. We now need a faster option with more customizeability, and I refuse to upgrade to a more expensive plan on an annual basis to be able to export our data and settings. New Conclusion: A nice and affordable upgrade to the default Search of Shopify with some nice advanced functionality at the given price point, but not for enterprises. Search and navigation are some of the most important aspects of an ecommerce store, and is worth paying for. *Old review below*
Exceptional app. Probably one of my favorite apps in Shopify so far. Very versatile, works right off the bat, easy to customize, and works and looks great. Bonus for great stats too! I had a quick question when tinkering with it in the weekend, and the support team quickly helped me sort things out. There's no secret the default search in Shopify sucks, and this app takes it right to the opposite and makes it amazing instead. A must-have app for any serious webshop with a fair share of products. Only potential drawback I would say, is that I cannot access the html to make the product view look and feel completely like the rest of our store.

Searchanise 已回覆 2020年1月9日

Thanks so much for this awesome review! We are grateful to be the top choice app and proud to be considered a must-have solution. Really appreciate your feedback. It means a lot!


Thank You for Yours app It's amazing. I like to use it to my website, I hope just to add SEO optimization to apps.

Bien-etre E-shop
Searchanise 已回覆 2019年10月16日

Thank you for choosing Searchanise. It is great to hear you find our app amazing! We appreciate you sharing your experience and strive to make it an even better one by constantly making improvements to our product. Stay tuned for the new updates!


App is really useful in providing a better search experience for my customers. From the analytics, I'm able to see what my customers are searching for (and not getting results), as well as what they are searching for using the wrong spelling and how Smart Search helps to suggest relevant results. This wasn't possible without the app.

Besides the awesome functionality, I have to say that the customer support is amazing. I asked them to try and make the default search page look more like my theme's collection page, and they were instantly on it, making numerous changes to perfect the look and feel through CSS customisations. The team didn't get it right the first time (or the second time), but there was no hesitation in working on the feedback I gave them. To me, that's going above and beyond what anyone would expect, and so kudos to the team.

I'd definitely recommend Smart Search and Instant Search to other shop owners.

Review update: I'd still recommend the app for the search function. However, getting the developers to help fix the look and feel of the search page has been incredibly frustrating. Sure, they have been willing to help, but they have not been able to fix the issues despite repeated explanations. My search page only looks 'satisfactory' on a full-screen browser, and once I resize the browser, the responsiveness doesn't work and images start to overlap the text, labels are out of place and spacing is inconsistent. Unfortunately, the customer service doesn't seem to acknowledge or understand the issue and the problems persist after months of trying.

If you have your own CSS capabilities, by all means this is a good app. If you need to rely on their developers to perfect the look and feel, my experience is that it's going to be a challenge.

Shop Vanillapup

EDIT (July 2019): Finally the Searchanise team have started thinking about variants. Still very buggy (e.g. has lost the ability to show the most relevant variant, treats single-variant products as multi-variant, new data-variant-sku attribute doesn't update properly, and some filters have broken as part of the update), and still doesn't link to the correct variant, but a step in the right direction.

Good relevance algorithm and speedy response but crucial variant information is missing from results. This means that customers might think e.g. a product only comes in one colour or the most expensive size. Searches for specific option values (e.g. 'Blue shoes') will return the correct image but won't link to the pictured variant, and there is not enough information returned in the code to amend the hrefs after the event (without calling the Shopify AJAX API for every returned result = waaaaay too slow).

I've had to introduce a handful of JS hacks for other things that *can* be fixed this way, but repeated requests from me for small but significant improvements have been ignored.

Don't get me wrong, for the money this is definitely worthwhile - much cheaper and easier than indexing your own inventory (especially large catalogues like ours), and obviously a hell of a lot better than Shopify's in-built system, just be prepared to spend a fair amount of time faffing with code to get it looking and acting as you want. And don't expect any help from these guys - they never reply to emails.

I'll up this to 5 stars if the developers cater for products with variants!

Chamberlain Music
Searchanise 已回覆 2019年7月18日

We are sorry your experience with our service has been frustrating. We are constantly in the process of improving the functionality of our app as well as our service and highly value your feedback as we strive to get better. As mentioned in our earlier messages, our team is working on your requests and we will notify you as soon as there is an update. We appreciate your time and patience and apologize for the inconvenience.