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Search Filters, Synonyms & Autocomplete - SearchIT

Search Filters, Synonyms & Autocomplete - SearchIT

Developed by eCommerceTools

Price: Free – $3.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Comprehensive and precise search suggestions with synonym functionality.
  • Ready to use, zero configuration required
  • Unlimited product support

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Getting your customers much closer to finding your products just became easier with the amazing AI powered SearchIT app, innovatively designed to enhance your customers’ search experience and boost
your sales. With its super refined search algorithm and easy end-to- end integration that responds directly and intuitively to what customers have in mind, you would be taking advantage of SearchIT’s
state of the art, and targeted advanced search mechanism, by placing your clients’ need in front of them even before they make the next click.

  • Brilliant Synonyms Recognition

    The SearchIT App has a brilliant in-built and infinitely scalable synonyms recognition mechanism that perfectly matches what your customers type in the search bar, to your products. What is even better, is that you get to add as many synonym words as you feel fit, helping to eliminate instances of ‘zero search results’.
    For instance, if you add the words ‘mobile’ and ‘device’ as synonyms for ‘iPhone’, when a customer types ‘mobile’ or ‘device’ in the search bar, the result will also pull out your products listed under
    ‘iPhone’. SearchIT allows and supports an infinite number of synonyms for any given product!

  • Search Term Association

    The SearchIT App cleverly syncs past visitor search data and draws up results for new visitors based on previous customers ‘search’ and ‘click’ behavior, thus giving you the best opportunity to lead them directly to your store, and help them get what they are looking for.

  • Auto-Correct Typos

    You don’t have to be worried about customer typing errors as the SearchIT App automatically corrects typos, to keep your customers from being misled or getting frustrated. SearchIT helps keep your
    customers focus fully targeted on their needs, and provides a greater chance of leading them to you without hassles.

  • Intelligent Suggestion Customization

    You now have the power to add more convenience to the search results as you can easily customize suggestions, by adding all necessary keywords to your products, making them directly related to what your store is offering. This is one of the most important feature of the SearchIT App because it lets you fully customize your options as you deem fit.

  • Fast and Real Time Search Results

    The SearchIT App is built to conform to lightning speed search results, ensuring that your customers get nothing less than very quick and real-time results during their shopping process.

  • Infinite Requests and Infinite Products

    Unlike other search products and services in the market, SearchIT does not limit the number of products you can list, index, and search. It gives you the ability to scale your sales selection to

  • Zero Configuration Required by Default with option to customize

    The SearchIT app, by default, gives a beautiful and sophisticated auto complete layout. However, it also gives you the option to customize the layout to match your store theme and colors.

  • Self-learning Search that Continuously Increases Relevancy

    As a cherry on the top, SearchIT app is smart and self-learning, and increases its relevancy to your store and customers’ needs, as more search requests come in. This is based on continuous and real-
    time data collection, and internalization, which ensures that your customers have a better experience with every visit, and your store always holds the ‘wow’ factor!

  • Excellent and Reliable Customer Support

    Our very responsive customer support is always available 24/7 to render assistance you may require regarding any user difficulties or complaints which may arise. We would immediately follow up on your
    concerns and guide you effectively to ensure that you continue to enjoy the unbridled experience of the SearchIT App.

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Our analytics suggested that the search volume on www.sujatra.com was growing exponentially. The native search left a lot to be desired and during our evaluation of various search plugins we came across SearchIT. Initially we were skeptical because of the low price point. Most of the other search plugins, offering similar features, would cost ~ $20+ . But after installing, we were really surprised by the functionality and the speed.

Installation was a breeze and didn’t require any manual intervension. The theme customization feature was really critical for us and worked out reasonably well. The developer was very responsive in helping us fix theming and other issues. The documentation is a bit lacking, though - but most of the configurations (in admin panel) are easy to understand.
All in all, SearchIt has been working pretty well for us since installation. It is a hidden gem with a price to performance ratio that is hard to beat.


This search filtering app is by far the best value for the price. I had been searching through other similar apps and was turned off by high monthly fees. Our business has a huge inventory, and most apps set their fees based on this factor. SearchIT has a set, low fee, and great customer service. They are patient and responsive, and genuinely care about making their app the best it can be.

Free – $3.99 / month
14 days

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