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I have to be honest this app was ok when installed but when I tried to uninstall this app... It was the absolute worst App on this platform. It almost caused me to close down my store, my products failed to show up. My pages kept on saying IT'S LOADING. It took two days before I finally figured out what to do. I had to reinstall, to uninstall it.
It was a nightmare. The most thing that upset me the most, No one answered my emails. Are you telling me.... my store would have closed down and this APP and it's service would have been the cause of it and no help would have been given to rectify it. AVOID THIS APP if you value your store.

Do you ever answer emails? I have some issues and not getting any replay despite 3 emails! I would really liked if anyone could contact me, thanks!

Great potential which unfortunately is being held back by a lot of things. I wish I never invested so much time/developing in this app before realizing there was no other way than finding an alternative.

1. Lighting fast

1. A LOT of limitations when it comes to editing (For an example you can't edit price structure)
2. The support has a very very annoying habit of ignoring questions in e-mails
3. Slow support (One e-mail per day, but when time is a factor, and you are even discussing deals for customization, correspondence needs to be more responsive)
4. Bugs (Excluding theme incompatibilities - which there was also a lot of compared to alternatives), pagination design, infinite scroll pagination URL bugs etc.
5. No privacy policy, which is crucial for every business that have any customers within the EU. Which is relevant, since they use customer data for the best selling algorithm. I asked about it, but my question got ignored.

I can't recommend anyone investing money or time in this app, even their much more expensive competitor is a better choice for me. Which is a shame, because as said, there's a lot of potential in this app. So I hope they will fix all this.

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* * * WARNING * * *
If you don't like the App or the missing features of this App the vendor will give you a bad review at Trustpilot he had done that with me and one more.

Even after several emails to them without any answer because i would give them another try after i had a new theme cause it could be the theme that did some of it but they where obviously not adult enough to take it.

The app had some issues and they where confronted now i am blocked and they don't answer any messages. Very childish compared to other filter Apps it is good for the Price (it is the cheapest) so biggest minus is the childish and missing support.

Bowhunt Hero

Love it! This app is a MUST-HAVE for any store with a large catalog. We use this to help filter over 13k products on our store


A very useful app indeed !! I loved the filters and it enhanced the look and feel of my website... I must admit, i did trouble the Support guys a lot requesting for so many customizations, but they were amazingly helpful and co-operative and happily worked out all my requests !!! Thank you so much guys

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When I tried this app, I wasn't able to remove any of the search options that were not applicable to my store. After trying to contact support, and not getting a reply, I uninstalled it, thinking that was it. Suddenly all of my product listings were no longer available. AFTER installing, I received an email explaining that I needed to make changes before uninstalling it otherwise this could happen. Thankfully Shopify helped me, otherwise I wouldn't know what to do at all.

UPDATE: After leaving my honest review, and receiving no assistance apart from unhelpful copy and paste responses, the creators of this app have now emailed me several times being rude and borderline aggressive about my apparent stupidity. I am shocked at the lack of professionalism. I am now blocking them from my email as a result. As another reviewer mentioned below, childish is the perfect word.


One of the best apps that you can find in shopify, has a lot of options and makes your website super professional.
customer support replays very fast and helps you with anything.
I can recommend this app as one of the best.


Great app, great support probably the best search app in the store. I asked for a feature and they added the new option in 48 hours. Just great.

Milie Bijoux

Beautiful app and the best service i never have! I recommand it to all store with a lot of products!

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