Maximise profits for seasonal products with smart analytics

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Maximize average selling price

Optimize your prices based on real time data to only discount slow moving stock.

Balanced buying

Make buying decisions based on an understanding of which vendors & lines are selling well. Plan your next season based on real data.

Dive deep into your data

See how each vendor, product and variant is performing and whether they're on track to sell through.

关于 Seasoning

  • Supercharges your seasonal sales by giving you visibility of sales performance.
  • Make optimal purchasing and pricing decisions to maximise profits and minimise excess stock throughout a season:
    • Understand whether products are on track to sell out at the end of the season.
    • Maximize sales of fast selling products and average selling price.
    • Minimize inventory sold at a discount and warehouse space taken by slow moving products.

Who is it for?

Merchants who sell products that are only available for a limited time such as apparel. The challenge with these products is twofold:

  • Identify your fastest selling products to ensure you order enough stock to meet demand so you don't miss out on sales.
  • Keep your slowest moving products moving so you can discount effectively to minimise the amount of stock left at season end.

  • This app has launched recently and we're going to be adding new features regularly.

  • We're keen to work closely with merchants to help us develop the app. Please get in touch if you have any questions ...



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  • Calculate SellThru for vendors, products and variants
  • Visually track vendor SellThru
  • Track up to 1,000 SKUs

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