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19 de janeiro de 2022

I am using this app for 2-3 months now. General speaking it does what you want it to do. But there's a big catch. Some day i recorded a very big decrease in sales, so i investigated where the problem was. After deleting all my local cookies and website data i directly noticed that my webshop needs around 1-2 minutes to load. Which is defenetly not acceptable! After some futher digging i found the cause of this problem. It was the Secound-Add-To-Card-Button App. It tired to load some javascript from a site of the owners of the app. But their site is/was offline!! Exactly speaking this site was offline: https://second-button.app.prod.fuznet.com/
For a big converting webshop this is a definitive no-go! I am now waiting 1-2 hours, but when they don't fix this problem, i may have to uninstall their app.
For all who have a high converting webshop, please keep that in mind and rather search for another similar app. I will also do this...

Belinal AT OnLine - Shop
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: About 2 months
Questão respondida por Fuznet 19 de janeiro de 2022

Hi, we don’t have any ticket message from you. App is under maintenance for today. That is all.