Second Image On Hover

Second Image On Hover

作成: Singleton software

Show product second image in your collections on mouse hover

Show more about products

Display more image informations about your products to your customers. Show them another products variants directly from product thumbnail.

Improve your collections

Save time to your customers and allow them to look at more product images, directly from your collections.

On mouse hover, or touch

Offer your customers show second image for any product in your collections. Do not matter which device your customer use.

Second Image On Hoverの詳細情報

This app allows to display second product thumbnail image on mouse hover, or touch event in mobiles or tablets. Second images will be displayed on these events for all products, directly in your collections. As extra additional functionality, you can zoom products images, directly in your collections.

Merchants benefits and advantages

Offer to your customers faster way, how to show more about your products. You can use this functionality in all product catalogs, like product categories, search results, related products, etc. This app will take second image from your product administration. Thats mean, you can set second image to show like you wish. If you offer product in more colours variants for example, you can show your customers different colours of product in collections, without going to the product page. This way, the customer sees a different view of the product and is tempted to go into the product page.

As extra, this app offer zoom to products images in your collections. Your customers can easily zoom product thumbnail by moving cursor over the selected thumbnail image. Product zoom is also activated if you customer move his finger on selected thumbnail image on touch devices.

No coding is required at all, right after install you can allow or disable app functionality in app configuration and everything else will work automatically.

App configuration

In app configuration, you can choose, on which type of devices will this app work. These options are available in the app configuration:

  • Enable to show second image on mouse hover

  • Enable functionality of second image on mouse hover on touch devices

  • Prevent second image stretching (deformation)

  • Remove shadow over second image

  • Select animations between first and second image on hover (Fade In, Zoom In/Zoom Out)

  • Select what image (from product images administration), will be displayed after customer move mouse over product thumbnail image (2nd, 3rd, 4th)

  • Merge functionality with ajax filters in collections

  • Enable functionality of zooming product images in collections on hover

  • Enable functionality of zooming product images on touch devices






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  • All features included

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** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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Chasing Threads

Provided instant help to stop the 2nd image having a transparency, set by my website's theme. Now it works great, and instantly, and the live chat support was incredibly helpful. Would recommend. Cheapest I've seen for this functionality.

Lucky Eleven

Had a couple questions and needed help with something and the app developer responded within minutes and helped immediately. 5 stars!


We purchased this app a while ago and it was easy to install and worked instantly. It improved the shopping process for the customer. We recently came across some issues with the app not functioning smoothly anymore but Adam from the help team was super responsive and fixed the issue straight away. I recommend this app!