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Second Opinions

Second Opinions

Developed by SecondOpinions

Price: Free – $15.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Help customers get the second opinion they need to complete a purchase - from SMS, e-mail or social media contacts in just 3 clicks!
  • Capture in-depth, easy-to-view profile, contact and opinion data relating to users and respondents.
  • Facilitate and track organic, customer-driven exposure for each of your products.

The Second Opinions Button

By installing Second Opinions, a button is automatically added to each page of your store. The button is discrete, well-designed and responsive, seamlessly blending into the theme of your store.

Customers can use the Second Opinions button to get precise, tailored feedback from SMS, e-mail or social media contacts in just 3 clicks. Research has repeatedly shown that a key barrier to completing a purchase is the lack of timely and relevant reassurance from friends. Second Opinions makes that a thing of the past.

We also make it easy for recipients to give feedback, and we collate opinions across multiple sources to provide a clear, unambiguous response for the customer.

Second Opinions Insight

The below features only relate to the premium tier, for which there is a charge of $15 / month.

Target abandoned carts on an individual basis

We provide you with profile and contact information regarding each customer who seeks a second opinion on one of your products - alongside the response they received from friends.

Use this information to target individual customers to secure a sale. Perhaps Sally was told by her friends that the price seemed expensive? Offer her a discount. Or maybe Jonny found out he didn't look great in pink? Offer him the same swim shorts in grey. Either way, find out what your customers' purchase barriers are and address them directly.

Connect with yet-to-be customers

We give you profile, opinion and opt-in contact data regarding each individual who has responded to a request for feedback. Use this information to track exposure, reach a wider audience and personalise your communication.

Find out why your products are or are not selling

Receive comprehensive customer opinion data broken down by demographic segments, profile types and at an individual level. Learn why products aren't selling and use this information to make the right stock decisions.

Easy, unlimited access to data once you subscribe

Once you subscribe, you get unlimited access to all data regarding your store, either via our secure online portal, or via Excel reports which you can download.

Excellent Customer Support

If you have any questions or issues regarding Second Opinions, please contact us on the e-mail above, and one of our team will respond to you within 48 hours.

For us, e-commerce is more than business, it's a passion, and we want to help you succeed!

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Free – $15.00 / month

There are two tiers - the free tier, and the premium tier (which costs $15/month).

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