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Secondlayer Visitor Surveys

Secondlayer Visitor Surveys

Developed by Secondlayer

5 reviews
Price: $9.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Automatically send micro-surveys to shoppers
  • Gather actionable feedback and improve your store
  • Identify and solve problems faster to increase conversions

Have you ever wondered what your shoppers are looking for? Why they’re not quite ready to buy? Why they spend 2 minutes in your checkout but don't enter their credit card? Don't worry, you're not alone. Luckily, with the Secondlayer App for Shopify, getting the answers doesn't have to be difficult. You can just ask!

Without talking to your shoppers, you're only making educated guesses as to what they want. Try the Secondlayer App for Shopify free for 7-days, and ask your shoppers questions in real time right from the page they're on. Talking to your shoppers will let you know exactly why they've abandoned a cart, or browsed but not bought. You'll know whether they don’t buy because they can’t find what they’re looking for, or they’re not sure of product sizing, return policy or shipping charges.

With Secondlayer for Shopify, you can:

Easily build shopper surveys with our survey editor in just a few clicks. It's so simple that anyone can do it. Write your question, choose what page or category to ask it on, decide when to ask the shopper, totally customize the look of your surveys, and more.

Automatically send, and schedule, surveys to shoppers based on their actions within your store. Ask targeted questions based on what shoppers are doing:

  • On your store's homepage, ask shoppers how they found out about your store.

  • On your product pages, ask if they're finding everything they're looking for.

  • In your cart, offer a coupon code if the shopper has been sitting idle for too long.

  • On your order thank you page, ask your customer what you did well, or what encouraged them to make their purchase.

Deploy surveys strategically to ask the right question at the right time.

  • Show different surveys on different pages or categories of your store.

  • Show surveys once, on each visit, or until a response is given.

  • Show surveys immediately when the page loads, after __ seconds, or after the shopper scrolls down __% of the page.

  • Limit surveys to specific devices (desktop, tablet, mobile)

  • Limit surveys to specific browsers (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox)

Add email addresses directly to your MailChimp mailing lists. Using the email field in your surveys allows you to store shoppers emails within Secondlayer, or add them directly to your mailing lists within MailChimp.

Fully customize your survey to match your store's theme. You have complete control over your surveys appearance, down to every last colour!

Ask follow-up questions based on the shoppers first answer. With question branching it's easy to ask a second or third question to gain more insight, or to ask for the shoppers email to follow-up with them.

  • Q1: Are you able to find everything you're looking for?

  • A1: No

  • Q2: What were you looking for today?

  • A2: I can't find a pair of pants that were here a week ago

  • Q3: We want to help! Enter your email and we'll get back to you quickly.

  • A3: a-saved-customer@yourstore.com

Generate valuable insights from your data. Add tags to responses as they come in for easy grouping and analysis. Export survey results in .csv format with one click.

Big features for a small price!

When you install Secondlayer for Shopify, it comes fully-loaded. That's a ton of value for $9.99/month. Enjoy all the features of our Pro plan at a discounted price for Shopify users.

24 Hour Support: We're Here to Help!

Day or night we're dedicated to our customers, and to their success. Email us at support@secondlayer.io, or pickup the phone and give us a call at (888) 963-7374.

Secondlayer Visitor Surveys reviews

5 reviews
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  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

Garbage app. Very elementary. Their support team never gets back to you. Much better options out there. Some of their pages dont load properly (ie. the payment information tab along with billing) and I have screenshots as proof. Dont waste your time.


The app has clear defects/bugs in the admin interface. Additionally does not position well on mobile displays. It also lacks full coloration and positioning control on desktop screens.

However, of more concern is the bait and switch approach to pricing. You pay their monthly fee through Shopify, but they try to pull you out to their website to charge you a higher fee. The fees are not huge but it is the dishonesty of the approach.

While we liked what the app did, as a result of the app defects and the bait and switch we discontinued the app.

We recommend that Shopify remove this app from their store for deceptive practices.


This app is an abolute must, we have not even begun to use it fully yet and it is paying off immediately - why guess what your customers really need when you can ask them in a sleek, colour-matching way?

The price is unbeatable and the utility is immediate, the customer service is 5 stars, I had two issues and they were resolved within a day.

The agent helping me even did some adjusting without my asking which was very much appreicated.

The only thing I am really hoping for is the ability to show surveys by geography next, but what's in there is easy to use, you have templates to start you off and if you use the options you can tailor-make a very powerful survey

So far none of our customers seem irritated by it at all, lots of apps provide similar utility in a much less attractive way.

Please support their development, I expect the app developers to have tiered pricing with gold features later on with the power that it has right now so you will want to lock in this price now.

Apps that have great utility like this are hard to find

PS it has great reporting and export features, I don't think you can reply to a customer directly from the panel yet but I expect they will realise this is a wanted feature (or already do)


Idea is good but the app is unstable. Hope it will get better. Not worth my $10/month until then.


I have to say this app. This app. THIS APP. It's given us so much insight in just 4 days. We are getting to find out exactly what our people want!

It took me a while to see my responses I was getting with it because it's design is SO minimalistic that I couldn't find them. It seems very Norwegian. Anyway, it was all user error, because it is incredibly simple to use now that I understand how to use it, and the responses from users are simply accessed by clicking on their answer in a multiple choice survey. Or, you can export them, which I will do monthly or so to keep on file.

This app is great because you can fully customize the look. I saw bravo to the developers of Secondlayer. I plan to change the survey often because it is so easy and the information we are uncovering is invaluable.

Thanks for the quick support from Graham!

(I am in no way affiliated with Secondlayer and I rarely write such peppy reviews. When something works well, AND is pretty, it needs praise.)

$9.99 / month
7 days

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(888) 963-7374
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