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23. März 2021

Can't recommend the app. It doesn't even match the style of the most basic Shopify Theme out there (Debut). The few settings available didn't work fully for me and I was not able to adjust the look to my theme. The support experience was very poor too. Since the app is free, they are not willing to do anything extra. Would have taken them probably a minute max, but ok.

SPIRIT - beauty excellence
Etwa 19 stunden mit der App
Maestrooo hat geantwortet 25. März 2021

Thank you for your review.

We're sorry to hear the app did not match your expectations.

To be transparent with everyone, our app has be developed initially as a replacement for the old Instagram section that was removed by Instagram in 2020. While we did it for our theme users initially, we however decided to release it for free for everyone (and not only our theme users).
We have started to integrate it visually with some premium themes sold in the store (including themes not developed by us), but it is a long job to integrate every theme.
Covid caused a big spike of support for themes on our end and we therefore have little time for now to spend on this free app (which is something our team developed on their free time after their standard working hours).

We have released this app for free for the Shopify community, so it always feels a bit unfair to receive such feedback. We however hope to be able to support more themes in the future!

4. April 2020

Great app to easily implement an Instagram feed in the Warehouse by Maestrooo theme. Highly recommended. We had issues getting the app installed and working at first by Michaël was very prompt with support to get that issue resolved. We have been very impressed by Maestrooo overall.

Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa eine stunde mit der App
Maestrooo hat geantwortet 4. April 2020

Thank you for your review Travis!
If you need any help with Warehouse, do not hesitate to email our support team.

Bearbeitet am 4. Mai 2021

You guys deserve a 10. This is exactly what I needed. Most of the other apps are ok, and they gouge you for every small feature. Your product really helps the community to get things done quickly and I appreciate that. Clearly, people giving negative reviews can't appreciate what you have. I do have one small feature as a request. Could there be a 3rd option for users when they click the Instagram picture for the option of a popup? Similar to the one from "Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed" by Mintt Studio. I don't like their product, but that one feature really helps vistors stay on the website versus leaving the page to Instagram. Would help customer retention. Thanks again.

AMP Swagg
Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa eine stunde mit der App
Maestrooo hat geantwortet 4. Mai 2021

Thanks a lot for your awesome review :). As of today, the API we use to fetch information from Shopify only returns a very limited set of fields for privacy reasons (only image, date and author). Adding a modal would bring little value as we would not be able to show much more information. However if Instagram expand their API in the future to allow us to get much more info, this is definitely something we would love to explore :).

For now our app goal has really been to offer a free, easy-to-use replacement to the built-in sections we used to have in our themes.

14. August 2020

Clean, quick, customizable and trustworthy. It was just what we needed, great app and easy to set up. Thank you!

Pocky bags
42 minuten mit der App
Maestrooo hat geantwortet 15. August 2020

Thank you for your review Pocky Bags team!

22. Juni 2020

Just like everyone we needed to find a Shopify App to integrate our Instagram feed on our website ASAP. I just wanted to find an App that looked just like the basic Instagram feed we were using per our theme and that was easy to install. I am so happy with the Section Feed App! It looks exactly like what we used to have and it was fast and easy to install. Highly recommended! Thank you!

Arcadian Cottage
Vereinigte Staaten
29 minuten mit der App
Maestrooo hat geantwortet 23. Juni 2020

Thank you for your review Arcadian Cottage team 😎 !

8. März 2021

I installed on my warehouse store! thank you for create this app. so helpful and user friendly. good job!
Vereinigte Staaten
27 minuten mit der App
Maestrooo hat geantwortet 21. März 2021

Thank you for using our Section Feed app!

8. November 2020

Enfin une application totalement gratuite qui fonctionne parfaitement avec un design qui s'adapte parfaitement pour les PC et les téléphones. MERCI BEAUCOUP !

Boutique Extravagance
26 minuten mit der App
Maestrooo hat geantwortet 9. November 2020

Merci pour votre retour d'utilisation de notre application !

30. Juni 2020

Tried a bunch of different Instagram apps and Section Feed was the cleanest and easiest to install with no hassle. Highly recommended!

Vereinigte Staaten
19 minuten mit der App
Maestrooo hat geantwortet 30. Juni 2020

Thank you for your feedback Glyph team!
Our support team stays available if you need anything.

29. Juni 2020

I have 2 left hands and it took me 3 minutes to install this app and recover my instagram feed on my home page BUT better than before !

Just a small point : How can I left-center the header ?

Luisa Paixao
17 minuten mit der App
Maestrooo hat geantwortet 29. Juni 2020

Hey there,
Thank you for using our app & for your nice review!

Regarding your question on the header left alignment, can you please contact our support team so we can directly edit it in your theme?
You can reach us at

Bearbeitet am 13. Juni 2020

Installed it and it's one of the most hassle free apps I've used. Click, click, click and it's done. Two suggestions would be to offer the option to change the speed of the carousell, and to allow changes to the number of pics shown in the grid.

Craft & Culture - Kombucha, Kefir & Probiotics Singapore
15 minuten mit der App
Maestrooo hat geantwortet 15. Juni 2020

Thank you for your nice review!
I've sent your 2 cool ideas to our team, they will quickly have a look at it 😉.