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19. November 2020

I love this app but unfortunately, the images from Instagram do not compress and this is bad for the site speed.

Vereinigtes Königreich
Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
Maestrooo hat geantwortet 23. November 2020

Thank you for your review! Unfortunately, as of today the Instagram API only returns us a single image size, so we do not have any other choice than using this size (we cannot save the images on our end and reduce them as this is against Instagram Terms of service). We will of course update our app if Instagram offers this feature in the future!

Also, please note that our app is using lazy loading, which means that the images are not loaded until they become visible. The impact on site speed due to our app is therefore extremely minimal :).

Bearbeitet am 17. April 2020

Non riesco ad installare la app sul mio negozio shopify e non trovo soluzione, qualcuno può aiutarmi? sarebbe un'ottima miglioria per il mio negozio

Marsili Boutique
5 monate mit der App
Maestrooo hat geantwortet 22. April 2020

Thank you for your review!

It seems that you are having problems installing the application and using it on your shop.

Michael sent you an email a few days ago, but there was no response. Could you please get back to us? We'd be happy to help you set up your Instagram feed.

22. Juli 2021

Only for homepage, cannot use anywhere else. Description hides this fact somewhere in the depth of the FAQs. Useless. Its free, so 3 stars instead on 1.

14 tage mit der App
Maestrooo hat geantwortet 28. Juli 2021

Hey there,
This app was created to replace the homepage Instagram feed, and that's the reason why you can't use it anywhere else right now. We take your feedback into account for the next versions.