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Segmentify - Personalized Product Recommendation

Segmentify - Personalized Product Recommendation

Developed by Segmentify

Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Boost Sales: Segmentify's AI based recommendation and personalization widgets will contribute to your sales
  • Stop Losing Customers: It is very frustrating to lose potential customers you paid a lot on ads to acquire. Stop them bouncing with personalized recommendations
  • Super-Easy Integration: Quick Set-Up. No IT team required. Easy to use panel

Smart Product Recommendations

Segmentify Offering the most relevant products to each unique visitor leads to an increase in sales, customer engagement and customer loyalty. An ecommerce customer sticks around for about a 2.5 minute on average, before leaving your website. That’s why you need a robust solution that is able to recognize, segment, target and generate recommendations tailored for each visitor before they have time to leave.

Why Segmentify?

Product Recommendations that Work.Segmentify tracks each individual visitor and offers product recommendations personalized for the visitor which results in increase in average order value, and helps you cross-sell & up-sell more.

Everything on one platform.Segmentify, enables you to create, customize, manage your campaigns and monitor your online store’s performance in real-time l all on the same platform.

Excellent Support from our Excellent Success Team. If you need any help our excellent Success Team and ecommerce consultants are always ready to help you and share their expertise to ensure you make the most out of Segmentify solutions.

Minimum IT dependency. Super Easy Setup. Don’t spend hours waiting for a reply from your IT Team All you need to do to start is just installing Segmentify for Shopify and you’re all set to go with 6 ready-to-use campaigns.

Solutions and Features:

Personalized Product Recommendation

A potential customer on average remains on an ecommerce website for 2.5 minutes and checks 10 products and 2 campaigns. If your visitors don’t exactly find what they’re looking for they will probably leave your site and bounce to your competitor. Segmentify enables you to analyze each visitor behavior pattern and recommend the most relevant product to them individually in real-time before your visitors leave your website.

+Smart Offers: This is exactly what it sounds like! Our smart algorithm constantly detects the most relevant products and categories for each visitor through machine-learning based on each customers’ likes and behaviour patterns.

+Alternative Products: It’s like telling your customers what would also look good on them based on real-time data. You can let your customers learn alternatives of current products they are checking. An almost certain way to immediately increase your sales!

+Category Rocks: Our smart selection of top performing products for category and listing pages are an amazing way to lead first-time shoppers to a purchase, encourage repeat purchases to your loyal customers.

+Complementary Products: The best time for product recommendations is when your customers are already on a shopping spree. That’s why our Complementary Products on cart and thank-you pages is a great way to increase your order size. We find the best products that complement current cart.

+Top Sellers: Offering the top performing products of each category and brand at the top of the page is an amazing way to lead first-time shoppers to a purchase, encourage repeat purchases to your loyal customers.

+Last Visited: Easily navigate your customers to the last products they visited, and stop losing potential customers just because they can’t easily find the products they previously viewed.

+New Arrivals: Let your visitors see new arrivals on any page and you can mix them with other algorithms to create perfect balance of new products and trending products.

+Discounted Products: Customers always ask for price drops, and let them easily find discounted products. This algorithm will help you to showcase on-sale products during holiday and campaign periods.

Real-time Conversion Analytics

Due to the fast and agile nature of ecommerce, there’s just one word you need to be looking out for: Real-time

We provide analytics solutions that might help you stay on top of everything that’s happening on your online store:

+Trendify: Super easy to use analytics screen that gives you all the detailed insights. Track all your products’ key performance metrics like purchase to impression, number of products added to basket, and all the custom metrics you want.

+Bannerify: Bannerify lets you trace which onsite banners are paving the way to more sales and which do not do the deed.

+Insights: The only place you’ll need to check to get informed in a nutshell and make informed business decisions after a quick look.

About Segmentify

Segmentify is an easy to use yet powerful ecommerce recommendation solution you can integrate with your Shopify store. Our smart recommendation solution tracks each visitor behaviour like clicks, pageviews, past purchases on your site. After analyzing data it segments and targets each visitor and enables you to make the most relevant and personalized recommendations which may most likely end up with a purchase. In short with Segmentify you can recommend the right product or a campaign, to the right person at the right time.

Learn more about how Segmentify app works and see product recommendations live.

Or take your time and read our real-life use cases narrated by our happy customers.


Please send us an email for your questions and take more information about Segmentify.

Segmentify - Personalized Product Recommendation reviews

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Very happy with this app. I have spent a long (long) time testing similar product recommendation apps to find one that suits my needs, and I can say that this is easily the best one. We have been using it on our site for a while now and it is starting to have a real impact in terms of increased sales. It was a little niggly to set up in the beginning but the support team were very quick and helpful in guiding me through it and it all now works perfectly. Great job guys, keep up the good work.


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From $0.00 / month

Product Recommendations Starter Package is FREE and includes one recommendation widget and limited to stores with less than 50 orders/mo.
It's perfect for stores that are just getting started.

Professional packages start from $149/mo and includes recommendation widgets:
✓ Homepage
✓ Listing Page
✓ Product Page
✓ Cart Page
✓ 404 Page
✓ Search Page
✓ Thank You Page

Special offer for Advanced Shopify and Shopify Plus Merchants!
+1 Month Free after 14 Days of Free Trial for annual plan commitment
Additional fees and plans are available, check pricing page!

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