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Segmentify - Personalized Product Recommendation

Segmentify - Personalized Product Recommendation

Developed by Segmentify

Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Real Impact; Segmentify's AI based recommendation and personalization widgets will contribute to your sales up to 15%.
  • Boost Conversion; Only 1 out of 100 visitors converted into actual customers. Increase your conversion and convert more customers.
  • Stop Losing Customers; It is very frustrating to lose potential customers you paid a lot on ads to acquire. Stop them bouncing with Segmentify.

Smart Product Recommendations

Segmentify for Shopify is the best e-commerce product recommendation and personalization application that automatically understands user behaviour on your site and takes actions to increase your revenue. Learn more about how Segmentify app works with your store and Shopify.

Segmentify is trusted and used by leading online retailers worldwide and increased their conversions and contributed to sales with recommendation and personalization widgets. You can learn from experiences of other stores and apply best practices to increase conversion.

Increase Your Conversion

There is tough competition between online stores and only a few can reach high sales and profit figures. Reaching higher conversion rates (converting more visitors into actual customers) will make you stand out among the competition and it is much easier now with Segmentify:

  • Sale Contribution Up to 15%: Segmentify is super-easy to integrate and with its state-of-art Artificial Intelligence engine learn how your visitors behave and detect how your visitors turn into actual customers in a few days. Segmentify recommendation and personalization widgets reach to 15% of overall sales of online stores using Segmentify in the first month and become the main driver of new sales. Segmentify has out-of-box solutions to contribute for sales: 1) "Products Bought Together" widget on "Cart Page" is the best way to make cross-sell and increase average basket size. 2) "You may also like" widget on "Product Page" allow your visitors to see best options similar to a product they are looking and it is a great way to lead them for up-sell and increase average order size.

  • Boost in Conversion Up to 20%: Conversion rate in online retail is much lower than classical retail and only 1 visitor out of 100 is converted into actual customers on average. Segmentify offers variety of widgets and campaigns to help you converting your visitors and two best performing ones are 1) "Top Performers" widget on "Category Page" to lead your visitors into best performing products of the category and help them to not losing among a lot of unrelated choices. 2) "Featured Products" widget on "Home Page" which is personalized for each visitor to match individual preferences and help them to reach what they are looking.

  • Stop Leaving Visitors (Decrease Bounce): Bouncing visitors (leaving your store quickly) is a common problem for online stores and bounce rates can reach to 35% if right strategies are not implemented. Losing potential customers you paid a lot on ads to direct to your store can be very frustrating and it is also time and money consuming. Segmentify is ready to help in decreasing bounce and keeping your well earned visitors on your online store. Recommendation widgets on "404 and Empty Search Page" will help you decrease bounce rates. These two pages are generally most problematic pages when looked from bounce perspective. You can also offer campaigns and discounts to leaving customers by showing a pop-up when Segmentify engine detected a visitor's intent to leave the web page.

How to Setup?

  1. GET Segmentify from Shopify App Store.

  2. Register Segmentify via Shopify or use your existing Segmentify account if you are already registered.

  3. Show us where you want to make product recommendations on your site.

  4. Activate recommendation widgets and enjoy increase in the sales.

Streamline your product recommendation workflow by integrating your store with Segmentify unique algorithm!

You’ll have the power to:

  1. Use recommended products on every page on your store.
  2. Select intelligent algorithm to find out which type of your products works with your customer automatically.

  3. Custom product and category offering available with Segmentify to give full control on product recommendation.

  4. Access real-time dashboard whenever you want to see how recommendation widgets perform.

Powerful Recommendation Out of Stock:

We love data. We're analyzing millions of e-commerce product/user actions per second. That's why we would like to offer you to use this knowledge on your Shopify store easily.

Segmentify has many powerful recommendation types built-in and they can be adjusted inside the panel with only a few clicks.

  • Smart Offers: Segmentify Engine automatically matches best products for every visitor by using products and product categories visitors are interested in with state-of-art Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

  • Viewed Together: Products viewed together are automatically calculated by Segmentify engine and you can offer best products at product detail and cart pages to capture your customers' attention.

  • Top Performers: Top performing products of each category and brand can be offered at the beginning of the page to direct your customers to best selling products.

  • Last Visited: Easily navigate your customers to last products they visit and don't lose potential customers because they can't find back the products they checked.

  • Purchased Together: Products purchased together are automatically calculated by Segmentify engine and you can offer best products at cart and checkout success pages to capture your customers' attention.

  • Specific Products: Promote specific products to harness most from campaigns and special deals you prepared for specific products.


Please visit our support site or send us an email for more information.

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Very happy with this app. I have spent a long (long) time testing similar product recommendation apps to find one that suits my needs, and I can say that this is easily the best one. We have been using it on our site for a while now and it is starting to have a real impact in terms of increased sales. It was a little niggly to set up in the beginning but the support team were very quick and helpful in guiding me through it and it all now works perfectly. Great job guys, keep up the good work.


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