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30. juli 2019

They do a lot of questions just to install an app! And also 3 days of waiting for a response.

Thanks but I just got uninstalled the app and installed another one.

Paint by Numbers for Adults
2 dage bruger appen
Seguno svarede 6. august 2019

Hi again. I already contacted you directly but thought I'd follow up here too. I do apologize for the initial delay, we've had a large influx of customers and are working through account reviews as quickly as possible. Our goal here is to provide onboarding guidance based on your particular situation and protect your deliverability. We also have to protect our overall deliverability as an email service provider and I understand an extra hurdle at the beginning can be frustrating but I hope you can appreciate the effort we then put in to protect you as a user of Seguno.

I realize you've uninstalled now but we'd certainly like to have you give us a try. I'd be happy to give you an extended trial as well as a thank you for the opportunity to improve your experience. Please let me know. Regardless, we certainly wish you all the best going forward! Thanks.

16. juli 2019

Sent first email checked my links and everything. Email sent and all the links where 404 once landed in my customers in box. Not happy about this app at all!

Region Wine Club
Cirka 24 timer bruger appen
Seguno svarede 6. august 2019

Hi again. We spoke directly immediately after this happened but thought I'd add some information here. This was due to your Shopify storefront not being accessible due to some temporary Shopify downtime, it was not related to our app. We'd still love to have you give us another try if you're interested, just reach back out and I'll be sure to give you an extended trial. Regardless, we certainly wish you all the best!

10. juni 2019

I have 42 people who have signed up on my mailing list but Seguno will only email 9, back to MailChimp I go

The Regal Phoenix
Cirka 2 timer bruger appen
Seguno svarede 18. juni 2019

Thank you for trying Seguno. Our Spam Protect feature is there to help remove invalid and spambot emails that will damage your deliverability. I understand it can be shocking if a large number gets cleaned but spambots are an unfortunate reality. I'm happy to discuss this further if you'd like to reach out.

We do tag every customer in Shopify that gets cleaned so if you’d like to resubscribe them to use with a different app then you certainly can. We’re also happy to help do that for you if you contact our support team.

Lastly, since we want to help you be successful regardless, we'd be happy to offer you a very long free trial of our other app, Mailchimp Connect, to handle the integration between Shopify and Mailchimp. Just reach out to support and we'll hook you up. Thanks again for trying Seguno, we wish you all the best.

29. november 2019

Why am I being charged?? Immediately deleted after adding! !!
Why am I being charged?? Immediately deleted after adding! !!

21 minutter bruger appen
Seguno svarede 29. november 2019

Apologies for any confusion but you have not been charged. You uninstalled during the free trial period so there's nothing to worry about. Our records confirm this but I sent you an email requesting more information to better understand your concerns, please get back to us as soon as possible. Thank you.