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31 mars 2024

I wish there was a way to place videos from our phone into emails, being an artist, my products require being sold visually - Sometimes photos are simply not enough. Wish there were more features as well.

Vanzzini Art Studio
Environ 2 ans d’utilisation de l’application
5 décembre 2023

The interface is easy to use, and everything is pretty straightforward.
However, I have been having issues with this app since day one. It keeps removing my existing subscribers as they are listed as bots. My clients resubscribed a few times and still got removed by Spam Protect and never received their emails. All of these subscribers were getting emails before I switched to Seguno. I have contacted the CS a few times via email, but the problem was never fixed. Also, there is no instant online chat, I waited 3 days just to get one email reply, and CS said from their backend everything looked fine while the issues kept happening.

The recent price change for the standard plan is pretty insane. From 10 to 35. So I am definitely switching to another platform.

Fake Plastic Love
R.A.S. chinoise de Hong Kong
8 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Seguno a répondu 6 décembre 2023

Hi there, Thank you for your feedback - we just sent you an email so we can hopefully help with your concerns directly! We incorrectly believed your concern about SpamProtect was resolved with our support team in April, but I'd be happy to revisit it with you. We've also been happy to work with all of the businesses impacted by the new plans to find a solution that works for them and would love to do so for Fake Plastic Love as well! I hope to hear back! -Brian

7 février 2024

tem que ter no meu idioma

Environ un mois d’utilisation de l’application
4 décembre 2019

Although I find the templates easy enough, I find the integration with Shopify unclear and clumsy. I initially moved my abandoned cart emails from Shopify to Seguno but then discovered it only sent under certain parameters that were not user based.

Mandala Dream Co
Plus de 4 ans d’utilisation de l’application
Seguno a répondu 4 décembre 2019

Hi there, thanks very much for your honest feedback, we really appreciate it! If there's anything you would like assistance with, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team as they'd be happy to help :) We do plan on making some changes to the types of customers you can reach with the abandoned cart email, so please stay tuned!

24 septembre 2019

This app is fine for a basic newsletter and auto-emails, however customization of language is limited, and there is no auto-email requesting reviews from purchasers. If this email template was available and some language customization was expanded, I would have rated this app higher.

Presque 3 ans d’utilisation de l’application
Seguno a répondu 24 septembre 2019

Thank you for your review! We really appreciate you using Seguno. You can definitely translate every bit of text for your emails, sorry if that wasn't easy to find. There's a shortcut button in the bottom-left corner of the Content page and Edit Language is also available within the Actions menu in the bottom-left corner within the editor. The word "unsubscribe" is special though so you just have to ask Support to change it for you. I'll reach out to ask what you'd like... As for review requests, it's definitely on our roadmap. For the time being, I'd recommend including a more generic ask as part of the two post-purchase automations... Please let us know if there's anything else. Thanks again! :)

22 août 2019

Honestly, I love this app and am a paying subscriber but would appreciate more customization triggers in automation and also more of a drag and drop customization for newletters similar to the way mailchimp does it

Triple Theta
Environ 2 ans d’utilisation de l’application
Seguno a répondu 3 septembre 2019

Thanks for your review! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the experience so far. We are working on some custom automation triggers so stay tuned for that. As for the editor, we've taken a slightly different approach than Mailchimp but I'd love to hear more about what you're interested in as we continue to evolve it and add more content. I'll reach out separately. Thanks again!

7 juin 2020

I like this app for the Shopify integration. So far it is working well, but we're still testing it out. Will update soon.

Joa Bath and Body
Presque 2 ans d’utilisation de l’application
Seguno a répondu 9 juin 2020

Hi there, thanks so much for giving Seguno a try! If you have any questions as you're testing the app out, please let us know through Support - we're here to help :) Also keep an eye out for our Intro webinar and an upcoming special on our latest improvement with Automation Series!

14 mai 2019

I switched from Mailchimp to Seguno, the app doesn't work dreadful but I think there is a lot of room for improvement going on.
At first the content editor seems quite limited, for example I can't change text color or save content blocks for later on.
At second the automizations are very, very limited: you can't make one yourself in any way and you can't change conditions or settings for when to send the email. Please improve this.
At last the way it is in your shopify admin is quite nice but not anywhere near game changing.
It does work simple enough for anyone to use...
I hope things can be improved in this app.

Emilio's gadgets
Plus d'un an d’utilisation de l’application
Seguno a répondu 21 mai 2019

Thanks for the review! We really appreciate your feedback and will definitely be adding the features you're interested in. You can change your theme's font color and most of the automations do provide a setting for timing so please reach out to support right inside the app and we can help you. Thanks again!

31 mai 2019

i would have given this 5 stars for sure! The concept is simple and great to have everything within Shopify. The UI is very simple and similar to Shopifys own. However i'm seeing that their "Spam Protect" feature is extremely aggressive, cutting my subscriber list down more than 85%!!!!!
I started cross-checking some of the emails marked under the "Spam" with a web based email validator and they came back "OK". 85% is way too high, I think this Spam filter needs to have the option to be turned off until they are able to refine their filtering method better. I'm hard pressed to keep this great app because of this! Considering uninstalling it until i can find a workaround, what a shame because I really like it. I had my hopes very high until I discovered this. I reached out to the company I hope they have a workaround. I'm eager to give this app an updated 5 star review!

Mint & Vault
Plus d'un an d’utilisation de l’application
Seguno a répondu 18 juin 2019

We've spoken separately and I hope you're doing well. Please reach back out if you'd like to chat more but I thought I'd add my reply here to share some knowledge.
We really appreciate you trying our app and the kind words in your review. I completely understand where you're coming from, it can be shocking if a large percentage of your list gets cleaned. Please allow me to explain a bit more. Someone who subscribes themselves is likely to unsubscribe if they decide they no longer want your emails, you're right. The big problem here, however, are legitimate emails that get subscribed by spambots. When those people receive an email they didn't sign up for, they simply mark it as spam and that can ruin your sender reputation. A bad reputation with inbox providers means more emails go to the spam folder, which means less people see it and less revenue is generated. And the acceptable threshold for spam complaints is 1 per 1,000 emails sent so even getting 1 at your size starts you down a bad path.

There's more detail in our help article if you haven't seen it: What is Spam Protect? We didn't build Spam Protect initially, we built it in response to the crazy amount of spam complaints we saw being generated by smaller shops like yourself that were not doing anything wrong. We built it to defend against spambots. I'm not saying it's perfect and never wrong but we address those rare cases with customers directly as we continue to evolve the system. I know you mentioned using some online tests to check if they were OK but, unfortunately, those services are not helpful in this scenario for a number of reasons. First, any free email (like Gmail, Yahoo, etc) will always return OK because these services are primarily just checking if a mailbox exists there and the free inbox providers always say yes no matter what. Plus, as I mentioned, spambots use legitimate emails and one of the main reasons spambots exist is to hide other bad behavior. For example, someone may be trying to get into your bank account and they want to hide the email alert your bank sends about suspicious behavior amongst thousands of unsolicited emails that flood your inbox. Out of curiosity, which online service did you try? Most are more geared toward reducing bounces, not spam. is a better one to check for spam/compromised emails but no service is 100% accurate.

If you have any specific emails you want us to look into further, we certainly can. And if you have a specific email of someone you know personally or they reached out asking about not getting your emails then we can mark them as safe for your account. If you want to keep using Seguno though, and we really hope you do, then keeping Spam Protect active is required. If you decide Seguno is not for you then you can always export a CSV of those that were cleaned if you decide to resubscribe them in whatever app you migrate to or we're happy to resubscribe them for you too.

Phew, that was a lot of text so thanks for reading if you made it this far. And I can keep talking about this topic if you'd like to discuss it further, just let me know. We really try to help merchants be better senders without having to worry about all the complexities that go into that. I'm thrilled you like the experience and I really hope you choose to stick with us.

Thanks again,

Modifié le 31 mars 2020

All around good. They dont have simple triggers like, "if people buy from this collection...send x email", "if people buy this product send automation y". Its all with tagging the customer so it taaaaaaaaaaaaaakes forever to accomplish something.

Bem Estar Essencial
Environ un an d’utilisation de l’application
Seguno a répondu 2 avril 2020

Hello there, thanks very much for your honest feedback! We do hope to introduce more customized automations in the near future, so please stay tuned for that :)