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I recently reached out to Seguno for assistance, and I was thoroughly impressed by their prompt and effective response. Christina, in particular, went above and beyond in resolving my issue quickly. She not only addressed my concerns but also offered invaluable advice on increasing my email subscribers. Her tips have already started showing positive results.

Christina’s patience and dedication were evident as she took the time to research my social media and website, providing me with amazing, actionable insights. I can’t thank her enough for her help and expertise. Christina, you are truly the best!

Ivory Raine Candle Co.
Segunoが返信しました 2024年6月28日

Hi there! Thanks so much for your kind words and wonderful review, we greatly appreciate it. Christina truly is awesome, isn't she?! You know where to find us if you need more help in the future :)


The ease of use and different templates make email marketing much more simple.

Segunoが返信しました 2024年6月28日

Hello there, and thanks so much for leaving us a nice review. We really appreciate it! We're so glad to hear you're finding Seguno easy to use and that you're happy with it so far :)


I have been using Seguno for about two years and couldn't be happier. It's easy to use and perfectly integrates with Shopify. I also like the interaction with Canva which has helped me become quite an artistic person. Brian from the support team is knowledgeable, comes up with ideas, and helps implement the execution. They are constantly updating and adding new features. I highly recommend Seguno.

European Deli
Segunoが返信しました 2024年6月28日

Hi there; thank you so much for your recommendation and kind words, we really appreciate it! We're very proud of our connection with Canva and are so happy to hear you're enjoying it, too. It goes without saying that we really enjoy working with you as well, and you know where to find us whenever you need more assistance :)


The online support is amazing. Always so helpful and quick to respond. They give you step by step instructions and make everything a lot easier.

Nikisa Candles
Segunoが返信しました 2024年6月28日

Hello there, thanks so much for leaving us a sparkling review, we really appreciate it! We're so glad to hear you're enjoying Seguno and our team. Please don't hesitate to ask if there's anything more we can help with in the future :)


Have been using seguno for 4 years now and it is great! Especially when I am not so experienced in marketing emails it makes the process really simple but professional looking! The customer service is second none... thanks team Seguno!

Modern Cloth Nappies

I have been using Seguno Email Marketing for over a year and am really happy with the app and their support. Excellent speedy support and help with using the app. I would especially like to thank Cameron for all his help!

Kizoo Gifts
Segunoが返信しました 2024年6月28日

Hi there, thanks so much for your review, we really appreciate you taking the time to leave us one :) We're happy to hear that you like Seguno so far, and if you ever need more assistance, we'll be there to help.


A fabulous way to promote to your clients with ease

Isola Bella
Segunoが返信しました 2024年6月28日

Hello there, thanks so much for taking the time to leave us 5-stars, it really means a lot to us! We're so happy to hear that you're enjoying Seguno and our team so far, if you ever have questions just let us know :)


I hate leaving negative feedback, but I believe this needs to be addressed: Seguno no longer support small business owners who are gradually building their email list. Moving from 250 to 2500 subscribers is a significant jump and could take years for many of us to achieve. I currently have just over 300 subscribers, yet I'm being asked to pay a shocking $35 USD a month, with only one pricing plan available. I'm not interested in their unnecessary add-ons (most of which premium themes already have built-in) to try and justify the cost. I really wish this company could introduce small business-friendly payment plans instead of fitting everyone into the same mold. I'm happy to pay what’s fair, but this isn’t it! As Noodle wisely pointed out to Willy Wonka, "The greedy beat the needy."


I love the ease of using and connecting all Seguno products to Shopify! You don't need any tech know-how. The support team is also readily available. It's honestly the best marketing suite for your Shopify Store.

The Earthy Goodness

We love Seguno! We have been using it for over 4 years and it is so easy. It integrates directly with Shopify so A LOT of time is saved on designs and templates. I would, and have, recommended it to anyone!

NuGo Nutrition