Seguno: Email Marketing

Seguno: Email Marketing

by Seguno

Email marketing in less time — right inside your shop's Admin

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My Sugar Free

I found this app very easy and straightforward to install, set up and use - especially as I am not terribly tech-savvy. I like how it links in nicely with all my Shopify data - so easy to add products or collections to emails. The process for me has been excellent. I would give it the extra star but for two reasons - one the help centre have been taking a while to get back to my queries, however I put this down to many new customers due to shopify and Mailchimp parting ways - I'm sure and they have assured me this will be rectified. The other thing is that currently I can't see which customers have responded to emails via opens, clicks, purchases etc. Again, though, Seguno have told me that this will be something they will be adding to the app.

Developer reply

May 7, 2019

Thanks so much for your review, we really appreciate it. We are growing our support team and ramping up our help center content to better serve you, thank you for your patience.

I'm also happy to report we've added in the activity listing to see which subscribers performed which actions. Give it a try by clicking on how many deliveries you had on a recent newsletter and let us know what you think. Thanks again! :)

Dog Collar Fancy

It's a real disappointment that we are not allowed to share our newsletters to social networks, and that is a very important. I am hoping this gets changed quickly or we will have no choice but to go elsewhere. Otherwise, so far I am very pleased with this newsletter program. I needed to find something to replace MailChimp, and it seems I've found it. Great job guys. Dog Collar Fancy


We added this to take place of Mailchimp. We have been very impressed with the ease of use all around. As with any app like this, it does take a little bit to get everything setup and designed to match your store design and look, but that is expected.
Overall the app does do very well in achieving our email marketing needs, but it is missing some much needed features which is the reason for only 4 stars.
- Segmented customer lists help to better target your customers based on certain criteria which this lacks. There is no way to send emails to lapsed customers in groups based on their spending habits and such.
- Reporting does show some basic info to give you a good understanding of how the email did, but again is missing features. For example: On abandoned cart emails, there is not way to see who it has been sent to or what customers are in queue for this to be sent to next. Also would be nice to send abandoned cart emails in a series of 3 over a time frame. As a business owner, we need to know where are marketing is making it and who is unsubscribing as well.
- There is no way to target customers for emails that have spent "X" over the past "Y" months. This is a feature that again is due to lack of segmented lists.
There are a few other features that would be great to have in this app. However, it as great having this built in to the backend of the store and needing to go to another site to make or check on your marketing.
Overall, I do recommend this app as a great alternative to Mailchimp or other email marketing apps on the market and we look forward to seeing what is added in the future.

Developer reply

April 20, 2019

Thank you for the thoughtful review! We really appreciate your recommendation and I'm glad you're enjoying the experience of staying within Shopify for everything... Here are a few notes that may be helpful:

- Segmentation: Currently, you can create customer groups within Shopify that are based on things like tags, time since last order, money spent, number of orders, etc. Then, you can target (or exclude) that customer group for your Seguno newsletters... As for the "spent X in last Y months" you could get close and say "spent X and ordered in last Y time period"... Also, an app called Smart Tags can allow you to do more complex segmentation and automatically tag people so they get added to your tag-based Shopify customer groups.
- Reporting: You can see currently abandoned checkouts within Shopify but not all will be reachable. We will be adding the ability to see who performed which actions (delivered, opened, unsubscribed, etc.) soon, it's a top request.
- Automation: Sending multiple emails is one of the most important features on our near-term roadmap so stay tuned.

Please reach out if you need any help with the above or otherwise. There is an exciting roadmap ahead of us and we're thrilled to have you along for the ride. Thanks again :)


I used this app to send out some newsletters, promos, etc. and because of its integration with Shopify, it's very user-friendly focused on automation through interaction it really is a great app for anyone no matter how big or small the email list is. I just didn't like the way they designed the unsubscribe button, it is to direct and in your face as if they are encouraging to unsubscribe it's hard enough to retain your list as it is but that's just me. Overall great app.

Nourish Botanicals

I've just moved over from another provider and am very impressed with the experience. My newsletters before tended to be wordy and missed the mark with what I was trying to achieve. Seguno makes things so much easier and time-saving because it pulls directly from Shopify.
There's a few things that I might like into the future, like the ability to run a series of welcome messages rather than one, and the ability to target purchasers based on specific purchases.

Developer reply

April 12, 2019

Thanks for the great review! We really appreciate it and think you're spot-on, series for automations is a big feature on our near-term roadmap.

As for segmenting by past purchases right now, check out the Smart Tags app. It can help you tag customers based on that data and then you can create customer groups for targeting your newsletters.

Thanks again! :)

Earthangel Soaps

I like this app, they are working to make it better each day. Worth giving it a try to see if it fits into your business.

Developer reply

August 6, 2019

Hey there! Thanks for your review and for being a great customer of ours, we really appreciate you choosing Seguno. How have things been going since? :)


I really like how professional the newsletters look and how easy they are to customise as they are the same format as Shopify. The support is helpful and friendly. They even took the time to read my blog and give me feedback! I would like an automated newsletter to be sent out every time I wrote a blogpost rather than having to go into the app and send one myself.

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