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Seguno: Email Marketing

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Email marketing in less time — right inside your shop's Admin

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Feel at home inside Shopify

Finally, all your email marketing is right inside of Shopify. Natively integrated with the Shopify admin, mobile app, and Marketing section.

Save time with automations

Sophisticated technology made easy: baked-in best practices and one-click automations means more time for the business. Works with Kit too!

Leverage unique codes

Unique discount codes better personalize your marketing and better protect your profits. Any email can include a unique code.

Sobre Seguno: Email Marketing

Create, manage, and track your email marketing — without leaving Shopify.

NEWEST: Automate product review request emails! Also, if using the Shopify Product Reviews app, you can now pull product ratings into your emails with a click.

NEWER: Add a live countdown GIF to your emails to boost conversions!

NEW: Works with Shopify Marketing! Create an email newsletter as part of a multi-channel campaign in the Marketing section. You can also create custom automations as tag-triggered emails for wholesale customers, VIPs, and other use cases... Seguno also works with Kit! Let Kit remember to send your blog post announcement emails.

Running a small shop or even being a solopreneur means time is your most valuable asset. While email marketing apps that serve enterprise merchants will actually slow you down, Seguno was built to save you time.

Built for Shopify

We know Shopify is the center of your universe and want to keep it that way:

  • Whether you live in the Shopify admin or inside the Shopify mobile app, Seguno lives there too. No other app is as seamlessly integrated, you will absolutely love the experience.
  • Your data stays in Shopify so it's always fresh when needed and you can use collections, customer groups, and discounts like you never dreamed possible.
  • Shopify's detailed conversion reports tell you how many sales were generated from our emails so we don't have to; trust the source.

Built for you

Seguno is for small teams with big ambitions. We are solely focused on Shopify and merchants like you so every feature:

  1. Makes the hard stuff easy and saves you time.
  2. Maximizes customer lifetime value to help you grow.
  3. Integrates more deeply and takes advantage of Shopify advancements more quickly to deliver a magical experience.


A pre-built library of automated touchpoints you enable with a click:

  • Coming soon - Build excitement about your upcoming store for pre-launch subscribers.
  • Welcome - Welcome new subscribers and introduce them to your brand.
  • Discount reminder - Remind subscribers of expiring discounts.
  • Abandoned checkout - Recover subscribers who abandoned a purchase.
  • New purchaser - Thank subscribers after their first purchase.
  • Repeat purchaser - Thank subscribers again after their second purchase.
  • Review request - Request subscribers review products recently purchased.
  • Lapsed purchaser - Win back subscribers who have not purchased in recent months.

Feature highlights

  • Discounts - Aside from leveraging unique codes, product prices, discount details, and links (all of which auto-apply the discount) are set automatically.
  • Reporting - Integrated with all Shopify marketing reports, you can see conversion details right on orders and in a detailed report for each newsletter and automation.

Integração com

  • Mailchimp (import contacts and keep status in sync for a smooth transition),
  • Dynamic Banner Suite (grow your subscriber list with our email capture banner),
  • kit,
  • Product Reviews

Funciona com



  • 0 - 250 subscribers

  • Unlimited sending

  • Newsletters

  • Pre-built automations

  • Unique discount codes

  • Embedded within Shopify


+ $10/mo/extra 1,000 subscribers

  • 251 - 1,000 subscribers

  • 10-day free trial

  • Seguno branding optional

  • Remailing to non-openers

  • Live countdown GIF

  • Review request automation

* Todas as cobranças são faturadas em dólar norte-americano (USD). As cobranças recorrentes, inclusive as baseadas em uso ou mensais, são faturadas a cada 30 dias.

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This email marketing app has been an excellent marketing tool for

It is very easy to use and support has been wonderful since day 1. We LOVE how it is integrated within our Shopify Admin with the look and feel of the Shopify Theme editor. This has made it VERY easy to learn and use regularly. All email campaigns look great and have led to a number of sales. We would definitely recommend it!

Thank you Seguno Team.

Aiyana Jewelry


The service at Seguno is amazing. I have had exemplary service and real guidance on how to better engage with my email list. I had a zoom call, a webinar, and multiple online chats and emails. So important since my store has been mandated closed by COVID19, and I really need to connect with my existing customer base. Mailchimp took 2 days to write me back, and my open rates just kept getting worse and worse. The best thing is Seguno integrates beautifully with shopify so I don't need to learn a new platform and I can manage everything from the comfort of shopify. My open rates are higher than ever, they watch your list to make sure it maintains a good rating to achieve better deliverability, and provide tools on how to increased open rates with your customers. I'm super impressed so far. Now I need a CRM that integrates well with Seguno and Shopify! I also wish they had prettier templates, but I'm happy with what I've got right now!


As for now, this App is great and simple!

I had a very bad experience with Mailchimp as the were counting my subscriber's numbers from Shopify, even those that did unsubscribe. The 'ShopSync' app is not updating your list of subscribers/unsubscribers in Mailchimp but MC will charge you for the full amount. My list of emails collected was around 2000 so MC for me was free. Then I got one subscriber extra and I jumped into a higher bracket and this is the time where the problem started. MC was charging me 49.99 USD per month until I will reach 2500. I was like okay I can handle it. When I reached 2501 another 8.99 was added to my billing without even a notice on my email they just sent an invoice.

As this was for me a bit expensive I changed the app to Seguno, and the first shook that I got was that my list of real subscribers (who marked the marketing permission) was around 1000 not like Mailchimp calculated via ShopSync 2501. As I sent an email to Mailchimp about it I didn't receive any answer back. Seguno also not calculating to list bounce emails and spam emails so they kindly cleaned up my list.

I would suggest to everyone to check your numbers of real subscribers based on your customer list in your Shopify system as ShopSync in not updating your list in MC. As in my case, I shouldn't pay over 50 USD for 2501 subscribers where more than half of that weren't subscribers anyway.

As for now I highly recommend Seguno App together with Shopify Email for stores who just want to simply promote the store, products, blogs. They are enough and right now Seguno is keeping my subscribers list clean and updated and I'm paying 20 USD a month as I reached 1001 subs.

Resposta do desenvolvedor

29 de maio de 2020

Hello there, thanks so much for your review! We're sorry to hear about your experience with Mailchimp but happy you found Seguno! We're always here to help if you need anything, please don't hesitate to reach out to support at any time :)